ADJ Dotz TPar System RGB COB Par System w/ Stand

4-in-1 PAR-style LED Lighting Fixture with 1 x 30W Tri-color LED per Head, Tripod Stand, Remote Controls, Carry Bag, and Soft Case
ADJ Dotz TPar System RGB COB Par System w/ Stand image 1
ADJ Dotz TPar System RGB COB Par System w/ Stand image 1
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ADJ Dotz TPar System RGB COB Par System w/ Stand
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Your Complete Portable Lighting Rig

From rock bands to DJs, every show's better with the right lighting. The ADJ Dotz TPar System is one of the easiest ways you can amp up your show with rich and vivid light. At Sweetwater, we believe in helping our customers put together complete systems, which is one of the reasons we're big fans of the Dotz TPar System. For starters, this lighting fixture essentially combines four LED par instruments in one, providing you with incredible bang for the buck. While you can control it via DMX, there Dotz TPar System's automatic/sound-activated patterns provide extremely easy setup, and you can always daisy-chain it with other units to create more elaborate light shows. And best of all, the ADJ Dotz TPar System comes with a stand, remotes, and all the other accessories you need.

ADJ Dotz TPar System LED PAR Lighting Fixture Features:
  • A powerful 4-in-1 PAR lighting system capable of providing a ton of coverage and energy
  • Each PAR-style head features a 30-watt tri-color LED, offering a wide range of vividly colored light
  • Take full control of your show with several DMX control modes
  • Automated/sound-activated programs provide easy setup without DMX
  • Master/slave chaining lets you set up complex light shows with other Dotz TPar Systems
  • RF remote control provides control over 80' away with a clear line of sight
  • Foot controller offers simple hands-free control as well
  • 90-degree lenses offer full coverage, and an included 25-degree conversion kit provides tighter spot lighting
  • Tripod stand included as well as additional hardware for mounting other fixtures above the bar
  • Includes a lighting stand bag and a soft case for the fixture

Tech Specs

Type Par (4-in-1)
DMX 3-pin
DMX Modes 3, 5, 9, 12 and 18 Channels
Sound Active Yes
LED Type Tri-color
Power Consumption 144W max
Height 12.75"
Width 39.5"
Depth 3.25"
Weight 35 lbs. (complete system)
Manufacturer Part Number DOT442

Customer Reviews

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Great light bar

For the money, I believe this is one of the best products of this type on the market. I've been a musician for 40+ years and a concert photographer for the last 10 years. Never ceases to amaze me that the venues I play or photograph shows at won't put out the small amount of money for decent lighting (or bands for that matter). These lights are extremely bright and with the diffuser on the lens puts a nice wash over the stage, unlike the LED style lights.


I've owned, used, and seen 1000's of lighting systems. ABSOLUTE best $400 spent on lights. Complete setup with stand and carrying bags. Fantastic lights. Highly recommended. SUPER fast shipping and THE BEST customer service around.

Hey! Whaz up?!

The lights was awesome! Them people at the dance really like the lights. Two is better than one set of lights. Your my first place company to buy things from you and a good deal on the products. Sincerely, Your biggest fan, Brian D. Pelletier at Raymond RD.
Music background: KEYBOARD/LIGHT MAN


Life is easy! I have used this system only 5 times so far but all 5 times I still am amazed at brightness and quality of the system! I was able to replace 4 of my old par38 four light systems with 2 T-par systems. I place this in the middle between our front monitors for our 5 piece band and shine each light on individual members of the band. Since the stand is black no one seems to mind that in front of and just off center of the drummer so each member is visible completely. VERY bright and nicely saturated colors. Easy to use remote because I am a lead man and can change from static to sound activated for "Hot" sections of songs. I will also be using this system for my DJ / Karaoke shows. If you are running a large show or very large venues you probably would need 4 but for small to medium venues 2 parz system does the job nicely. I link them together with a 3 pin DMX cable and 1 remote runs the show! MY ONLY GRIPE IS THE STAND BAGS SUCK BAD, ZIPPER BROKE AND BAG RIPPED ON SECOND GIG! I would advise a heavy duty dual bag no more that 50 INCHES and less than 47 INCHES LIFE IS EASY!

Excellent System!

Purchased two of these systems for my 5 piece rock/pop band. For years we have used par 64 LED's which contain around 180 10mm LED's each. I've never been completely satisfied with them because they aren't that bright and your audience sees the "lite-brite" effect. They were also big and cumbersome to haul around and set up. Now with the ADJ Dotz TPar systems, we get very bright lighting, no "lite-brite" effect, and a very portable, easy-to-setup system. The band members were immediately impressed with the brightness and color saturation. We actually have to dim them a bit on smaller stages. The build quality seems very adequate, from the lights and stand right down to the foot controller. We use a cheap DMX controller and don't use the foot controller but it appears as solid as the rest of the system. On one particular night, we had to use the little wireless controller that comes with the system and, while not as flexible as using our dmx controller, it still did the job and allowed us to have some control. I really like the quality of the stands. We've bought light stands in the past that were considered heavy-duty but, over time the knobs that allow you to adjust the heights would eventually strip and you can never find replacements. It would be difficult for me to explain how the TPar stands work, but it suffices to say you don't have to "crank down" on the knobs to safely secure the heights and therefore should never strip out. Maximum height is around 9.5 feet. Not to the top of the light bar but, the lights themselves. The light bar has two accessory a/c outlets which has been very handy for us. We use one to power a wireless DMX receiver. For certain gigs, we will use the other outlet to power an effect light. You can mount two extra lights on top of the TPar. The only downside thus far is, if you want full dmx control over each individual light, you will need a controller that has 18 channels. Ours only has 16, but we are still able to achieve the lighting scenes we need. So in closing, we really dig these lights! I'd also like to acknowledge our sales associate, Kurt Martin, for always taking care of us. Thanks Kurt!
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