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Own a Nubus Mac? Want to do some Digital Recording?

Audiomedia II Snapshot
Direct-to-disk recording is great because it gives you all the advantages of true, random access editing, along with superb sound quality. But there's a catch. See, Digidesign is no longer making the Audiomedia II cards for NuBus Macs.

When we heard this news, we called the company and ordered all their remaining stock. These great-sounding audio cards (which carried a list price of $1295) are available in very limited quantities direct from Sweetwater at absolutely great sale prices (with full warranty, of course). Hey, just because you don't have the latest Mac doesn't mean you can't use your existing machine to do some fantastic digital recordings. Give your Sweetwater Sales Engineer a call for more information. Quantities are limited - really! - so get yours before they're all gone!

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