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inside Sweetwater

inside SweetwaterBy Chuck and Brenda Surack
Owners, Sweetwater Sound

All of us here at Sweetwater are pretty excited because our new warehouse is nearing completion. That means everyone here will finally have a little more elbow room.

Imagine: This a facility that's actually larger than our entire existing building (which is actually pretty huge itself). We'll finally have enough space for all that incredible new equipment that's arriving every day.

What's more, once we move all our inventory into the new warehouse, we'll also have the space we need to expand our demo facilities, as well as allowing our sales staff to continue growing. Quite honestly, we actually had to put off hiring sales engineers for a while just because space was at such a premium. And that, in turn, put a lot of extra pressure on the sales staff since the phones have been literally ringing off the hook since the start of the year - hey, every company would love to have this problem!

By the time most of you read this, we'll have begun moving the entire sales department into the space previously occupied by our old warehouse. Knowing this, we've begun actively recruiting for more sales people to ease the pressure on our existing staff. If you know of someone you think is qualified for such a position - or if you might personally be interested - please have them call Jeff Radke, Vice President of Sales immediately.

Outside picture of our Warehouse
Inside picture of our Warehouse
Our new warehouse expansion project is finally nearing completion. Within a few months, the huge complex will be filled with all the hottest new gear.
Once the warehouse is complete, we'll begin work on the next phase of our expansion which includes a brand new cutting edge recording studio (with enough space to record a full 48-piece orchestra). We'll keep you posted as things progress.

Speaking of expansion, our website is growing a an astronomical pace. Not long ago, the site served its ten millionth file - yup, that's a ten followed by six zeros! That's ten Million "hits" in Internet terms. Traffic on our site has consistently grown since we went online back in May of 1995. By June of that year we had 18,000 hits and by December we were exceeding 200,000 hits per month and we are now close to receiving one and a half million hits per month, impressive by any standard.

We've served almost 100 Gigabytes of files from our website alone, and that doesn't even count our ftp site. In fact, we're now sending out almost 400 megabytes of files every single day over our dedicated T-1 Line. And we currently have about 2,000 web pages online!

All of those impressive numbers would not be possible without the extraordinary efforts of our immensely talented (and virtually tireless) web staff. Great work guys!

As mentioned earlier in this article, new equipment is arriving every day. Well, let's face it, things are not going to slow down any time soon. Interest in home and project studios is at a record high and among the fastest-growing activities in the country. What that means is manufacturers are going to be releasing more new products than ever before. How the heck are you going to keep up with all this new gear? Sure, you can wait until the next issue of Sweet Notes arrives, but since space is always at a premium there, who knows if the perfect product for your needs will be featured?

Here's a solution: You can check out the new inSync page on our website. It's the first music industry news report to be updated daily (yes, even weekends). Log on every day for the latest news about product releases and insider information. If you're just too busy to surf the net but want your news weekly, simply subscribe to our new inSync e-mail service. Every Friday we send out all the full week's report direct to your e-mail address for delivery over the weekend. To subscribe, simply send e-mail to "insync@liststar.sweetwater.com" and put the word "subscribe" in the subject field. That's all there is to it.

Hey, we're out of space. See you next issue!

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