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Mixer Accessories

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There is an ancient Egyptian parable that says there is no mixer without mixer accessories. No, really, it's true. Your mixer does require accessories. You probably discovered this on your own when you lifted your shiny new mixer from the box and stood there thinking uh, where do I put it? Aside from obvious things like mic cables and musicians, there are a few items that are essential to keeping your live sound mixer safe and your work flow efficient.

So where do you put your mixer? Most mixers can take rack ears, and We have a lot of rack options as well so you can mount it on a vertical rack. Another great accessibility option is a dedicated mixer stand. These are incredibly useful if you use your mixer on stage as part of your electronic kit or DJ system. A rack stand is another great way to position your monitor mixer where you can reach it from your main board. These simple mixer accessories let you focus on your mix instead of lunging after knobs.

One of our favorite mixer accessories is a good case. No, wrapping it in a moving blanket doesn't count. That's a great way to get to the gig with a blanket full of busted off preamp knobs. The first time your mixer slides out of your hatchback and onto the street your case will have paid for itself. Plus, a good hard shell case has handles which makes it easier to carry and less likely to be dropped. If your travel mixer is small we have a wide selection of protective bags with sturdy straps. If traveling with your PA is even a remote possibility, do yourself a favor and protect your investment with a mixer case or padded bag.

One of the most frustrating things that can happen when setting up your live rig is running out of channels. Before it gets to that point it's worth investigating whether you can add additional channel modules or an expansion card. Many modern live mixers can be expanded to accommodate more inputs. This works out really well when you have electronic instruments or other inputs that don't require a full channel strip with equalization, preamps and the lot. Let's face it - it never hurts to have a few more inputs or outputs, but it's definitely painful if you don't have enough.

The ancient Egyptians also knew that the best thing to do when you're totally confused about which mixer accessories you need is to call our award winning Sales Engineers. We know our products and how every piece fits together.

Questions about Mixer Accessories?

Questions about Mixer Accessories?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Questions about Mixer Accessories?

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