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Magic From Mackie

If you were with us last issue (and if not, where the heck were you?) you know that those nutty Mackie Designs people out in Woodinville, Washington just keep on cranking out the kind of products that
M-1200 Mackie Amp
The Mackie M-1200: 1200 watts for just $699
keep musicians wishing they had just a few more credit cards.

A perfect example is their upcoming Digital 8-Bus

which should be shipping this summer. One of the hits of the recent NAMM Show, the unit has a most impressive list of features. In fact, this amazing console has many features that aren't even available on some of the astronomically-priced, high-end consoles. If you want one, you'd better check with your Sweetwater Sales Engineer for special pricing and availability.

As cool as the Digital 8-Bus is, there are other amazing new Mackie products shipping now. That includes the M-1200 FR-Series Power Amp (the FR stands for Fast-Recovery) with a sticker price
The Mackie Designs HR824 High Resolution Powered Studio Monitors
The Mackie Designs HR824 High Resolution Powered Studio Monitors
of just $699. It's 1200 watts (4 ohms bridged) with less than 0.05% THD. In stereo mode, it can deliver a staggering 600 watts per channel into 2 ohms. Features include a built-in subwoofer crossover, sweepable low cut filters, short circuit and temperature indicators, audiophile sound quality and lots more (hey, Mackie's having to run double page ads right now to list all their features).

Then there's the HR824 (High Resolution) Active Monitors with built-in power amplification that delivers 100 watts for the high frequencies and 150 watts for the lows. Frequency response for these awesome speakers are carefully hand-trimmed to 42 Hz 20 kHz plus/minus just 1.5 dB. These puppies are down only by 3 dB at 38 Hz - that means you hear all the bass your recording contains. The maximum peak SPL per pair with music (on top of your console) at one meter is greater than 121 dB. That's loud!

List price on these beauties is just $1498 per pair, a real bargain considering their performance, accuracy, and the fact that you don't need a separate, costly, high-wattage power amp to run them. If you've never heard an active monitor before, we promise you'll be impressed with these speakers.

As you know by now, Mackie products are all built like tanks and offer unparalleled performance at reasonable prices. Call today for availability and your special low Sweetwater pricing.

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