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Is it just us, or does it seem like every company on the planet is making audio interface cards for the Mac and PC? Who's next? Nabisco? All kidding aside, the field is getting as crowded as the freeway at rush hour.

At the risk of adding to the confusion, we'd like to introduce you to three new PCI audio cards from the folks at Event Electronics. Now you may recognize that name as the company that builds the exceptional 20/20 Speaker Systems. Well, they've entered the digital audio interface market in a big way, in no small part because of their partnership with the digital audio gurus at the company's strategic partner, Echo Corporation. What sets these cards apart is their stunning audio quality - thanks to 20-bit A/D converters. But just as amazing is their price-to-performance ratio.

First up is their proudest offering: Layla by Echo, a rack-mount audio interface with eight balanced analog inputs and ten balanced audio outputs (ins and outs are all simultaneously accessible), a 24-bit digital I/O, a super-clean 24-bit signal path, massive onboard DSP, word clock (for sync and expansion), MIDI and much, much more,
Event's Layla by Echo
Event's Layla by Echo. It multitracks, is rack-mountable, offers a clean 24-bit signal path, and retails for just $999!
all for a suggested retail price of a shockingly low $999.

There are so many cool features to Layla that we couldn't possibly begin to list them all here, but one very impressive feature we do have to point out is its expandability. You can synchronize multiple Layla systems simply by plugging in another card and connecting the word clock output into the word clock input of the slave. In fact, you can daisy-chain as many Layla units as you have PCI slots in your computer!

Maybe you want all the audio quality of Layla, but don't need all the ins and outs or the rackmount interface. For just $499 list, you can add a Gina by Echo to your computer. With two analog ins and eight analog outs (all 20-bit of course) plus a digital I/O and onboard 24-bit DSP, this is one incredible value.

If you appreciate clean design (and who doesn't?), you'll appreciate the fact that all of the connectors on Gina's rugged breakout box are rugged, dependable, pro-quality 1/4" jacks. High quality, reasonable price... hey, it's enough to make anyone smile.

If all you need is two analog ins and eight analog outs (yes, all 20-bit) plus onboard DSP and a breakout box
Event's Darla by Echo
Event's Darla by Echo - a bargain at just $349
with RCA connectors, look no further than the super-affordable Darla by Echo. It's priced to fit just about anyone's budget at a surprising $349 list.

All three systems are compatible with audio recording and editing software that can talk to the Windows 95 WAV device driver, which means you don't have to give up your favorite software in order to take advantage of these unit's superior sound quality. You can use Cakewalk Pro, Steinberg's Cubase and WaveLab, Emagic's Logic, Innovative Quality Software's SAW Plus, or Sonic Foundry's Sound Forge. There's even a custom version of Syntrillium Software's Cool Edit Pro bundled with each Event card, so you can be up and running in no time at all. Of course, you can add plug-ins from various manufacturers like Waves and Arboretum Systems. Oh, and a Mac-based version will be shipping later this summer (no, they didn't forget Mac owners!)

All three system can truly be called "Plug and Play," which means there's no ridiculous learning curve. But since we're out of space, we suggest you call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer for more information and your special pricing on any of these three great cards!

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