Line 6 Helix Rack Guitar Multi-effects Rack Processor

Guitar Multi-effects Processor with Amplifier Modeling, Simple Editing Interface, Output for Foot Controller, Aluminum Enclosure, Analog and Digital I/O, and USB Recording out
Line 6 Helix Rack Guitar Multi-effects Rack Processor image 1
Line 6 Helix Rack Guitar Multi-effects Rack Processor image 1

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Line 6 Helix Rack Guitar Multi-effects Rack Processor
In Stock!

Helix Power in Rack Form

The Line 6 Helix Rack multi-effects processor reaches far beyond anything you've ever experienced. It can be a great addition to your rig, a streamlined controller for your existing system, or an incredible-sounding guitar interface for recording in the studio. It can even replace your entire effects setup! Equipped with Line 6's new HX modeling engine, Helix Rack will let you hear brand-new models of modern and vintage amps, cabs, mics, and effects, all designed to sound and feel amazing. And your rig-integration options are limitless, with Helix Rack's astoundingly comprehensive I/O and routing capabilities. Line 6 has long been at the front of the modeling revolution, and Helix Rack is the professional guitar processor Line 6 was destined to make.

Line 6 Helix Rack Multi-effects Processor at a Glance:
  • Power to spare
  • Up and Running in No Time
  • Give Helix the Control
Power to spare

Line 6 spearheaded the modeling revolution years ago. Now they step into the future with Helix Rack. Helix Rack's brain is Line 6's dual DSP HX modeling engine. Representing a giant leap forward in guitar technology, the HX engine reproduces every minute detail that goes into a great amplifier. Guitarists at Sweetwater know that feel is important to most players, and every single aspect has been taken into account, down to an amplifier's power supply ripple and tube sag, ensuring you receive an ultra-realistic playing feel and experience. The classic bloom and compression of some amps and the powerful punch of others are all faithfully accounted for. And you can also load custom impulse responses to personalize your tone.

Up and Running in No Time

Before Helix Rack, powerful amp and effects modeling often came with a significant learning curve. But even with a massive amount of routing, recording, and editing power under the hood, Helix Rack's workflow is incredibly easy to learn. And the large 6.2" LCD display rids the system of all the menu surfing while giving as much control as the deepest editing software. It's so intuitive to navigate that Line 6 claims you'll have 90% of Helix mastered with a five-minute glance at the full-color Helix quick start guide. And we're not just talking tone editing. The four stereo paths per preset allow for all sorts of routing setups. You can design your rig at the speed of thought.

Give Helix the Control

Already have a beloved guitar rig that you've spent years getting just right? Helix Rack also makes a robust controller for your rig. It allows you to easily create a hardware/software hybrid setup integrating your other pedals, your channel-switching tube amplifier, rack equipment, and even other instruments, offering you one of the most in-depth routing I/O on any guitar processor. And you do it all through Helix Rack's four stereo effects loops. You can send multiple wet and dry signals to different sources, place the loops in various locations in your signal chain, swap between your amp and modeled sounds, and so much more. You can even take control of your band's MIDI rig with up to six separate MIDI commands at patch recall.

Line 6 Helix Rack Multi-effects Processor Features:
  • Tour-grade multi-effect guitar processor
  • Snapshot feature instantly recalls each of your tone elements
  • Output for Helix Control floor controller
  • Takes command of your Line 6 Variax guitars
  • Dual DSP-powered HX modeling engine
  • 50 amps, 30 cabs, 16 mics, and over 70 effects
  • Editing workflow can be mastered incredibly quickly
  • 6.2" 800 x 480 LCD display
  • 10 inputs, 12 outputs (including four effects loops)
  • 8-in/8-out USB audio interface
  • Multiple expression pedal outs
  • CV/Expression out
  • External amp switching
  • XLR input
  • S/PDIF, AES/EBU, and L6 Link digital outputs
The Helix Rack gives you all the sounds you want, with all the control you need.

Additional Media

Helix Guitar Multi-effects Processor User Manual

Tech Specs

Type 3U Multi-effects Guitar rack
Number of Effects 70 (104 with firmware updates)
Amp Modeling Yes
Number of Models 62 amps, 37 cabs, 16 mics (with firmware updates)
Analog Inputs 1 x XLR, 1 x 1/4" (Guitar), 1 x 1/4" (Aux), 4 x 1/4" (Expression Control), 4 x 1/4" (Return)
Analog Outputs 2 x XLR, 2 x 1/4", 1 x 1/4" (Thru), 1 x 1/4" (Headphones), 4 x 1/4" (Send)
Digital Inputs 1 x XLR (AES/EBU), 1 x Coax (S/PDIF)
Digital Outputs 1 x XLR (AES/EBU, L6 Link), 1 x Coax (S/PDIF)
Clock I/O 1 x BNC (Word Clock in)
MIDI I/O In, Out/Thru
Other I/O 2 x 1/4" (Ext amp switching, CV out), 2 x Ethernet (Helix control, Variax in)
USB 1 x Type B
Rack Spaces 3U
Height 5.25"
Depth 9.5"
Width 19"
Weight 11.8 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number 99-050-2005

