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Oram Studio Console in use
Until recently, if you wanted one of the legendary mixing consoles designed by John Oram, you pretty much had to call Europe. The thought of all those costly overseas calls made us uncomfortable, so we here at Sweetwater were determined to do whatever it took to get the Oram line. As it turned out, we're now not only an authorized dealer for Oram products, but the exclusive North American distributor, as well.

We told you last issue about these absolutely unrivaled mixers and before we knew it, orders began piling up fast. The good news: Oram products are arriving at our loading docks as you read this and we're getting caught up on back orders. If you're looking for the best investment a pro or semi-pro studio can make in audio excellence, call us. We have a great price on all these amazing products and they're in stock now!

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