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Keyboard Trays

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Have you ever ended your working day with pain in your shoulders, wrists, or back from typing all day? That might be because your working space isn't ergonomic. This can easily be solved by grabbing one of the great keyboard trays available at Sweetwater!

Keyboard trays are surfaces which attach to your working area and hold your keyboard and mouse. They are designed to put as little pressure as possible on your body, so that you can type, mix, and edit all day long and still be pain-free! When typing, your arms should comfortably rest at your sides and your lower arms should be parallel to the floor β€” and keyboard trays are designed to achieve just that.

With so many keyboard trays available, it’s sometimes difficult to decide which one to buy. There are several things to consider when shopping for a new keyboard tray. One of the most important considerations is how the tray mounts to your desk. Because keyboard trays are mounted onto your existing workspace, you need to be careful and choose a mounting type that will work easily with your existing desk.

For example, you can mount some keyboard trays using screws, which is great if your desk is made of wood, but obviously not so great if you have a glass desk in your studio. For non-wood desk surfaces like glass or metal, check out our keyboard trays that are mountable using adhesive strips. We even carry trays that you can mount on the wall to save space on your desk.

Another important factor when buying a keyboard tray is the adjustment mechanism type. Various trays enable you to adjust the position and height of your keyboard in various ways. The most standard option is a knob. You simply turn and then tighten once the keyboard is in your desired position. This is great for when you are either standing or sitting, but can be time-consuming if you need to make adjustments often. If that sounds like you, go for a keyboard tray with a lift-and-lock mechanism. It provides flexibility and makes adjustments easy and simple. Finally, you might consider a keyboard tray with a double arm or drawer mechanism. This type is mounted onto the bottom of your desk, so your keyboard can be slid out from underneath when you need it. This is perfect for when you don't have a lot of space, but still need a keyboard nearby.

As for material, you have a slate of options from plastic to metal. Plastic ones are less expensive and do the job for most circumstances. Laminated wood keyboard trays are usually thick and very sturdy, but their thickness makes them a bit bulkier and a bit harder to adjust. Metal keyboard trays are nearly indestructible and very stable, but they cost a bit more than plastic or wooden trays.

Whichever tray you decide on, you can be sure you're getting the best when you're shopping at Sweetwater! Get a great keyboard tray here and never again worry about neck, back or wrist pain while you're mixing, editing, or recording!

Questions about Keyboard Trays?

Questions about Keyboard Trays?

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Questions about Keyboard Trays?

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