Customer Reviews

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Love the tones and flexibility

Was worried a little bit pulling the trigger to buy this unit. I have a POD X3 Pro, HD500 Rack and HD500x pedal board. I wanted to get back to having a rack unit and when I read about how flexible this unit was with the 4 send return paths and the ability to have 3 expression pedals attached to it, I figured what the hell. Going from the POD computer editing to the Helix was a bit of stumbling point at first but now I love it. The tones I'm getting are much better than I was with the HD500x and the with the floor control I can have patches now that can comprise all the parts for a song that I need. No longer to I have to have a separate patch just for the acoustic part or the tuning change. The snapshot feature is wonderful. I like how you can even on the fly edit your pedal settings as you play. It is sweet being able to read the displays without my glasses and name the patches as well as the snapshots so they make sense, change the color of the buttons so you can quickly see what but it what just by the color. If you get one please take the time to read up on how to do the editing and get on the forum and read what everyone says about how to setup your patches so they will get the best tone for you. Oh yeah the IR's are so much fun to play with. Almost too many options at times, but very easy to find some patches built in or online and get playing quickly. I run mine through a 50w per channel tube power amp and love the harmonics I get out of it. Everything from sweet clean tones to the most heavy 7 string tones you could want.

Line 6 Helix Rack Unit

I am a bass player. I was torn between the rack version and the pedal version. I am thrilled that I got the rack. The sounds are amazing, and while it is a little more to carry, it is very worth it for the peace of mind to not worry about having expensive hardware on a bar too floor.

Helix Rack

An amazing piece of gear. I'm a 63 year old, long time player. Have used almost every amp imaginable trying to find "the" sound. Thing is, we all know you need much more than a single amp to provide the sounds you need. This gives me anything I want. It's very easy to use, great UI and feels great to play through.
Music background: Wide variety

Helix Rack & Pedal are AMAZEBALLS

I just bought an EVH 5150 III 50W with a 1/4 cab. I love the sound of the amplifier, and I bought a bunch of pedals. HoF reverb, mxr phase, boss digital delay, a few different chorus pedals. All of these were fun, but every single time I wanted to change my sound, it was back to the floor and changing all the dials. For over a decade I've used my DAW exclusively to create guitar cabs & tones. Playing through my monitors just stopped being satisfying when I moved from the city to the suburbs, for the first time I had some room to expand. I was reading reviews about Steve Vai's setup and like many were very interested in his rack he uses on tour. The Fractal Axe FXII was well reviewed by the pro's who got time of day from the company. However after reading many reviews on the company's website itself, I was amazed how belligerent the owner was towards customers having a hard time. I then came across a review about the helix, honestly I've been turned off by Line 6 for many years, as they went far away from modeling, and seem to focus on making subpar amps with digital fx. I was surprised to find out how much innovation the company has put into this product, but it seems like they spared no expense to make this. The processor is out of this world, high end. Also, when I set up the Helix, the customer support at Line 6 was terrific. The helix community of users who are sharing different sounds, IR's, and even some of the companies who are selling different patches are fantastic. I love pulling up the sound, and having all of the buttons on the pedal available to change different parameters of the sound. It's like having several panels on each patch, versus having physical pedals that you constantly have to change and rearrange. Setting up the helix to the Mac is very easy, although I did run into some white noise, and that was corrected by using a Hum X. If you want to have the ability to edit directly from the computer and test the sounds this is the easiest route to go, you might not have the white noise, probably had more to do with my homes electrical wiring than anything. The bottom line, the audio that comes out of my speakers is gorgeous. Helix just did another major update and added over 22 major upgrades. There are multimillion dollar amps from world class & exclusive studios that are being emulated into this community and it feels like I'm getting a multimillion dollar sound.

Helix is G-D!!! (Not Clapton!!!)

No I don't work for Line 6 but I did stay at a Holiday In Express last night!! Most remarkable effects processor available. If you can't find your sound with this thing you don't know what you are looking for! I've had mine for a year and use it always. If it died I'd immediately buy another. If you can come up with the cash this it is the Bomb!! Kemp/Fract are good but nowhere near as user friendly. You do need to buy the additional Floor Controller with this unit otherwise get the floor model. The Rack model has slightly more studio stuff and has a bit more connectivity. ++Plus++ if you have the time during daytime business hours Line 6 has live customer support who "live to help you!!
Music background: I play-- A musical legend in my own mind!!

Sweetwater Advice

Connor Smith

The Line 6 Helix Rack is my go-to guitar effects processor. Being able to take it from my home studio to my live rig is extremely convenient, but the greatest thing about the Helix Rack is how quickly it lets me reach the sound in my head. The simple layout also makes saving and organizing my custom presets easy. On top of everything, I love that I can download and save impulse responses for a limitless range of realistic tone.

Line 6 Helix Guitar Multi-effects Processor

Helix is an extraordinarily powerful recording and performing tool. It rivals pricier modeling products and surpasses them in some regards, especially with its large, bright, and color-coded editing surfaces. The design is sleek and the construction is genuinely roadworthy....
read more
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