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Compact Polyphonic Desktop Synthesizer with 4 voices, 128 Programs, Individual Voice Outputs, Support for up to 16-voice Polyphony, and Mac/PC Editor Software
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Dave Smith Instruments Tetra image 1
Dave Smith Instruments Tetra image 1

Sorry, the Dave Smith Instruments Tetra is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Dave Smith Instruments Tetra
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Insane Polyphonic Analog Synth Sounds - Insanely Affordable!

Heads up, analog synth fanatics: The Tetra is about to shake up your world. This way-cool, way-portable synthesizer from Dave Smith Instruments gives you that unmistakable 100% analog sound, with - get this - four voices. You've got individual outputs for each voice, for uber-flexibility. And if you want to go radical, you can use Tetra's "Combo Mode" to combine four programs into unison or poly "super patches." Cooler yet, you can even poly chain Tetras - or a Prophet '08 - to give yourself up to 16 voices of polyphony.

Tetra gives you the hook up with two oscillators per voice - sawtooth, triangle, saw/triangle, or square with variable pulse width. You've also got three envelope generators per voice and two sub-octave generators per voice, to reign in that sound you're looking for. All-in-all, the compact Tetra is your source for sweet, all-analog synthesized madness, and it's got USB for serious recording/performance workflow integration. The awesomeness becomes clearer when you consider it this way: with this little guy, you've got four of Dave Smith Instruments' wicked little Mophos built into one...at seriously thumbs-up value. Way to go, Dave Smith Instruments. Way to go, Tetra.

Dave Smith Instruments Tetra Compact Analog 4-voice Synthesizer Features at a Glance:
  • Multitimbral 4-voice analog synthesizer
  • 100% analog signal path
  • 2 oscillators per voice (sawtooth, triangle, saw/triangle, square with variable pulse width)
  • With hard sync
  • 1 classic Curtis lowpass filter (switchable 2- or 4-pole) per voice with audio rate
  • Modulation, self-oscillating in 4-pole mode
  • Analog VCAs
  • 3 envelope generators (ADSR plus delay) per voice
  • 2 sub-octave generators (1 octave down and 2 octaves down) per voice
  • Feedback loop per voice with programmable level and gain
  • White noise generator
  • 4 LFOs per voice
  • Gated 16 x 4 step sequencer (1 sequence per program)
  • Arpeggiator
  • Glide (portamento): separate rates per oscillator
  • Fully programmable (free downloadable software editor for Mac OS and Windows)
  • Dimensions of 7.9" L x 5" W x 2.7" H
  • Weight: 1.8 lbs.
  • Ins and outs
  • USB type B receptacle
  • MIDI in, out/thru, and poly chain
  • Audio outputs 1/left, 2/right, 3, and 4: 1/4" unbalanced
  • 1/4" headphone output stereo phone jack
  • Includes power supply for 100V - 240V AC operation and operation manual
The Dave Smith Instruments Tetra analog synthesizer gives you that must-have analog sound, with four voices of polyphony!

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Manufacturer Part Number DSI-1204

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Bart Good

This is the analog synth that I've been waiting for. Why, you may ask? This is the first ever multi-timbral analog synth at this amazing price point. Finally you can play a bass note and chords simultaneously! (4-note polyphony) You'll hear the amazing depth and rich, fat sound that only an analog synth provides. If you've always wanted an analog synth but haven't wanted to spend thousands of dollars to get one, Tetra is for you. I've been playing keyboard for over 20 years now, and after playing the Tetra I can truthfully say I haven't been this inspired by a new piece of gear in a very long time. Get one and I believe you'll soon feel the same way!
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