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Mixer Meter Bridges

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One of the very best upgrades you can add to your studio mixer is a good meter bridge. Most mixers have some way to check the channel level, but often this involves either pushing buttons to switch from channel to channel or a tiny three dot LED strip that is anything but accurate. In some cases it's nothing more than an overload light. When you have an easy to see, accurate depiction of every channel at once, it's a whole new world. Not only does it make you more efficient, it improves the overall sound of your recording by allowing you to focus on getting good signal. When you hit record and the drummer starts playing twice as hard as when you were getting levels, you will know immediately instead of half way through the song when the tiny OL light finally catches your attention.

Aside from the fact that they simply look awesome, many engineers prefer working with a nice big bank of analog needle meters bouncing away on every track. They're easy to see and if you use a lot of vintage gear and analog equipment you've likely become accustomed to interpreting your levels via the needle movement. That said, there are many awesome LED segment style metering options. A good LED meter bridge can give you an incredibly accurate picture of level activity. It often simply comes down to personal preference. Wherever you come down on the subject, We have a great selection of meter bridges for your studio mixer.

We also carry a great selection of accessory meter bridges that are designed specifically for many of the most popular mixers. Once you've added the exact meter bridge for your specific model console, you'll wish you'd done it sooner. These often come with incredible must-have functionalites such as pre and post faders and EQ switching, input and output channel meters, and convenient mounting systems designed especially for your mixer.

Whether you want accurate stereo metering strapped across your master channels, a multi-channel VU solution that can drop into any studio configuration, or to finally pick up the exact meter bridge that bolts right onto your mixer, we have a ton of solutions to choose from. We even carry units designed specifically for mixing 5.1 surround. Whatever your niche, we have a studio quality meter bridge with your name on it.

Making sure you get the perfect metering solution for your unique scenario is a point of pride for us. If you have any questions about integrating with your current rig, double checking mixer compatibility or anything else, we’ll answer them all with a simple phone call. Our highly trained Sales Engineers love talking shop, and understand the ins and outs of all of our studio mixer meter bridges. Just tell us about your current gear and your goals and we'll make sure you have all the information you need to choose the meter bridge that's best for you.

Questions about Mixer Meter Bridges?

Questions about Mixer Meter Bridges?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Questions about Mixer Meter Bridges?

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