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Few companies introduced as much interesting new equipment at the Winter NAMM Show as Alesis. From their diminutive NanoSynth (and other "Nano" gear) to the Wedge Desktop Reverb, there was something for just about everyone in Anaheim this past January.

Nano Piano
It has 64-voice polyphony and the critically-acclaimed 8 meg Alesis piano: The NanoPiano

First up is their Nano line of modules. After scoring a solid hit with their amazingly popular 1/3 rackspace NanoVerb just a year ago, the company heard musicians talking a lot about how cool it would be if they could cram their highly-acclaimed 8-megabyte grand piano into the same size package. Never ones to ignore the voice of the people, the company did just that - and viola! - the NanoPiano ($399 list) is here! Okay, it sounds a little funny when you say it, but nobody was laughing when they heard it. This box boasts full 64-note polyphony, plus lots of additional great sounds. And more good news: We have them in stock right now.

Expected to arrive any day now are the equally compact but powerful NanoSynth ($449 list) and NanoBass ($299), both with full 64-voice polyphony and the same kind of exceptional sounds that have made Alesis's synths among the most popular of all time.

And speaking of synths, the company has jammed all the sonic firepower of their amazing QS-Series keyboards into one single rack space module, the QSR.
The Wedge
The Wedge: The best-sounding Alesis reverb ever!
It actually takes all the sounds and expansion/interfacing functions of the QS7 and QS8 (like 640 programs, 500 mixes, two PCMCIA card slots, Mac/PC serial port, ADAT Optical Interface, MIDI and more) and makes it all available without the keys for a surprisingly low list price of just $899. What's more, we have them in stock now! For those that want the keys, we finally have plenty of QS8s in stock to meet the demand.

Of course, Alesis originally became a household name thanks to their reverb units, and their latest reverb processor, the desktop Wedge, is also their best-sounding (and that's saying a lot about the sound quality)! It was also one of the hottest items at the NAMM Show. Unlike other effects processors, the Wedge has several qualities that make it stand out from the crowd. First, its excellent physical design lets you place it right on top of your console or amp (instead of in a rack), so you can tweak it right in the middle of your mix. Next, its four real-time control/edit sliders make dialing in the perfect 'verb even easier. Third, its Impulse Audition feature sends out an audio signal that's just one single sample long (1/48,000th of a second), but it contains the entire frequency range, so you really hear the details of your reverb without being fooled by other sonic artifacts. The last quality? It's a fabulous reverb at a fabulous price: Just $499 retail.

Also getting a lot of attention is the Studio 32 Recording Console ($1299 list) with true inline capability (you can hook it up to two ADATs with full monitoring of input sources and tape tracks and have room left over for signal processing), great mic preamps, flexible EQ and 40 inputs. You're going to be hearing a lot about this mixer. And speaking of ADATs, we're having a great sale on the latest ADAT XT digital multitrack right now. There won't be a better time to get yours than now.

Call us today for additional information and great pricing on all these superb Alesis products.

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