Behringer X Air X18 Tablet-controlled Digital Mixer

X Air Series 18-channel, 12-bus Desktop Digital Mixer for iPad/Android Tablet with 16 Gain-programmable Midas Preamps, Integrated Wi-Fi Module, Multi-Channel USB Audio Interface, and Tablet Tray
Behringer X Air X18 Tablet-controlled Digital Mixer image 1
Behringer X Air X18 Tablet-controlled Digital Mixer image 1
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Behringer X Air X18 Tablet-controlled Digital Mixer
In Stock!

Behringer X18

A whole new way to mix. A better way.

Behringer's cutting-edge X Air digital mixers integrate with your iPad or Android tablet — and even your smartphone — for unprecedented mixing power and mobility. Plug in your mic and line level sources and mix from anywhere in the venue or studio via the free remote control app. The X18 is an 18-input desktop unit with 16 gain-programmable Midas-designed microphone preamps, Behringer's renowned X32 effects rack, a 100-band Real Time Analyzer on all channels and bus EQs, an 18 x 18 USB interface, integrated Wi-Fi, a convenient tray for your tablet or small laptop, and more. Just add mics, and you have everything you need to mix a live show and record pristine multitrack studio sessions straight to your DAW. The Behringer X18 gives you a whole new way to mix.

Behringer X18 at a Glance:

  • Built-in Wi-Fi module
  • Convenient tablet tray
  • Midas-designed preamps
  • 40-bit floating-point DSP
  • Full-featured channel processing
  • FX Rack delivers studio-quality effects
  • 100-band RTA for all channel and bus EQs
  • Ultranet compatible
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  • X AIR Mixers Live at "Whisky A Go Go"
  • X AIR EDIT Version 1.2 Overview

Hover over features below for a detailed description

16 Mic/Line inputs on Combo connectors
XLR  Main L-R outputs 
2-track/Line 17-18 inputs on RCA connectors
2-track outputs on RCA connectors
TRS stereo headphones output with Level control
Accepts IEC-standard power cable (included)
Rocker-style power switch
USB type B port
Ethernet connection for wired networks and external routers
Selects between Ethernet port and internal Wi-Fi
For connection to optional P-16 Personal Monitoring System
TRS  outputs for Aux buses 1-6
MIDI In and Out DIN ports

Mix From Anywhere in the House

Built-in Wi-Fi and tablet integration for unprecedented mixing mobility

Behringer's X18 gives you the ultimate in mixing mobility. Imagine always being able to mix from the most advantageous spot in the house! The X18 acknowledges the reality of modern live mixing — that you don't want to be tied down to a fixed front-of-house mix location. Integrated Wi-Fi gives you remote control over the mixer's functions from your tablet or laptop without needing to set up and configure an external router. Now you can focus on your mix, moving around the venue to experience what your audience is hearing at any place in the auditorium. Tweak the mix from the balcony. Adjust the monitors from the performers' perspective. This is live mixing the way it should be — natural and intuitive. The result will be better-sounding shows!

  • Mix from anywhere in the venue
  • Instant wireless for your tablet or laptop
  • Complete remote control over mix functions
  • No need to set up and configure an external router

Let the Performers Mix Their Own Monitors

Compatibility with Behringer's Personal Monitoring System

The X18's wireless capability makes it easy for you to modify a monitor mix from the performers' onstage perspective, but why not let the musicians mix their own IEMs or floor wedges? The X18 features an Ultranet port for easy audio routing over Cat 5e cable to other Ultranet-compatible gear. Compatibility with Behringer's P16-M Personal Monitoring System means you can concentrate on whipping up a killer house mix and leave the monitor mix to the performers (trust us, they'll thank you for it). Now that's smart mixing! With 16 channels of personal monitoring, plus six aux sends to feed stage wedges, delayed mixes, or secondary rooms, you have it covered. If you've got big stadium gigs booked, you'll be glad to know that you can easily integrate the X18 into a larger setup using its Ethernet port to connect to a wired network or a monster router. The X18 includes free iOS and Android apps for remote operation.

