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EQ3-D: Magic is in the Air

Project mastering is the next step in the evolution and functionality of a full-service studio, and now, with the Nightpro EQ3-D Dimensional Equalizer, you can compete with the pros and get that sweet sound that will turn heads. Grammy Award winning engineer Dave Reitzas, who is lead engineer for artists like Barbra Streisand, Madonna, Michael Bolton and Whitney Houston, says of this unit: "If I think it sounds great, that's one thing, but when the artist notices the difference, that really tells you something."

Already nominated for a 1997 TEC Award, the EQ3-D ($995 list) has all the sonic qualities and characteristics of its predecessor,
Nightpro EQ3-D Dimensional Equalizer
The EQ3-D AirBand Equalizer maintains the integrity of the original sound, even with maximum cut or boost.
the EQ3, which has been used for years to produce hit after hit and one record-breaking album after another. It adds the presence, warmth and clarity of a live performance back into the sound. Particularly known for its high end, the EQ3-D adds an "airy" glossiness to any mix. But it's not just useful for high frequencies, you can use it to add punch to a drum kit, bottom to a bass, and amazing articulation to any vocal performance.

The EQ3-D is a six-band, two-channel dimensional equalizer with separate channel controls for each of the fixed six bands. It is a true stereo system with total channel-independent electronics and filters. Each of the first five bands is 2.5 octaves wide with pots that allow for a maximum adjustment of plus/minus 15 dB. The sixth band is the "AirBand" and includes the exclusive "Vari-Air" feature which allows for an adjustable elbow frequency of between 2.5 kHz and 40 kHz, with a maximum gain of 20 dB. It supports balanced or unbalanced XLR ins and outs.

The EQ3-D has many applications. Its patented, low phase shift technology means there's no audible distortion, no matter how much you cut or boost. Try inserting the EQ3-D between your mic preamp and multitrack when recording. Or to sweeten a particular track in your mix, hook the EQ3-D into the console insert and adjust to taste. When mastering, hook the EQ3-D up across the stereo bus from your console and into your recorder. There are a number of subtle things that can be done to make your recording "open up" and come alive. Boosting the high end with the AirBand and extending the bass with the two lowest bands on the EQ3-D can really make a huge sonic difference.

One of the fast-emerging uses for the Nightpro EQ is in live sound production. Major touring groups, night clubs, theaters, churches, as well as smaller performing groups are finding that the EQ3-D enhances lead vocals, back-up vocals, drums, guitars, etc. It is also being widely used in post-production and broadcast applications of all types - radio, TV, film, re-mastering, etc.

To find out more about the EQ3-D from Nightpro, contact your Sweetwater Sales Engineer today.

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