JamHub Tracker MT16

Multitrack Audio Recorder with 8 Inputs, 24-bit Converters, Cloud Uploader, USB, and SD Storage
JamHub Tracker MT16 image 1
JamHub Tracker MT16 image 1
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JamHub Tracker MT16
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Step Into the Future of Multitrack Capture

Think of JamHub Tracker MT16 as your "multitrack uploader." Tracker MT16 is an audio capture and conversion tool that transforms your live audio into fully editable 24-bit multitrack files, ready for post production. This compact recorder easily connects to your mixer (or JamHub studio via its SoleMix remote jack) and records seven stereo sections while giving your bandmates independent monitor mixes for a studio-grade recording experience. It saves to SD card, wirelessly connects to the Internet, automatically uploads your multitrack files to BandLab, and more. Step into the future of multitrack capture, with JamHub Tracker MT16.

JamHub Tracker MT16 at a Glance:
  • Your Multitrack Uploader
  • Record from your mixer, hassle-free
  • Works with JamHub and conventional mixers
  • Get post-ready output
  • Convenient SD storage
Your Multitrack Uploader

Imagine an audio capture and conversion tool that turns all your live audio into completely editable multitrack files for convenient post-production. That's Tracker MT16 from JamHub, the innovative company that's overhauled the way we practice. Tracker MT16 connects to your mixer or JamHub studio and records seven sections, while supplying your bandmates with fully independent monitor mixes for a studio-quality recording experience.

Record from your mixer, hassle-free

With the optional Tracker MT16 Breakout Cable (available separately) you can easily connect your recorder to your mixer and record multitrack files of your live gigs. Sporting a JamHub Connect jack on one end and 16 specialized 1/4" jacks on the other, the Breakout Cable plugs directly into your mixer's insert jacks and lets you record post-trim, pre-fader audio that's unaffected by room ambience or your FOH mix.

Works with JamHub and conventional mixers

Tracker MT16 makes it easy to get great-sounding recordings. Having access to individual monitor mixes for each member of your band is huge. With the Tracker MT16, JamHub now takes the next step, capturing your multitrack audio and storing it for post production. And the best part? It's all automatic! Once everything's connected, all you have to do is be musically brilliant, while Tracker MT16 handles the grunt work.

Get post-ready output

The JamHub Tracker MT16 sports 24-bit converters that create individual .WAV files for each input channel. All your audio is packed neatly into a session folder and saved onto a standard SD card. Tracker MT16 takes line-level, pre-fader signal, so your sound is pristine and ready for post production.

convenientSD storage

Tracker MT16 saves everything onto SD card, so you can pop the card out - or simply attach a USB cable for drag-and-drop to your computer. In addition, the optional 16-channel breakout snake lets you re-route your signal as you see fit.

JamHub Tracker MT16 Features:
  • Audio capture and conversion device and multitrack uploader
  • Compact stomp-box-size for maximum portability
  • Eight onboard 1/4" inputs
  • 24-bit converters create individual .WAV files for each input channel
  • Saves everything onto SD card
  • USB connection for drag-and-drop to your computer
  • Optional 16-channel breakout snake
Step into the future of multitrack capture, with JamHub Tracker MT16!

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Tech Specs

Tracks 7 stereo
Analog Inputs 8 x 1/4"
A/D Resolution 24-bit
Save MP3 .WAV to SD card
Manufacturer Part Number MT-16

Customer Reviews

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Couldn't be happier

This little device makes recording your full band so easy. We use a JamHub for our band and we get individual monitoring and recording now. We used it live with the JamHub snake splitter and got the best sound we've ever had with a gig. It's so much better than a mic in the room. The sound is very clean. Can't wait for the WiFi and Bandlab connection to come. Jamhub does it again. These guys are doing some very cool things for musicians. Thanks Sweetwater and JamHub for making my life easier. If lost or stolen I'd replace it immediately even if it cost twice as much.
Music background: semi-pro musician

Portable and Flexable

I got it to use with my JamHub but also to record the band live. We do not use a JamHub live like some bands do for in-ear monitoring. We play with a typical "wall of sound" system (someday I'd like to convince the guys to go IEM). Downloaded the new software with the help from the JamHub guys. It was so easy. Plug it in, wait for it to download, done. Just like an iPhone. If you're having trouble, just talk to the JamHub guys. They are super friendly and helpful for hookup and other questions. I plugged it into our mixer's insert jacks, armed the tracks I wanted, hit "record" and caught the entire gig. The sound is so amazing and clear. If I could post them here I would. The sound quality will blow your mind. **Warning: You'll want to make sure you position your mics like you're in the studio. We are sloppy about mics at a small gigs because the band is so loud, but if you want a good recording, just setup your mics like it's a festival or a studio session. I got the latest version of the software and you can connect a USB hard disk to the Tracker now and record MASSIVE amounts of audio. I tried it briefly, works as advertised. My only knock against this product is that the WiFi is not connecting me to the BandLab cloud yet. I asked them and they said it's coming. Once that is done, this will be an amazing set of tools for musicians. Can't wait. I hope it works as well as their other products. I'm turning into a big JamHub Inc. fan. These guys are making some amazing products for everyday musicians. It's nice to see some real innovation from somebody in this business.
Music background: Guitar, live sound, vocals

Tracker MT16

The only reason the the MT16 didn't score a "Great" or above is the lack of the soon-to-be-released connectivity. The unit does all it is advertised to do. The interface is intuitive and the quality of the recordings are as expected. It is a bit curious that in the "split mode" it takes several minutes to encode to the SD card a 3 minute recording in 48khz sample with WAV formatting. However, recording in combined mode and using Jamhub's BND split utility takes care of that. Using combined mode completes the recording to the SD card in seconds and the BND utility breaks out the tracks so fast you're not sure it worked. Once the internet and wifi connectivity are available the MT16 will be a "Wow" on the rating scale.
Music background: Amateur Musician, hobbyist, electric and double bass.

Useless, or at least enigmatic

This should be easy, right? Plug it in to the JamHub, Press Record, Transfer the Tracks to your computer and you're editing. I tried it with my group last night and you know what I got? Nothing. I read the manual cover to cover, formatted the SD Card, set the settings (input = JamHub, channels 1-10 active for the 5 members), Set the device to record, Pressed record and watched the Rec light blink once, Pressed record to stop and the digital display, The Unit claimed it was Encoding... And nothing. Not a single file was written to the SD card. Should the Rec light have stayed on? Don't know - the manual doesn't say. Should the Tracker have been plugged into a specific extension jack on the JamHub? Don't know, the manual doesn't say. Limitations: This records two tracks for each spot on the JamHub but it records the stereo output of the summed inputs, not the two inputs separately. So if you were hoping to separate your vocals from your guitar or keyboard - no dice, unless you take a separate channel on your hub for each instrument. Also, NB, in order to record more than 6 channels (which is only 3 ports on the Jamhub) at 96kHz you will need to install the 2.0 or higher firmware. The problem is that the current firmware is only at 1.46. So, while it *theoretically* might be able to record as advertised, in practice it cannot. To add insult to injury, the file system it uses seems hopelessly locked to a 32 bit addressing scheme, so you can never record a session longer than 2GB to the SD Card, no matter how large a card you buy, so full recording has a limit of 7.5 minutes. This seemed like such a cool device, but in practice it looks more like a $400 doorstop. I guess they needed a "right brain" version of the instruction manual. It wouldn't have taken up much space or paper since it would have said "don't bother - if you're a left brain you're never going to get this to work anyway."
Music background: Band manager/performer/director
See also: Multitrack Recorders, JamHub, JamHub Digital Multitrack Recorders