TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb Pedal

Reverb Guitar Stompbox
TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb Pedal image 1
TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb Pedal image 1
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TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb Pedal
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You Get 10 Awesome Reverbs in One Compact Stompbox

If you're looking for the perfect reverb to add depth and dimension to your guitar playing, you'll find it in the TC Electronic Hall of Fame reverb. Loaded with a full collection of reverb types, including Spring, Hall, Plate, Room, Church, and Ambience styles, the Hall of Fame reverb is one of the most complete reverb stompboxes available. You also get excellent Color and Decay controls to further tailor your reverb sound. And the Hall of Fame reverb's dry signal path is completely analog, so your guitar's tone stays completely untouched.

What's more, the Hall of Fame reverb features TC Electronic's TonePrint technology, which lets you download an additional custom reverb type from TC's website. These amazing custom reverbs are made by some of today's top guitarists. If you demand tone, style, and versatility from your reverb, you're going to love the TC Electronic Hall of Fame reverb stompbox!

TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb Guitar Stompbox Features at a Glance:
  • 10 reverb types give you a wide range of reverbs for a world of inspiration
  • TonePrint gives you instant access to custom pedal tweaks made by top guitarists
  • Stereo I/O
  • True bypass preserves your tone
  • Analog dry signal path maintains the tone of your dry signal
  • Decay, Tone, and Level controls
  • Easy single-screw battery access
  • Small footprint saves precious pedalboard space
  • Made with high-quality analog and digital components
  • Road-ready ultra-tough all-metal chassis
Get the perfect reverb tones from a TC Electronic Hall of Fame reverb guitar stompbox!

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Tech Specs

Pedal Type Stereo Reverb
Inputs 2 x Instrument
Outputs 2 x 1/4"
Batteries 1 x 9V
Height 1.97"
Width 2.83"
Depth 4.8"
Weight 0.66 lbs.
Power Supply Included No
Manufacturer Part Number 960660001

Customer Reviews

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Killer Reverb Box

Ok, I have owned the Hall of Fame for half a year now so I think that is enough time to write a fair review. This pedal is not cheap. While Strymons may cost upwards of $400 that is only one company, and the vast majority of us cannot lay out that kind of cash. There are less expensive options out there, but trust me, this pedal is worth every dime of what it costs. Let's start with the two best parts of this pedal, the control and, of course, the sound. The pedal sounds spectacular, all the reverbs are beautifully detailed and shockingly accurate. I once ran the HOF into my friend's all-tube Fender combo in the FX loop and compared the HOF's spring reverb setting to the Fender's real tube driven spring reverb. Despite him being a big naysayer, after a few seconds and some tiny adjustments even he agreed the the HOF sounded better than the real thing! While the Hall, Spring, and church settings are my favorites, all the reverbs are phenomenal and are all quite useful. Now on to what REALLY sets this pedal apart from it's less expensive competition, the controls. This thing has about the same number of knobs, switches, dials, and buttons as the average 1960's spaceship. However all of them are extremely intuitive to use and are actually useful under regular circumstances. I really like the analog dry-through with the FX level knob which keeps my level constant but still allows a tailored amount of reverb. On top of that I hear that the stereo I/O is very very useful (some friends of mine are ambient rock guys and they use these with twin amp setups and get some seriously trippy sounds out of it) and the choice of buffered or true bypass just adds another level of personalization to this pedal. That is actually something I really like about the HOF, unlike other pedals that when kicked in people say "oh that's a... (insert famous pedal here)" but TC's creation really bends to fit your style and can tonally shape shift to become the reverb you need for the situation. It's not an overbearing pedal, but if you tell it to it can get as wild and spacey as you want and go right back again. Some other features: the casing is super rugged, as well as nice and compact. The LED indicator light is quite bright, and the pedal is easily readable at a distance in terms of levels (also you can easily adjust the FX level with your foot, which is probably the only on-the-fly adjustment you'll need, good placement there) I cannot say enough good things about this pedal, it's an awesome addition to any guitarist's pedalboard. However, to be entirely fair I should mention this: this thing just INHALES 9V batteries. Seriously I used a big hall reverb and powered this thing off a battery, and it was dead within 6 hours of active time and that's probably generous. However, with a pedal this complex running an even more complex algorithm while processing a signal in realtime is a pretty power heavy task and you should probably expect it. I just run it off of a One Spot now and it runs perfect (the silent switch is a nice touch too, this thing has ZERO noise). All in all the Danish wizards at TC have hit another home run with this pedal and it will remain my go-to source of reverb for a long, long time.
Music background: Hobbyist, occasional gigs

