Korg littleBits Synth Kit

Battery-powered Modular Analog Synthesizer Kit with 12 Magnetically Connectable Modules and Instruction for 10 Complete Projects
Korg littleBits Synth Kit image 1
Korg littleBits Synth Kit image 1

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Korg littleBits Synth Kit
In Stock!

Build Your Own Custom Synths!

When it comes to discovering analog synthesis, there's just nothing quite like getting your hands on a real analog synth. But the littleBits Synth Kit brought to you by Korg takes that hands-on experience to a whole new level. The kit comes as a box full of cool little bare-bones modules (oscillators, a filter, an envelope, etc) that you can snap together magnetically to create your own synthesizer constructions. Even if you don't know the first thing about electronics, the comprehensive 35+ page booklet that comes with the littleBits Synth Kit will take you step by step through 10 amazing projects that will show you the ropes.

Making your own unique synth is a snap with this kit

It all starts with a 9-volt battery and a power source, and from there, putting together your very own custom synth is just a matter of arranging the parts. And you can arrange the modules that come in the littleBits Synth Kit in all kinds of cool ways the synth nuts here at Sweetwater are seriously stoked about. A keyboard module lets you trigger notes, and you get a pair of oscillators you can configure in a variety of ways. A micro sequencer lets you create patterns, and classic filtering and envelope modules let you sculpt your sound. What's more, most of the modules have multiple settings, providing you with endless ways to combine them. And since it connects to the rest of the littleBits modular devices, you can always add more modules to your synth rig.

Korg littleBits Synth Kit Features:
  • A fully modular synthesizer system that makes experimenting with analog synthesis fun
  • Includes 12 modular pieces that snap together magnetically for nearly limitless combination options
  • Kit includes 1 Power, 1 Random, 1 Micro Sequencer, 1 Filter, 1 Mix, 1 Synth Speaker, 2 Oscillators, 1 Keyboard, 1 Envelope, 1 Delay, and 1 Split
  • Build your own custom synthesizer with no engineering knowledge or background in synthesis
  • Includes 35+ page booklet, with step-by-step instructions for 10 great projects like the Keytar and Synth Spin Table
  • Fits into the littleBits modular system, allowing you to add more modules for audio, visual and sensory experiences
  • Ready to use out of the box - 9V battery included
Get totally creative with this littleBits Synth Kit from Korg!

Tech Specs

Sound Engine Type(s) Analog
Height 2.75"
Width 12.25"
Depth 4"
Weight 1.34 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number SYNTHKIT

Customer Reviews

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addictive fun

If you're a fan of synths at all or if you just like to tinker with stuff you need to buy this kit immediately. The filters and oscillators are a bit sensitive and take some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it you'll find yourself experimenting for hours. Would also be a great hands on way of introducing kids to electronic music. I can't wait to get more modules to add to my kit. As always Sweetwater shipped it incredibly fast and handled my purchase with top notch professionalism.
Music background: Freelance professional musician

Fun instrument, great teaching tool

I got this Korg LittleBits Kit as an early birthday gift from my wife about six weeks ago, and I’ve had a great experience.I’ve been teaching music technology for more than 10 years, and this has been so far the best tool for introducing a completely new student to sound synthesis. The flexibility of the modular synthesizer and its physicality lets the student comprehend concepts that otherwise require more time and energy to grasp, (such as signal flow, modulation, phase) without the cost and complexity of a full-fledged modular synth, but retaining its physicality, absent in the great-sounding virtual models of classic analog synths, with an not-at-all-intimidating, playful interface. The ease of connection and colourful modules invite exploration into unusual connections, sonorities, and even musical ideas, way beyond the well-known subtractive synthesis WOW.This kit can produce quite interesting sounds, and it can be part of a live setup, along with ‘pro’ equipment, but don’t expect a classic MS-20 sound, or something like that. I’ve seen reviews of people disappointed because they don’t get a monster vintage modular sound, It's like being disappointed with a nice MP3 player for not being a tens-of-thousand-of-dollars audiophile setup. They’re just barking up the wrong tree.Although I loved this tiny system for the reasons above, there is a little drawback that's big enough to prevent me from giving it a full 5-star score: Many interesting possible and valid circuits are just very difficult or impossible to make with the 12 components included in the kit, because there are not generic wires (not complex circuits, just wires with LittleBits terminals), apart from the split and mixer modules, and you'll have to order them separately.In synthesis (pun intended) this is a fun, inspiring, little synth. If you want to have fun, introduce yourself to sound synthesis —or even music—, get it, you'll be amazed.
Music background: Composer, sound designer, teacher, guitar player.

Great For Synth Lovers

My son's 11th birthday was coming up and I wanted to get him an electronics kit because he was beginning to graduate from Legos. Being the musician that I am, I wanted to steer him in a musical direction. He loves electronic music, so my research led me to the Korg Little Bits. No soldering, real, high quality synth modules, informative and fun manual, 1/8" output jack for headphones (or a PA with the right adapters, which I have), and loads of hands-on learning, even for me. The only negative is I wish I could use AC power from a wall-plug, but whatever. Well worth the joy I see on my son's face! Thanks Korg/Little Bits/Sweetwater!
Music background: Gigging Musician, Recording Artist

Cute, but no more than an over priced toy

I love Korg products and after I bought the new SQ-1 I thought I would get the LittleBits kit since there's a special designated 1/8" plug for it. Once I got it I read the manual, which is really well put together (full of history, humor and various set-ups etc.), started playing with it and was incredibly unimpressed. This kit costs the same as any one of the Korg Volcas and is not even close to being as professional and awesome, it's an over priced toy. The thing that upset me most, however, is that the plug in bit needed to go wth the SQ-1 is sold separately on the littleBit site, same with the mounting boards etc. So the kit is bare minimum then if you want to be at all productive you have to buy a bunch of extras that seem to me to be way to expensive. Also, the kit didn't come with the trademark LittleBits battery so there was a link to get your "free" battery but they hit you with a minimum $8 shipping fee, that's bogus and in bad taste. So take it for what it's worth to you, if I had it to do over I would have put the money towards the MS-20 mini I've been dreaming about.
Music background: Composer

Sweetwater Advice

Steve Ploense

As soon as the Korg LittleBits Synth Kit came out, I picked one up. The manual has diagrams laying out possible signal chains, so getting started was easy. I was able to create music instantly with a slight tweak of the knobs. Once I got started, I couldn't put it down. The speaker that comes with the kit may be small, but it is very loud. This kit is perfect for everyone from analog synth enthusiasts to science and music teachers!
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