Overtone Labs Tune-bot Gig

Digital Drum Tuner with LCD Display
Overtone Labs Tune-bot Gig image 1
Overtone Labs Tune-bot Gig image 1
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Overtone Labs Tune-bot Gig
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Tuning Your Drums Just Got Easier

Tuning your drums with the Overtone Labs Tune-bot Gig digital tuner is a piece of cake. Simply clip it on to your drum hoop, tap your drum, and match its lugs. A single button toggles through the Tune-bot Gig's modes while matching lug pitch or tuning a note. Drummers at Sweetwater have used the Tune-bot Gig for measuring and adjusting their overall tone, matching lug pitches, interval tuning toms, and maintaining optimal tonality. Featuring an easy-to-read backlit LCD display, the Overtone Labs Tune-bot Gig digital tuner is an indispensable tool for studio, stage, and practice.

Overtone Labs Tune-bot Gig Digital Tuner Features at a Glance:
  • Digital drum tuner with streamlined design for ease of use
  • Clips on to any standard drum rim, any size/type of drum
  • Measures pitch at each lug, as well as overall pitch
  • Single button easily toggles through frequency and note modes
  • Filters overtones so they don't interfere with tuning
  • Easy-to-read backlit LCD display
  • Drum tuning charts and pitch recommendations included
Keep your drums in tune with the Overtone Labs Tune-bot Gig digital tuner!

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number TBG001

Customer Reviews

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Great Tool

Does exactly what it is supposed to do and with ease. Makes the tuning process a lot faster and more precise.

Worth the price

The tune bot gig makes tuning so much easier and faster.

Makes my life WAY easier

I am an active gig and studio drummer and I have used the drum dial for years. Let me start by saying that the drum dial is an awesome product and it has done a great job of getting me a consistent sound since its purchase. But, I finally decided last week that I would go digital and try the latest and greatest tuning technology. Well, I am SO glad that I did! This is the perfect device for fine tuning your drums. It gives you the functionality of a guitar tuner, BUT FOR DRUMS! The DD measures tension/pressure, and the tunebot measures actual frequency/pitch. Think about that for a second..With the tunebot, I can now tune more easily to a certain pitch or note based on that notes exact frequency. The drum dial caused me to make an educated guess on the note, but the only real issue I had with the dial is that you still have to fine tune your lugs once you find the tone you are looking for. With tunebot you decide on the desired pitch or note, and then fine tune to a near-exact frequency. My toms now sound more cohesive and in unison. My snare actually matches up much much better, and I haven't even tuned up my kick yet! Another thing I will add is that I have not used the tunebot standard. All I can say is that the tunebot gig WORKS. It does its job, and is very easy to use. To that point I will add that I have given the tunebot gig a 4.5/5 simply because it measures to the +/- .5 Hz, where the standard tunebot measures to the .1 Hz. Regardless I have found a forever product!Overall, I would highly suggest the tunebot or tunebot gig over any other drum tuning product. It may seem a little crazy to spend a chunk of change on a drum tuner, but believe me its worth it, and will save you a lot of time and hassle.
Music background: 12+ years of exp with drums, guitars, and recording

Drum tuner

Five star if it didnt use batteries up so fast. Went through two sets getting five pc set tuned.

Does not tune snare!!!!

It is simplistic and a disappointment. Its filters are garbage and can only be set once you hit the frequency. Go for the original Tunebot.
Music background: Guitar 22yr/ Drumming6yr
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