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Choosing Your Marshall

Five decades of magnificent Marshall tone — and counting! As Marshall hits their 50th year of building some of the hottest, most sought-after amps on the planet, there was never been a better time to be a guitar player. Why? Because today's Marshall amps offer you everything you've ever wanted out of an amplifier, whether it's vintage rock vibe, screaming metal mayhem, smart and stage-friendly operation, or huge tones at studio-approved volume levels. Today, there's a Marshall amp for every player's needs — and you'll find it here at Sweetwater!

Below you'll find an easy guide that helps you find your dream Marshall. We've included a short description of each series, a general sense of when it was designed for, and a short video interview of one of Marshall's amp experts taking us through the ins and outs of each series. You can also view several close-up images of each individual amp and get a whole lot more information by clicking on the Marshall amp links in each series.

When you've decided which amp you'd like to add to your arsenal, or if you have additional questions,
just give us a call at (800) 222-4700, and we'll help you the rest of the way!

  • JVM Series Four blazing channels, three modes per channel — that's like having 12 amps in one! The JVM Series combos and heads take you from pristine cleans to the heaviest distorted tones you've ever experienced. Who is it for? If you're after uncompromising tones (and plenty of them) plus plenty of wattage, then the JVM Series is perfect for you. Perfect for pros, working players, and Marshall-tone enthusiasts.
  • VM Series True to its name, this series gives you the best of both classic and contemporary Marshall tones — plus stageworthy features and rock-solid performance you can depend on. Who is it for? If you love the sound of a fine vintage Marshall but also want to conjure some monster "modded" tones, then these heads and combos make a perfect fit.
  • MHZ Series Super-portable blend of pure tube performance plus onboard effects. Normal and Overdrive channels give you a wide range of great sounds that take you from glassy to roaring, and everything in between. Who is it for? The player who wants true "valve" performance plus the convenience of integrated effects, in a head/cab or combo setup that's easy to take to the gig or rehearsal.
  • Class5 Series King-sized Marshall tones, at studio-friendly volume levels. The incredible (and amazingly affordable) all-tube Class5 is available in both head and combo versions. Who is it for? The player who wants big, warm Marshall tube tones at manageable studio or practice-room sound levels.
  • MA Series All-tube, totally affordable! Each of the incredible MA Series heads and combos comes complete with two independent channels, an effects loop, and even footswitchable reverb. Genuine Marshall, incredible value. Who is it for? MA Series amps make a perfect introduction to all-tube Marshall magic, and they're real performers onstage or in the studio.
  • JMD:1 Series State-of-the-art technology plus a genuine EL34-fired power section equals one of the most formidable Marshall amps you'll ever experience. It's a one-stop shop for virtually any tone you seek, inside one awe-inspiring amplifier! Who is it for? The player who wants it all, from one impressive head or combo. From tones to presets to effects, the JMD:1 is a pro-caliber tone factory!
  • Extension Cabinets The best-quality Baltic birch wood. Nothing compares to Marshall cabinets in terms of awesome tone and projection. Roadworthy and ready for your gig, wherever it takes you. Who is it for? Any player who owns a head and needs a quality cabinet. Also, it's the perfect addition to the combo amp when you need your sound to reach a larger audience.
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