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Mark of the Unicorn Ships the Digital Timepiece

The Digital Timepiece is real! Yes, you read that correctly, the near-mythical Digital Timepiece from MOTU is now in stock - and it is very, very cool!

The DTP ($995 retail) is a universal sample-accurate video and audio synchronizer designed to be the centralized synchronization hub for a studio, and it can pull together virtually any type of clock-based equipment. The DTP can accept and generate clock information in an impressive array of formats; it has the proper corresponding connector for each format on its back panel. It will accept one type of clock and one type of time code input at a time (or use internal clock and/or code), but will simultaneously generate all of the output types of both clock and code.

The clock list: Internal Clock, MTC, LTC (SMPTE, all frame rates), Video (blackburst), VITC, Word Clock, Digidesign SuperClock (256x word clock), S/PDIF (clock only, no audio), Control Track 1 and 2 (proprietary format currently used for chaining multiple DTPs),
MOTU Digital Timepiece
Mark of the Unicorn's Digital Timepiece is designed to be the synchronization hub for any studio environment
DA-88 and ADAT (44.1 or 48 kHz, settable from the DTP). In most of the clock formats, either SMPTE, MTC, or VITC can serve as the time code (location) master. DA-88 and ADAT obviously have their own time code formats embedded within their clock sync signals.

Some Facts and Features for you (please memorize just in case of later testing): No computer is needed; the DTP will function stand-alone, or it'll work with a computer (see, it's not a member of any union). DTP can be networked with MTP or MTP-AV using the regular MTP network ports. All synching is sample or frame accurate (depends on clock format selected). Both MMC and Sony 9-pin are accepted and generated as machine control formats.

The DTP supports a variety of advanced video features, most of which are accessible through the included Clockworks software package. These include: Support for both NTSC and PAL; a VIDEO OUT jack that will carry whatever is received at the input, or generate blackburst; DTP can overlay and vertically position 12 lines of text on its video output (including time code burn, status info, MIDI-triggered streamers with punch, and user-programmed text).

Full 44.1 and 48 kHz pull up/down is available. You get fast lockup times (as fast as one second when using blackburst, typically 2-4 seconds with MTC/SMPTE). It accepts the Alesis LRC as remote controller through front panel jack. It offers Deferred Playback, which means the DTP waits for each connected piece of gear to finish locating and preparing itself before starting playback. Timecode offsets are independently adjustable for each piece of gear connected.

A very few of the possible applications: Lock ADATs to DA-88s (and vice-versa) without a BRC or other sync add-on for either machine; Lock Pro Tools to ADATs or DA-88s without ADAT X-Face, Video or SMPTE Slave Drivers, or any sync add-ons; Sync Word Clock devices (hard disk recorders, digital mixers, audio cards, etc.) to Pro Tools, DA-88s, ADATs, Video, VITC, LTC, MIDI, or each other; Lock S/PDIF devices (Audiomedias or DAT machines) to Pro Tools, ADATs, DA-88s, Video, VITC, LTC, MIDI, or each other (no other real method for syncing Audiomedia exists); Lock (and control) video devices (VTRs, VDAs, House Sync, etc.) to Pro Tools, DA-88s, ADATs, LTC, MIDI, or each other; Have your sequencer serve as a control center for everything (including video decks) in your studio; Absolutely any other audio/video sync/control applications.

Who Needs This Box? Anyone dealing with video in any way. Digidesign users who interface with the outside world (is there any other kind?). All ADAT users. All DA-88 users. In fact, every pro studio!

The Digital Timepiece is the first synchronizer to lock together all the digital formats with a stable, high-resolution time base - no dithering, rounding, or software delays. Pretty amazing, right? Hey, you know what to do by now: Call your Sweetwater sales engineer for more information and your special pricing on the MOTU DTP today! - Mitch Gallagher

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