Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2

Synthesis Virtual Instrument with over 10,000 Sounds, 55+ Effects Engines, and Advanced Arpeggiation, FM/Ring Modulation, Filtering, Unison Effects, and More - AAX, VST, AU, RTAS
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Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 image 1
Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 image 1
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Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2
In Stock!

Every Sound You Can Imagine and More!

For years, Omnisphere has been a staple virtual instrument for songwriters and composers ranging from EDM to cinematic scoring, but Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 totally ups the ante. Loaded with over 10,000 phenomenal sounds, plus dozens of jaw-dropping effects and more ways to create original sounds than you can imagine, Omnisphere 2 instantly grabbed the attention of the electronic musicians and serious synth nuts here at Sweetwater. And to go with its vastly expanded capabilities is a user interface that will put the sounds you want and the tools you need to tweak them in your hands faster than ever before.

Over 10,000 amazing sounds to get you started

Forget about starting from scratch or even investing a whole lot of time into tweaking your sounds - if you just want to be able to call up a patch and create music, then Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 has you covered. We're talking about a killer sound library with 10,000 patches organized in such a way that you can quickly find the kind of sound you're looking for. Then you also have all kinds of unique and specialized sounds to look forward to, including a library of exciting EDM patches, exclusive Soundsources from Diego Stocco's custom built instruments, circuit-bent tones, and psychoacoustic effects. Spectrasonics even went so far as to sample the melodic sound of the stalactites hanging in a radioactive cave in eastern Europe, just to give Omnisphere 2 an edge. You just can't make this sort of thing up.

Synthesis tools let you create any sound you can imagine

What if you want to dive in? In that case, hang on to your hat! Whether it's Omnisphere 2's audio import function, which lets you use your own audio as oscillator sources, or 400 new morphing-wavetable-based DSP waveforms for the Synth Oscillator (that's 100 x the number in Omnisphere), there's no denying the sheer sound-shaping power this virtual instrument has to offer. There's a totally new granular synthesis engine onboard, too, plus seriously upgraded FM/ring mod, filter, unison, arpeggiation, and modulation options, all of which let you create cooler sounds than ever. Even if you're not a synthesis guru, the ability to borrow effects, arpeggiator, and other settings from one patch to the next is golden.

Enhance your sounds with loads of killer effects

There's another great way to tweak your tones in Omnisphere 2: effects . . . tons and tons of effects, to be specific. For starters, Omnisphere 2 adds an additional 25 FX Units to the already impressive collection in the original Omnisphere, and it raises the total number of effects from 12 to 16. Many of the new FX Units, such as the Hi-wattage and Metalzone Distortion, are modeled after guitar amplifiers and stompbox effects, but there are also cool and freaky effects, like the Solina Ensemble, and a complete suite of analog modeling processors to choose from. What's more, each FX Slot supports matrix modulation, and there are hundreds of new FX Presets and Racks to play with.

Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 Virtual Instrument Features:

  • An extremely powerful and fully loaded synthesis virtual instrument
  • Intuitive user interface and browser make finding and tweaking sounds easy
  • Audio Import lets you create your own Soundsources so you can create totally unique tones
  • 440 morphing-wavetable waveforms and 10,000 sounds mean you'll never run out of inspiration
  • Get started right away with a massive library of ready-to-use sounds and FX presets
  • Expanded Soundsources include EDM, Circuit Bent, and other cool genre-specific options
  • Granular synthesis joins the lineup of sound generation options, along with expanded FM and more
  • Use up to 16 of the 55+ FX Units at once to provide your sounds with endless sonic character
  • Exciting arpeggiation options let you add rhythm and motion to your patches
  • Lock effects, arpeggiation styles, and more while browsing to quickly create new sound
  • Compatible with any AAX, VST, AU, or RTAS plug-in host on Mac or Windows PCs

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Tech Specs

Software Type Synth
Platform Mac, PC
Upgrade/Full Full
Download/Boxed Boxed with G-Drive
Bit Depth 32-bit/64-bit
Format AAX, RTAS, VST 2.4, AU
Hardware Requirements - Mac 2.4 GHz Processor or higher, 4GB RAM minimum
Hardware Requirements - PC 2.4 GHz Processor or higher, 4GB RAM minimum
OS Requirements - Mac OS X 10.9 or later
OS Requirements - PC Windows 7 or later
Manufacturer Part Number OMNI2

Customer Reviews

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This doesn't just knock it out of the park, omnisphere knocks sound into the next zipcode. I have ableton (which runs this program great) I have purchased probably $1,000 in ableton packs looking for some really good useful sounds and soundscapes. Omnisphere is what i needed and only what I needed, i wasted my money on ableton packs, only to use probably 20% of them, the rest pretty useless. Omnisphere has nothing but solid and i mean solid, like absolute 3 dimensional sound that blows me away. I have only scratched probably 10% of the sounds omnisphere has and it's worth the money, so just wait until I find everything it has to offer. My advice, buy ableton (the cheap version or whatever other program you like) and then buy omnisphere and let it work its magic. If your looking for authentic grand piano, you will not find it here with omnisphere but the soundscapes, oh the soundscapes are way worth the money. These sounds just grow as you hit the keys and morph into absolute sonic beauty. The sound engineers that put these sounds in, deserve a pat on the back. I am beyond happy with this purchase. If your thinking, just buy it, you won't regret it. This is a great worship software. Only music this would be useless for is country and jazz I'd say. Rap, Hip-hop, metal, rock, altternative, worship, ambient (especially) this is what you need!!!
Music background: Worship

Expensive for a reason!

Best straight out the box synth I bought this far. Sounds come mixed and sound amazing. Worth the price tag!!
Music background: Producer

Exponentially more amazing

So, I've had omnisphere 1 for a few years and it has served me well. Just about every project I do uses omnisphere and I have a lot of virtual instruments. I could not say enough good things about it. Then comes omnisphere 2 and it doesn't just raise the bar, it launches the bar into space never to be seen again accept maybe when omni 3 comes out!! The new presets are amazing, never have I found a synth that had such a high percentage of usable inspiring sounds out of the box. Now add all the new features that I won't even bother to start listing and you have, in my humble opinion, the most powerful, best sounding VI on the market. I have tons of east west libraries and native instrument stuff and they are great but if I could only have one VI to produce music with, it would be omnisphere 2.
Music background: Professional audio engineer/music producer

Omnisphere 2 the sound of the future

I have always wanted Onmisphere but never took the plunge until now and I am really happy with this purchase. There are so many options for designing your own unique sound and patches, and easy learn interface. I was a Native Instruments user and still use a few of their instruments every once in a while, but Omnisphere has much better quality and in a class all alone. I own quite a few virtual instruments and now that I own omnisphere I will be using it on every production that I do.
Music background: Sound designer, Music Producer and Instructor.

Omnisphere Got Even Better!

Didn't think it was possible for this software to get even better but it did. The new wider software window is tremendous, with a great browser and easy searching. On top of that, they added thousands of more incredible sounds. This software is the best of the best. If you don't have it, you shoudl!

Sweetwater Advice

Scott Augustyniak

Omnisphere 2 is one of the most inspiring software instruments I've ever used. Using its massive list of high quality patches, I'm able to create and go into musical territory that I've never been before. And if I find a patch that's close but isn't quite the sound I'm seeking, I simply click the Sound Match button - Omnisphere will pull up every patch that is similar to the original sound! This feature alone is a major timesaver while writing music!
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