Fantastic Sound from a little box

Small footprint, big sounds. There is so much versatility in this pedal with the factory settings, but perhaps the coolest feature is the Toneprint. Try Steve Morse's Spring Verb for a more subtle verb, and go big with Big Room w/ a View. You won't be disappointed with this.
Music background: Semi Pro Guitarist

Good reverb

There's really nothing bad to say about this pedal. Well build with awesome reverb sounds. This was a good buy, can't gig without it.
Music background: s

Amazing Tool!

I have always had an amp with on-board reverb, so I never really needed or even wanted a reverb pedal, until I was able to get my hands on a few more amps to add to my collection that had no reverb. I tried a few others but when I found this, I was absolutely blown away! And I haven't even gotten into the Tone Print Editor, which I don't know if I ever will need to. This thing works great! I even use it in place of the tube driven reverb in my Deluxe Reverb. One thing that I am starting to notice and really enjoy, is the "Tone" knob. It can actually take a little muddiness out of my amp when I need to! Bottom line is thing works flawlessly, and sounds incredible!
Music background: Worship leader

Hall of fame pedal puts others to shame!

First of all, You need this pedal! This thing Rocks! Easy to rail in just what u need. Super small footprint. I Love the red color too. TC Electronic makes great pedals , and this is one of them. Also has toneprint too which is really great.Buy it now!!!
Music background: Hobbyist , Composer

Sweetwater Advice

Mitch Gallagher

Readers of SweetNotes and Sweetwater's other publications know that I love to get "hands on" with gear of all types. That's why I was so thrilled to be asked to work with TC Electronic to create an exclusive set of Sweetwater TonePrints for TC Electronic's pedals. Talk about hands on -- we were way deep inside those boxes! But let's take a step back here. TC's TonePrint line consists of five pedals: the Flashback delay, the Corona chorus, the Vortex flanger, the Shaker vibrato, and the Hall of Fame reverb. These compact and affordable pedals sound great and offer excellent features and benefits, such as allowing the analog input signal to pass through completely untouched. They're also very versatile, with algorithms drawn from TC's long history of amazing studio and guitar effects processors. That versatility is kicked way up by the TonePrint part of the equation. A TonePrint is a free downloadable preset that can be loaded into one of the five pedals. This preset might be an artist-designed sound or something from TC -- or in this case, special sounds crafted by yours truly. You can get the presets off the TC site and load them in your pedal via USB. Or, even cooler, you can use your iPhone or Android to "beam" a TonePrint into your pedal, instantly, anywhere you might be. Creating a TonePrint isn't as simple as playing with the front-panel knobs on the pedal to find a sound you like. TC uses specialized editing software that allows you to go deep into the pedal to adjust hundreds of parameters. It's an intense process, but also a lot of fun! In my case, I brought in a box of vintage pedals I'm no longer comfortable taking to the gig, and TC's Tore Mogensen and I spent hours re-creating the sounds of those pedals. We ended up with four TonePrints: a BOSS DM-3-style analog delay for the Flashback, a BOSS CE-2-style analog chorus for the Corona, a BOSS Dimension C-style multi-chorus for the Corona, and an original Electro-Harmonix Electric Mistress-style flanger/chorus for the Vortex. After hours of work, we were very pleased with the results. Our goal was to capture the spirit of the original pedals, and I think we succeeded! Best of all, you can have these TonePrints for your own TC pedals, completely free of charge, courtesy of TC Electronic and Sweetwater! Simply use your computer to load the TonePrints from, or use your iPhone/Android to access them. TC pedals and TonePrints are a staple in my rig, and I hope that you find them just as useful. In the end, what I came away with from this experience was a true appreciation for just how powerful these unassuming little TonePrint pedals are. Check them out!
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