Orange VT1000 Valve Tester

Fully-Automatic Tube Tester
Orange VT1000 Valve Tester image 1
Orange VT1000 Valve Tester image 1
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Orange VT1000 Valve Tester
In Stock!

Check Your Tubes!

Never worry about your tubes again with the Orange VT1000 Valve Tester. This compact unit tests 15 different types of power and preamp tubes for multiple issues. The VT1000 performs the tests quickly and accurately letting you know whether the tube is Good, Bad, or Worn. The VT1000 Valve Tester makes checking and matching tubes a simple operation for amateurs and professional guitar shops. One octal and dual 9-pin sockets let you test the most popular and common tubes on the market. Front-panel LEDs clearly display testing results in around two minutes. The CPU-controlled system takes over and gives you all the info you want and need about your tubes. Make sure your amp's tubes are running correctly with the Orange VT1000 Valve Tester!

Orange VT1000 Valve Tester Features:
  • Test your power and preamp tubes any time
  • Easy-to-use design
  • Fully-automatic unit conducts 15 different tests
  • Works with the following power tubes: EL34/6CA7; EL34L; 6L6; 6V6/6V6GTA; KT66; KT77; KT88; 6550; 5881; EL84/6BQ5
  • Works with the following preamp tubes: ECC81/12AT7; ECC82/12AU7; ECC83/12AX7; ECC99; 12BH7
Check and match your tubes with the Orange VT1000 Valve Tester.

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Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number VT1000

Customer Reviews

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Orange VT1000 Valve Tester

This Tube Tester works great. I have had excellent results from the Tube Tester. I test Hammond B3 and Guitar Tubes and it has never failed me yet. Thanks Phil Pots for helping me with this product. Any one that repairs their own Tube Amps and Tube organs should have one of these.
Music background: Professional

Accurate Tube Tester

I tested tubes that had been graded and functionally tested and the VT1000 gave me the same reading. I also tested tubes that I had filed and the VT1000 identify them correctly. This is a most have gear for the Tube Amp enthuse.


It works.I have nothing to check it .It is easy to use.
Music background: at home,therapy

Must have for Tube Junkies

If you are a tube junkie and own a few hundred tubes and NOS tubes, matched quads/pairs or stray singles of power tubes, do yourself a favor and get this unit. Don't ever test tubes in your amp again. Probably one of the coolest investments you can make, unless you have an old analog or high end digital tester. For the money, its a no-brainer.

So far very happy.

I have only tested a few dozen tubes but so far very impressed. It is easy to use understand. Seems very well built. A very handy item. Sweetwater is always great to deal with.
Music background: Hobbyist

Sweetwater Advice

Nate Edwards

We all want more than what we paid for. One of the easiest ways to get exactly that is to upgrade the stock tubes in a modern (or used) tube amplifier with high-end new tubes, or new-old-stock tubes. The only issue is that it's difficult to know exactly what you're dealing with when it comes to tubes. Is the lightly-used GE tube that you bought online really performing to spec? Is it a real issue with your current tubes that's causing weird behavior from your amp? You either have to have a tech check them out, or spend a lot of time learning the ins and outs of vacuum tubes in order to get those answers... ...unless you buy the Orange VT1000 Valve Tester. Rather than delivering results in arcane combinations of letters and numbers, it basically tells you "your EL84 is bad." Now you can take the funky vintage amp you own and mod as much as you want, or upgrade your entry-level tube amp, or get the very most out of your high-dollar boutique rig. Very cool and a must have for connoisseurs of tone.


Many guitar players rely on tube amplifiers to create their tone -- there's just something about the organic sound that glowing tubes make; how they respond to touch; how they break up. Of course, all that wonderful tone is dependent on the quality of the tubes in your amp and their condition. Getting good tubes and knowing when they need to be replaced are the keys to keeping your amp operating at its best. But evaluating the quality or condition of a tube is not easy. In fact, for most guitarists, it's a fairly random thing; when an amp's tone or feel changes, it's time to replace the tubes. Likewise, finding one bad tube in an amp is pretty much trial and error. Until now! With the VT-1000, you can check on the condition of both preamp and power tubes -- just about every variety of tube is supported. Plug it in, insert the tube, press a button or two, and the VT-1000 runs a battery of tests on the tube. A minute or two later, you get an LED read out telling you if the tube is good, worn, or bad. Also, a "matching" number allows you to create matched sets of power tubes and evaluate how well matched the sides of a preamp tube are, which is helpful when deciding the position where the tube will perform best in an amp. How does it work? Like a charm! Not only was I able to quickly and easily check out the tubes in all my amps, but when one of the amps started misbehaving, I was able to immediately tell which tube was at fault (a 12AU7 reverb driver had gone bad). If you're a guitarist using a tube amp, then you need the VT-1000. It takes all the guess work out of choosing and using tubes!
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