Korg Volca Power Supply

Power Adapter for Korg Volca Beats, Volca Keys, Volca Bass, and monologue Synthesizers - 9V, 1700mA
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Korg Volca Power Supply image 1
Korg Volca Power Supply image 1
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Korg Volca Power Supply
In Stock!

A Power Adapter for Your Korg Volca!

The Korg Volca Power Supply is a 9V, 1700mA power adapter specifically for your Korg Volca Series sound modules. So don't waste batteries when you're programming your synths at home, use the Korg Volca Power Supply!

Korg Volca Power Supply Features at a Glance:
  • 9V, 1700mA power adapter
  • For: Korg Volca Keys, Volca Bass, and Volca Beats synth modules
  • Also compatible with monologue analog synths
Power your Korg Volca right, with the Korg Volca Power Supply!

Tech Specs

Input Voltage Range 100-240V/50-60Hz
Output Amps 1700mA
Output Voltage 9V
Sleeve/Tip Configuration Sleeve: Negative, Tip: Positive
Manufacturer Part Number PA-100

Customer Reviews

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Best power supply ever!

I really don't know if I can articulate the sheer amazingtude of the Volca Power Supply! Since it's purchase, my beats, bass lines, and synth patches have improved exponentially, and the low end response of my entire room has tightened up. My front and back yard have improved as well as my golf score. I hope to buy at least 23 more of these as I'm sure my entire life will improve and I will transcend time and space.
Music background: Engineer, drummer, synth enthusiast

A Must

Super little power supply unit. The cord length is very generous. Way cheaper than feeding the Volcas batteries for dinner.
Music background: maker of

works perfect

just for informational purposes, these aren't actual korg brand power supplies. now that that's been said, these things work perfectly with the korg volca series. the liberation from batteries is great for when you're not taking your volcas on the road. it has nice long cords and the adapter won't block off a bunch of other outlets on your power strip/surge protector. also great for the price if you have multiple volcas.

It's just a power supply right...? Hmmm

I've never had a complaint about a power supply... I didn't think I could have one. They just work right? Well, yes, this power supply works. But: 1. As others have mentioned, the port is too big for the end of this plug. So it wiggles rather than staying put. 2. My biggest complaint: plug this into your outlet in a very quiet room......... you can hear a horrible high-pitched squealing sound.... I only noticed this like 3 months into owning these power supplies... at first I thought it was my Furman Power Conditioner (amazing btw).. then I suspected every single thing in the room, one by one. After powering off and unplugging everything one by one, I ended up realizing it was coming from these power supplies (I had 3 plugged in.. so 3 little barely-audible screeching sounds singing in a terrible chorus, and giving me a headache.) ..now, mind you, this is barely audible. But I work in a quiet room and I can easily notice it. If you plan on using these power supplies for a live show or a noisy place, grab these they definitely will work for your little Volcas. But if you are using your Volcas in a quiet studio and plan on RECORDING them, please get the Korg KA-350 power supply instead. The KA-350 doesn't seem to exhibit this behavior. It's really upsetting that I realized so late, because I bought 3 of them for no reason now. (****Side Note: PLEASE USE TS CABLES ON YOUR VOLCA DEVICES.. actually for ANY MODERN KORG ANALOG SYNTH (preferably well-shielded TS Cables) .. OR BETTER YET, USE 1x TRS to 2x TS (1x stereo/balanced to 2x mono/unbalanced) BECAUSE IF YOU USE TRS to TRS, YOUR SIGNAL WILL BE TOO LOW!!****) Sorry, had to mention that because I ended up getting Mogami-grade TRS cables and thought the Volcas were broken lol. So yeah, I recommend the KA-350 for ALL Korg Analog Synths. ACTUALLY.... Buy this: 1. KA-350, and 2. Something like the "DC-4 Daisy Chain Cable" which will split your power from a single KA-350 to 4x -- so with ONE OUTLET you can power up to 4x Volcas. WAY better than buying a thousand power cables (that might be buzzing....) Sorry for the long review, there just isn't enough information out there to get the most out of your Volcas. Seriously underrated machines. My personal favorite being the Volca Beats. Just devastatingly warm and full of character (and awesome PCM glitchiness!)
Music background: Musician, Electronic Producer

Really lame that they've artificially limited to this.

Anyone with gear has a million extra 9V AC adapters lying around. Korg went out of their way to artificially create a SLIGHTLY smaller barrel than average for the Volcas in order to make sure that consumers have to buy their own proprietary supply. Worse, they didn't then make some sort of "power all volcas at once" supply, but this clumsy thing.
Music background: dude
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