  • P16-M Personal Monitoring System compatible
  • 16 channels of personal monitoring
  • Six aux sends to feed stage wedges, etc.
  • Ethernet port connects to wired network

Great-sounding Mixes Start Here

Pristine preamps, ultra-wide dynamic range, and more

With 16 Midas-designed mic preamps and 40-bit floating-point DSP that delivers virtually unlimited dynamic range with no internal overload and vanishingly low latency, the X18 delivers impeccable sound quality — the same as Behringer's acclaimed X32 digital mixer. The X18's preamps are fully gain-programmable and remote-controllable from your iOS and Android device, for nearly unlimited flexibility in a live show situation. Because applications are loaded to the specific device, you can prepare your channel layout offline while sitting in the tour bus before a show.

  • Acclaimed X32 technology for impeccable sound quality
  • Fully gain-programmable, remote-controllable preamps
  • Applications loaded to specific device
  • Facilitates offline pre-production

Studio-quality Effects

Virtual FX Rack with four true-stereo multi-effects processors

The X18 has an entire arsenal of effects under the hood. The X18's virtual FX Rack gives you four true-stereo (8 mono) multi-effects processors, including delay, chorus, and dynamics. This engine is beefy enough to simultaneously run high-quality, true-stereo reverbs and 31-band EQ, without the need for additional hardware. Select any combination of high-end simulations of classic studio reverbs such as the Lexicon 480L and PCM70, the EMT250 or Quantec QRS. The X18's onboard processing means your computer won't be tasked with additional heavy lifting during a mixdown session with numerous plug ins.

  • Four stereo multi-effects processors
  • Simulations of legendary studio reverbs
  • Robust FX engine
  • Lightens the load on your computer

Record Straight to Your Favorite DAW

18 x 18 USB interface makes recording effortless

The X18 sports a fast, bi-directional 18 x 18 USB interface, making the X18 a powerful digital mixing solution for recording directly to the digital audio workstation running on your iPad or computer. You can see how this arrangement can boost productivity in a live scenario, giving you an effortless, immaculate multitrack capture of the show to take back to your studio for post production. Whether you're capturing a live performance or tracking in the studio, you'll find the X18 makes it amazingly easy to record great-sounding tracks.

  • Bi-directional 18 x 18 USB interface
  • Easy direct recording to your DAW
  • Works easily with tablet or computer
  • Pristine multitrack capture

Four Models to Serve Your Needs

Behringer X Air digital mixers are available in four models. Three are rackmount units; the X18 is the desktop unit with an integrated tablet tray. The XR units are rackmountable. The XR18 offers near-identical specs, but as it can be used as a stage box, it offers a few connectivity upgrades for more secure connections onstage. The XR16 and XR12 are more affordable rackmountable options with scaled-back feature sets.

Model Wi-Fi Form Factor Inputs Aux Buses Ultranet USB hi-Z Inputs
X18 Built-in Desktop 18 (16 mic) 6 TRS Yes 16-ch 2
XR18 Built-in Rackmount 18 (16 mic) 6 XLR Yes 16-ch 2
XR16 Built-in Rackmount 16 (8 mic) 4 XLR No 2-ch 2
XR12 Built-in Rackmount 12 (4 mic) 2 TRS No 2-ch 2

Behringer X Air Digital Mixers

On the leading edge of the mobile mixing revolution

The Behringer X32 digital mixer has been a massive hit, a Sweetwater best seller that sees constant use in busy studios and on the world's biggest stages. The X Air series continues the revolution, maintaining the same uncompromising level of audio quality, while offering you even more smart features aimed at the way you mix music today. We're impressed with Behringer's X Air mixers, and we think you will be, too!

Additional Media

Live Mixer Buying Guide

Tech Specs

Type Digital
Channels 18
Inputs - Mic Preamps 16 x XLR-1/4" combo
Inputs - Line 1 x RCA stereo pair
Outputs - Main 2 x XLR, 1 x RCA stereo pair
Outputs - Other Ultranet port (P16-M and P16-D connection)
Channel Inserts Internal effects/processing inserts
Aux Sends 6 x 1/4" (aux bus out)
USB 1 x Type B (18 x 18)
Computer Connectivity USB, Ethernet, Tri-mode Wi-Fi router
Headphones 1 x 1/4" TRS
EQ Bands 31-band graphic EQ, 6-band parametric
Effects 4 stereo effects/modeling engines including delay, chorus, dynamics, Lexicon reverbs, flangers, exciters
Height 4.3"
Depth 16.1"
Width 14.1"
Weight 8.8 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number X18

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
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Everything I could ask for and more

