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It doesn't happen often, but when it does, thousands of musicians and studio owners sit up and take notice. Oh, and did we mention save big bucks as well? As you may have guessed from the headline above, the event we're talking about is a special sale on TASCAM gear! But this is not one but actually TWO sales...

First, we have a special factory-authorized sale on the phenomenally popular TASCAM DA-88 and DA-38 Digital Multitracks. If you've been reading Sweet Notes for the last few years (or heck, just about any industry publication), you know about these machines. Running on the Hi-8 format (which gives you one hour and 48 minutes of recording time) the DA-88 is a true, pro-quality 8-track digital recorder with more features than you could possibly shake the proverbial stick at. You know, things like jog and shuttle capability, auto punch with rehearsal,
Tascam's DA-60 mkII
TASCAM's exceptional DA-60 mkII 4-Head Timecode DAT Recorder
user-definable track delay and crossfade, SMPTE, MIDI and Sony 9-Pin sync capabilities plus options like remote controllers, digital interfaces and other stuff the pros seem to like. These are features, incidentally, that have made the DA-88 the most widely-used digital multitrack for audio and video post-production on the planet.

The DA-38, on the other hand, is geared more towards the home and project musician, though it sacrifices absolutely nothing in the audio quality department. It, too, has many options available, but the user interface is a bit more straightforward so non-techie type people can easily get it up and running almost right out of the box.

The DA-88 lists for $4799, while the DA-38 carries a sticker price of $3499. However, during this sale, expect to pay less - much less. You can probably understand why we can't print our incredibly low prices here (and the TASCAM people would prefer that we didn't, anyway), so we can only humbly suggest that you pick up the phone and find out from your friendly Sweetwater Sales Engineer just how affordable these two fantastic recorders are right now. Go ahead and call, we know you've been wanting one anyhow.

But what about this "second" sale? Well, we now have in stock an enormous inventory of demo and refurbished TASCAM equipment. Things like the unbelievable M2600mkII Mixing Consoles in either 24 or 32 track configurations, the DA-60mkII 4-Head Timecode DAT Recorder
Tascam's M2600 Mixing Console
Ever dreamed of owning a TASCAM M2600? Now you can, thanks to this special sale!
(the perfect DAT for post-production environments), the 424mkII Portastudio with integral 8-input mixer and just about all the company's excellent CD players like the CD-301mkII, CD-401mkII and CD-601.

Other TASCAM products included in this sale include the M3500/32 and 24, 488mkII, MM100, Porta3mkII, DA88, DAP1 DAT, 464, and the 202mkII, 122mk-III and 112mkII cassette decks. But keep in mind this is just a partial listing.

We all know what demo equipment is, right? But what do we mean by "refurbished?" Simple, this is slightly used equipment that has been essentially rebuilt from the ground up to perform exactly like brand new gear, but selling at substantial savings to our customers.

True, you may not get all that wonderful new equipment smell, but you'll end up with gear that performs just like new, and you'll save yourself a lot of cash. And did we mention that all this demo and refurbished equipment comes with full warranties, plus our own Best Value Guarantee (see page 7)?

For a complete up-to-the-minute listing of all the items available during this incredible sale, check out our Website (you know: "www.sweetwater.com") or call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer today!

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