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TC Electronic Spark Booster Pedal Reviews

4.5 stars based on 40 customer reviews
Questions about the TC Electronic Spark Booster Pedal?

Questions about the TC Electronic Spark Booster Pedal?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Honoka'a, HI May 18, 2017

    Smooth as Butter

    I used this as just a clean boost after my OD on the mid setting to give my rig a little solo boost. But after I tried putting the Spark into Fat mode and diming the gain, it knocked my other OD off my board without a second thought. Even through my Crush SS amp, this thing sings! There is just enough gain for me, not over the top, but a nice thick rock crunch sound. The active EQ knobs are great for adding some bottom end to a chimey single coil guitars or dialing in a slight treble hump to meaty humbuckers. This is by far my favorite pedal on my board right now for it's versatility, never mind the sound quality that makes my SS roar like a good tube amp and the build quality that would make a bomb shelter jealous. I have a few different TC pedals on my board and I'm always very impressed with their products, but they really knocked it out of the park with this one. I love it and I wouldn't hesitate to get another in a heartbeat if something happened to mine.

  • from March 1, 2017

    All about the Mid Boost

    I bought this pedal to help bring the mids out in my amp. At lower volumes it had always been a little on the dark side, but when I put this in the effects loop, turned down the gain all the way and set the level to just a slight boost and flipped the switch to "mid" everthing changed. It was exactly what I was looking for. I dialed in the treble a little more as well. If your amp doesn't have a presence control but an effects loop, you can basically turn this pedal into a presence control. I can't wait to play around with it in the front of my amp as well.

  • from SURPRISE, AZ February 15, 2017

    My Almost Always on Pedal!

    I run this into the front end of a Fryette Sig:X. The Spark Booster just makes the amp shine even more than it already does. I use mine as a clean boost. It puts a nice "edge" on just about every tone i use this thing just has something special about it. Love it. Cant imagine my pedal board without it.

    Thanks to Aaron Hoff for all your help!

  • from California November 3, 2016Music Background:
    Professional Musician


    I can not say enough about this pedal. I have tried countless so called transparent OD's, amp simulations, Tube this and thats. To me they are all just buzz boxes. I run the gain mostly around 9:00. But around 12:00 things get really hot. Sustain and OD but without the fuzz. Harmonics pop out and long feedback sustains. All uncolored. I love this pedal. Now I can obsess on other things rather than looking for the gain sound in my head I could not find.

  • from An hour south of St. Louis October 18, 2016Music Background:
    Only gigged as a keyboard player, but often played 2nd lead guitar whenever they'd let me.

    Edge of breakup GOLD

    I ended up buying a number of other overdrive pedals (some very expensive), but this Spark Booster is the one that does exactly what I need. I was looking for something to put a little hair on clean guitar patches on my GT-100 to fit in a mix, and that I could just leave on all the time. I use the mode switch set on 'mid', with gain 08:45, level 11:00, bass 09:15, and treble at noon. The guitar is connected to a TC Electronic HyperGravity compressor, then to the Spark, the GT-100, and a pair of PE60s. The Spark gives a beautiful tube sound with the exact right amount of breakup when I hit the strings hard... perfect! Tried it with 4 guitars (humbuckers, split coils, and mini-humbuckers), and the transparent breakup sounds just right with all guitars on every clean patch.

    Decade ago had oh so many tube guitar amps, but nowadays I only play and record at home. Nothing else I've tried comes close to the Spark for that full clean tube-like (6L6) breakup. TC Electronic makes the best pedals that I can afford.

    In closing the Spark Booster is magic, and that's as good as it gets. And thanks again for the help, Philip!

  • from August 11, 2016

    TC Electronic Spark Booster is excellent

    Great pedal. I was looking for a pedal to give a big mid-range boost for my guitars, especially strats, instead of buying one guitar that had the mid-range boost built in. The TC Electronic Spark Booster gives up to 26 db mid boost, which does exactly what I wanted. It also turns out that the Spark does a lot more. It has a switch for fat, clean and mid soudnss It has treble and bass knobs and a gain knob, allowing a wide range of sounds. It also has a true bypass, nice for your pedal board. This pedal is a great addition to my pedalsm and is surprisingly inexpensive for what you get.