I bought this mixer at a great price and chose it over the xr18 for that reason. It is still built really well and I intend to use it on stage as well as on my desk. I like the way this looks on the desk rather than the box and it has extra rca jacks to connect to my headphone amplifier. In either case, I would use an external wifi unit just to make sure in a live situation. Don't know why they charge so much more for the other one but I didn't fall for it. You can read other reviews on how the basics of this thing work but I am going to tell you how the x18 can go from a really good mixer to making you the superstar sound guy in your area. You see, recording by the interface option is just scratching the surface. In order to get the full use out of this mixer, since you are hooked up to a computer and daw anyway to do your recording, use the daw plugins for effects and other things. Even though the effects on the x18 are pretty good and you still want to use some, the plugins on your computer are way nicer. For example, I am using reaper and drum triggers I made out of some piezo disks for a couple bucks. Tape them to the drum heads, send them to reaper and put them through addictive drums 2 and you get studio drums from your speakers... live. The guitar amp simulator in the effects is practically useless compared with amplitube and you can use the midi port to plug in a midi foot pedal. Want to use butch vig vocal effects, got em.... And so on. There is nothing on the market that can possibly sound any better. I have a haswell i3 laptop and use a latency of 128 samples and no one can tell. Mix all the effects in your daw and then import it on an unused effects return on your x18. I have a windows tablet so I can get the full desktop app on the tablet, control the daw through remote desktop and everything is still mobile on the tablet. Unless you need more inputs, this is all the mixer you will ever need if you know how to use it. I have a tascam us16x08 that I tried to use this way but the drivers are still buggy even after 2 years, I don't know what tascams problem is. When you change effects the latency can jump to over 250ms which is completely unacceptable. This problem does not exist in the Behringer drivers. 6 of the line inputs on the tascam do not even have level controls. I worried that the x18 only had 16 bit for recording but the daw converts it to 32 bit floating, processes it in 32 bit and then converts it back to 16 bit so you really don't loose any quality during the processing. I wanted to use the tascam for zero latency recording but there is no reverb on the vocals (which they originally promised when they advertised it). But all the effects are available for zero latency monitoring on the x18. So, my tascam interface is going to be sold. I have used tascam products for recording (porta studio, digital porta studio, us16x08) since the 80's but unfortunately they have lost me due to their poor attention to -not even quality but- basic functionality. The only thing this is missing from the xr18 is the instrument level inputs and that is cured by xlr to line transformers picked up from radio shack or amazon. Since my band has 2 guitar players and a bass player, the 2 lines on the xr18 wouldn't be enough anyway to go direct. Hope this helped, I really love this thing.
Music background: 30 years, vocalist, guitar, sound technician


Will I got this for are Church back in March It was working great till Last weekend then channel 4 went out not a big deal just move xlr to another channel . So on Monday Called Sweetwater tech . told them what happened and with out a Question even though its pass 30 days . They had a new one in hands by Wednesday. Even though the channel went down I have had this happen on really high end for it to happen is not. all bad . The fact this thing is great for the price and the sound is unreal. When you can call and get taken care of like that . You know the people there love their jobs .Thank you Sweetwater. Bob Smith

X18 fan

I was looking for another USB interface for recording. The X18 packs more features than any comparable interface at it's price range. 18 channels in one pass, and it works as advertised once I had it set up. All this and you can take it to your gig to run sound. Unbeatable value!
Music background: Producer- Engineer


This is a great mixer! The built in wifi works well with a couple of devices. If you need to connect a ton of devices at once I suggest buying an apple airport express or something of the sorts. I have had no problems so far; the build quality is very nice. I think you should buy this if you need a nice little digital mixer.

learing curve

there is a learning curve when you decide to use this mixer. I have read some of the other reviews and honestly most of the issues that the other customers had are user error. I had a lot of the same issues the other people have had. take the time and watch the videos on YouTube. it will clear up any issues you may have. we know that there is nothing like that analog sound. if you been using knobs and sliders all your life it hard to change. but when you can just show up with this and not racks and racks of gear.. you will understand why digital is the way to go. it may not be perfect but what is cool about this is most of the time you find an issue. its a programing thing, something you can write to Behringer tell them about it and eventually they can fix it with an update.. (aka you don't have to run and buy a new board just get the FREE update) Word of advice. when you set up your network.. its best to start with an android device before using an ipad. I had some issues setting up my network key with the ipad. but I downloaded the app to my android phone and set it that way.. after that everything was groovy..
Music background: A guy that spends to much money on sound gear
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