Antelope Audio Zen Studio+

Thunderbolt and USB audio interface with 20 Analog Inputs, 12 Mic Preamps, Onboard FPGA Effects, Multiple Monitor Mixers, ADAT and S/PDIF I/O, and Mac/PC/iOS/Android Control Software
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Antelope Audio Zen Studio+ image 1
Antelope Audio Zen Studio+ image 1
Included with your order
Over 40 Premium Vintage FX from BAE, Grove Hill, Gyraf, Lang, and more - FREE!
Purchase select Antelope Audio interfaces like this one at Sweetwater and receive free Realtime FX from BAE, Grove Hill, Gyraf, Lang, and more when you register your new interface! Antelope's FPGA-based FX are amazing emulations of top shelf vintage gear. The list of effects is steadily growing, and they're included FREE with your order.

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Antelope Audio Zen Studio+
In Stock!

Zen Studio. Plus.

How does Antelope Audio improve on their hugely successful and critically acclaimed portable USB audio interface? For the Zen Studio+, they kept all the great features — the beloved form factor, 20 analog inputs, 12 world-class mic preamps, front-panel instrument jacks, ADAT, their signature clocking, audiophile sound quality, and more — then added fast Thunderbolt connectivity and an ever-growing arsenal of incredible-sounding FPGA-powered hardware-modeled vintage effects. Antelope Audio's Zen Studio+ is a tour-de-force: a versatile, high-end mobile recording solution that transforms wherever you are into a pro studio.

Modeled Vintage EQs, Compressors, and More On-board

Hardware-based modeling of classic gear

Antelope Audio's FPGA technology means Zen Studio+ provides near-zero latency performance and also powers the FPGA effects suite with digital re-creations of beloved classic hardware processors. FPGA enables effects to respond more like hardware compared with many other plug-ins thanks to this powerful processing platform.

Authentic vintage models

Antelope's included FPGA software suite delivers spot-on emulations of vintage processors allowing you to sweeten tracks with Pultec EQ emulations, make vocals shine with the 1073 EQ model designed in partnership with BAE, add life to drums and guitars with the VEQ-55A plug-in, and utilize vintage and contemporary guitar amp and cabinet simulations to create larger-than-life tones. All of these effects processors can be instantiated on any input, output, or DAW track, making Zen Studio+ a powerful virtual effects rack.

Antelope's world-class reverb

AuraVerb is an original reverb processor designed by Antelope's top programmers and is included as part of the Antelope Audio FPGA suite. Because it runs in real time on Antelope's Modeling Engine, you can use it for tracking as well as mixdown with virtually no latency.

More models are on the way

The EQs, compressors, and effects in the Antelope FPGA suite are just the beginning. Antelope's engineers are continuously working on creating new models of classic vintage gear, and you'll be able to add them to your software suite as they become available.

Guitar Amps

  • Burnsphere (DE)
  • Marcus II (US)
  • Overange 120 (UK)
  • Tweed Deluxe
  • Top30
  • Darkface
  • Modern
  • Plexi 59
  • Rock 75
  • Rock 22.10


  • VEQ-55b
  • VEQ-STU 089
  • VEQ-STU 169
  • VEQ-STU 900
  • VEQ HA32C
  • BAE 1023
  • BAE 1084
  • NEU-W492
  • NEU-W495
  • VEQ-4K Series
  • VEQ-4K Black
  • VEQ-4K Brown
  • VEQ-4K Pink
  • VEQ-4K Orange
  • BAE-1073
  • VEQ – 1A
  • VMEQ-5
  • VEQ-55A
  • Lang PEQ2
  • UK-69
  • Parametric EQ


  • X903
  • VCA160
  • Gyraf Gyratec X
  • Tube176
  • Grove Hill Liverpool
  • FET-A76
  • Antelope FeedForward Compressor


  • AuraVerb

Features for the on-the-go working pro

The Zen Studio+ features an onboard Talkback function for quick-and-easy communication between artist, engineer, and producer. Re-amping guitar? You no longer have to tie yourself in knots. Dedicated Re-amp outputs make Zen Studio+ the perfect interface not only for mobile engineers and touring artists, but for professional guitarists as well. Monitor mixes? Antelope's proprietary routing matrix lets you create up to four independent, real-time mixes, assignable to any output, including two independent headphone outputs, or the Line or Monitor outputs.

All-access via desktop and mobile apps

Antelope Audio gives you multiple ways to control Zen Studio+. Their intuitive desktop software for Mac and PC offers customizable presets and flexible signal routing. The iOS/Android apps give you remote control for adjusting Mic Pre gain levels from anywhere in your studio — ideal for checking mic levels right at the source.