  • from Dallas June 28, 2016Music Background:
    Experienced Musician

    Versatile low gain textures

    You can get a lot of different low gain sounds from this. The booster effect is quite strong, but is easily dialed back if you just want to add texture/grit.

  • from Hawaii June 8, 2016Music Background:
    Amateur (for now)

    A Booster Worthy Of Zeus Himself

    This pedal is killer! I was debating on whether or not to get the mini or the regular, and so I decided to go with the regular size so that I could tweak it more for clean boosts for my clean songs, mid boosts for my solos, ad any other boost-related needs I would inevitably have. This pedal is almost like having 3 awesome pedals in one: A boost of course which provides enough boost for even the quietest players, a gain knob for pushing your distorted rhythm tones into white-hot lead guitar screams or for even pushing your clean rig into a light overdrive, and an EQ pedal that can add bass for a rounder, smoother tone or add sparkling highs to give your sound a little shimmer.

  • from Oklahoma City, OK May 10, 2016Music Background:
    wizard of oz

    Second Thoughts - Absolutely Wonderful

    after comparing various boost pedals, some boutique, some stock, some rare, some old and some new, I will have to say that the Spark boost is by far the best one out there. You can have clean gain IF you want but what makes this pedal really neat is the gain knob. You basically have an almost quasi-tube screamer like sound but less grit and crunch still you turn the gain all the way to the right and you got yourself a complete crunch pedal. Also thrown in are bass and treble which are extremely useful and then the volume. I decided that this pedal was superior to the other more boutique type ones because it allows me to either introduce a little grit a lot of grit or no grit but still boost it about 20 dB of clean gain. If you are really confused as to what boost pedal to get, again I highly suggest you go ahead and go with this pedal. After doing my testing, I have found that this is superior.

  • from May 9, 2016

    TC Electronics Spark Booster!

    Tops! I can color my boosted signal any way I'd like.

  • from Pascagoula,MS April 18, 2016Music Background:
    Playing 23 years

    Cool Pedal

    I love this thing. I play through a Mesa Mark 5. I catch myself leaving the spark booster on all the time. I don't need any extra gain, but I can't play at the volume I'd like to, so I use this in front of the amp to get a pushed sound and more harmonic feedback. Also gives a good beginning of overdrive sound.Got it to try out for these purposes, and it delivered 100%. Cool pedal!

  • from Annandale NJ March 1, 2016Music Background:
    40 year player

    Spark, Great pedal

    As always great service from Sweetwater, I play through a rectoverb 25. guitars are a Tele, Strat and a Les Paul. The Fat setting really fattens up the single coil pickups and the eq can put them right where you want them. the clean setting works really good for the humbucker lead tones. Very happy with purchase.

  • from Mooresville, NC January 17, 2016Music Background:
    Student, Hobbyist, Technician

    Worthy of the Hype!

    As the 24 other reviews highlight, this thing is awesome. It just adds that little extra something your signal is missing to create saturated, creamy goodness through your amplifier. I use it as a mid boost at unity gain and it works fantastic. It works awesome in front of my Jekyll and Hyde Overdrive/Distortion as well. It's quickly becoming one of those "always on" pedals on my board because it sounds so good.

  • from shavertown, PA January 17, 2016

    spark booster

    Tc is making some great stuff. I bought the Mojo Mojo and loved it so I thought I would get the spark booster without hearing it first. Its everything the good reviews say. The toggle switch is useful and makes a big difference in sound but I prefer the clean setting. If you already like your sound you will like this pedal.

  • from Kentucky November 18, 2015


    Exactly what I needed. Adds so much to my tone and crunches my amp perfectly. Definitely would recommend to a friend.

  • from November 10, 2015

    Put a little spark in your life.

    The product description is accurate, this isn't a one trick pony. It does clean and it does it well. Very transparent, but it's also super versatile! I LOVE the fat setting. With a quality tube amp and the spark on the fat setting with the gain cranked all the way up you get glorious tone. There's so many other nice uses for this pedal. I've had it for over a year and I don't see myself ever getting rid of it. It's definitely worth checking out.

  • from Galveston, Tx October 26, 2015Music Background:

    Love This Pedal

    This pedal gives everything I could want in a boost pedal. I personally have it first in my signal chain (right behind my tuner). From clean to gritty driven boost, great EQ . I keep it on all the time and just drive the amp a little harder. This pedal was recommended by my Sales Rep Arend Raby and he has NEVER steered me wrong. Great pedal.

