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Digidesign Ships Pro Tools 4.0

The next step in the evolution of Digidesign's award-winning digital audio production software for the Macintosh is now shipping. Pro Tools 4.0 ($795 list/upgrades available to owners of PT 3.2) has expanded the feature-set that made Pro Tools the world's leading digital audio platform. The software will run on either NuBus or PCI Macs and now runs under Power Mac native code. In addition to faster screen re-draws, improvements are noticeable in every major area including recording, editing and mixing.

With this release, the mixing feature-set has advanced significantly, with instantaneous mute/solo response, a true
Pro Tools 4.0
The Pro Tools 4.0 edit window has been enhanced for ease of operation
(select for larger size - kb)

independent solo bus (soloed tracks can be muted) and solo and "record safe" modes. Automated features have also been vastly improved. In fact, almost all parameters can now be automated, including dynamic (or snapshot) automation of plug-ins. Additional flexibility is provided by separate Touch and Write automation modes. There are also separate, visually-editable mute tracks for faders and sends.

Pro Tools now supports the "best of both worlds" with the addition of AudioSuite, a new plug-in architecture that adds Sound Designer II-like file-based processing, including time compression/expansion and normalize function. What's more, AudioSuite plug-ins take advantage of the speed of your host CPU processor (or Digidesign audio card) for maximum speed. Your on-screen selections can be processed and automatically "plugged back in" to their original positions in one easy step.

There are literally too many things to tell you about this ultra-powerful (but user-friendly) software, so we urge you to call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer today for all the details and your special pricing.

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