Impeccable clocking for sonic perfection

Antelope Audio's acclaimed 4th-generation 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) jitter management is the technology behind the unrivaled clocking accuracy of the Zen Studio+. AFC technology, used in top mastering facilities worldwide, delivers some of the most analog-sounding audio conversion we've heard here at Sweetwater. Expect wide and balanced frequency response, sparkling transients, and vast stereo imaging with an uncanny sense of depth and dimension. This is sonic perfection, Antelope-style, as in their ground-breaking OCX HD and Trinity master clocks.

Antelope Audio Zen Studio+ Features:

  • 12 Class A mic preamps with phantom power 
  • 8 mic/line inputs, 4 mic/line/instrument inputs
  • 2 independently assignable headphone outputs
  • 2 DSUB-25 connectors with 8 channels of I/O
  • Stereo Monitor out
  • 4 ADAT connectors (up to 16 channels of I/O)
  • SP/DIF I/O on RCA connectors
  • Two inserts over TRS
  • 1 Word Clock/LoopSync/Atomic Clock BNC in, 1 Word Clock/LoopSync BNC out
  • 2 Re-Amp outputs
  • 1 high-bandwidth low-latency USB 2.0 port
  • 1 Thunderbolt port
  • Custom FPGA powers multiple monitor mixes and real-time FX processing
  • 4th-generation 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) jitter management
  • Remote software control via Mac/PC/iOS/Android apps

Additional Media

Audio Interface Buying Guide

Tech Specs

Computer Connectivity USB, Thunderbolt 2
Form Factor Desktop
A/D Resolution Up to 24-bit/192kHz
Built In DSP/FX FPGA powered FX library
Number of Preamps 12
Phantom Power 12 channels
Analog Inputs 12 x XLR-1/4" (mic/line, 2 x Hi-Z), 1 x DB-25 (line in)
Analog Outputs 2 x 1/4" (monitor), 1 x DB-25 (line out), 2 x 1/4" (re-amp out)
Digital Inputs 1 x Coax (S/PDIF), 2 x Optical (ADAT)
Digital Outputs 1 x Coax (S/PDIF), 2 x Optical (ADAT)
Headphones 2 x 1/4"
USB 1 x Type B
Clock I/O In/Out
Software iOS/Android Talkback app, OS X/Windows interface app
OS Requirements - Mac OS X 10.9 or later (OS X El Capitan recommended)
OS Requirements - PC Windows 7 or later
Depth 5.7"
Width 16.5"
Height 1.8"
Weight 4.4 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number ZENSTUDIO+

Customer Reviews

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Great Upgrade to an Already Fantastic Interface

I'm an original Zen Studio owner. When I moved to the Zen Studio interface a few years ago from my old Avid interface, it was literally a revelation. It immediately improved my workflow, recording and most important, my mixes. So when I found out Antelope Audio was releasing the Zen Studio+, I pre-ordered the new unit right away. I had thought a few months ago that I might upgrade to the Orion Studio, but I find myself using all 12 on-board pres and the D-Sub inputs frequently, so the Zen Studio+ was going to work best for me. I've had the Zen Studio+ for a few weeks now, and I can say that it is indeed a significant improvement over the previous unit. All the familiar capability is there of course, intuitive routing, an improved control panel. But now there is built-in talkback, reamp outs, thunderbolt, improved FPGA processing and now whole session saves. I've been going back and forth between my Mac Pro and my MacBook, and being able to transfer whole session setups between rigs is very useful. I put the new Zen Studio+ control software on my iPad. Boom! Now I can control gain levels when I'm behind the drums or in the other room. At first, I thought the handle on the Zen Studio was a terrible idea, but if you do any remote recording, the handle becomes second nature, especially when you're grabbing it to put in your back pack like you would your laptop. Its surprisingly light. It makes you wonder how they got all that functionality into such a tiny lightweight box. The mic preamps are excellent. Clean but still have body and warmth. I find them pretty hard to clip, although I would still like to see a pad somewhere in the software for that occasional bashing drummer. Plugging drum mics straight in without a ton of physical patching is wonderful. The Zen Studio+ is a bargain to me since in addition to great conversion and I/O you get 12 world class preamps in one unit. That's about 200 bucks a channel! And if I'm out and about recording remotely, I don't have to drag another rack of gear. The FPGA effects give me all sorts of outboard options. I've been using the VEQ-55A EQ on kick and snare as a default. It sounds and feels like my favorite API EQ. I can't wait to try the FET 176. The FPGA amps and cabinets are equally impressive. I plugged an electric in last week for the first time and fired up the Plexi 59 FPGA. I honestly would be fine with some of the sounds I'm getting from the Zen Studio+ on a recording. I've never said that about any plug-in guitar amp effects, and I've owned a lot of them. That is how good the Antelope Audio FPGA amps are. It just sounds and feels like a guitar plugged into a real amp. I've been very impressed with Antelope Audio's approach to hardware based digital effects. Especially choosing to painstakingly recreate models like the original 176 compressor or Lang EQ. Looking forward to whatever the future brings. Bravo on a great upgrade!
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