  • from October 1, 2015

    Love it

    Love the Spark Booster. Works equally well as a mild volume bumper or as a kick up for solos (making use of the gain knob for that extra grig). Might grab another.

  • from South West, OH May 30, 2015Music Background:
    Guitar player for 20+ years.

    ULTRA CLEAN!!!!!

    If you already have a great sounding tube amplifier, then buy this pedal!!!! It'll blow you away!!!!!

    I've ran it through the front end. I've ran it through the FX loop. It works amazingly well in either position. You can use it to boost leads, fills, or just leave it on all the time.

    I run it in clean boost almost 100% of the time. It adds beautiful warm harmonics on both clean and overdriven tones. It's my favorite pedal by far.

  • from United States February 9, 2015Music Background:
    lots o stuff

    Best Boost Pedal Hands a Down

    Check this out. Got a 1957 reissue 2x12, nine tubes (including two rectifier tubes), special custom speakers 12" each, two channels - bright/normal with presence and treble/bass, 40 watts, hand made and wired, made in Corona, CA, the best amp I've ever had. Well out this TC Electronic Boost pedal - increase the gain you get a little crunch/grit - very nice! Boosts 20 some odd dB so if you have an awesome amp GET this pedal!

  • from Indiana November 1, 2014Music Background:
    live sound, 35 yrs guitar

    Superb !!!

    First off l have tried and returned a lot of boost pedals that claim to be "clean" . This pedal stays clean! You can also make it crunch, or fat, or cut threw. It can handle 4 stacked pedals set to unity or slightly more without over loading the input stage. If your amp doesn't have a master volume, this pedal will hit your preamp section perfectly. Just using this one pedal you can get great guitar mojo. Very inspiring!!! Get it, l love it!!

  • from San Francisco September 24, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Just what I wanted, a cleaner boost for leads.

    A great simple to use pedal that does not change your leads into fuzzy mush. Adds enough distortion if you want it, or keep it clean and loud.

  • from Earth August 5, 2014Music Background:
    20 yr closet guitarist & former Audio Snob

    Best Dumble Pedal Yet!

    Slap this bad boy in between your fav axe and amp, dial in some gain, and dig in!!!

    I have this pushing a Fender Mustang 1 (V1) (that many whine is too digital sounding, blah, blah, blah...) set to Fender Twin model and I get Robben Ford'esque tonage.
    Don't buy into the salad-tosser's who say you can't get good sound unless you have $$$ Tube amps, "Magic" cables, and such.....
    Forget "artistic" endorsemennts from those who are paid to pimp flavor of the month products...
    Steal this Pedal!!!

    Can you Dig it

  • from Dearborn Heights, MI July 1, 2014Music Background:
    Studio musician, hobbyist, student

    B.P.O.A.T (Best Pedal of All-Time)

    The fact that I'm taking time out to write a review tells you something because I never have before. This pedal is insane. The 'CLEAN' mode is just that, very Little Wing-ish and completely transparent! Harmonics pop and your tone from your amp just gets louder and juicier. You can literally hear/feel the tubes getting extremely warm and responsive. The 'FAT' mode gives you slight compression and does just that, fattens up your tone. This mode has more gain on tap and can be used as your only OD pedal if you need. The 'MID' mode is pretty straight forward in the fact that it boosts your mids just like a TS style pedal but much better. I recently did a huge pedal shootout with a Keeley Katana, Spark Mini Booster, Fulltone OCD, Wampler Euphoria, Fulltone Fat Boost, Pigtronix Class A Boost and a JHS Double Barrel. In the end, I kept the Spark Booster and the Euphoria. I leave the Spark Booster on all the time and use the Euphoria as an extra gain stage for an extremely smooth, singing, Dumble-esque tone. Also, as all great pedals do, it responds perfectly to your guitar volume knob. I can't say enough. If you sound good already but want to take your sound and make your guitar sing like none other, give the Spark Booster a shot! You won't regret it.

  • from Orlando, FL May 22, 2014

    Love this pedal!!!

    I have tried a lot of the big names in drive pedals. This is my favorite pedal for boosting.. It's so versatile. It takes your natural tone and gives it more. Almost seems like a compressors, the eq is so versatile, the mid boost will push your amp into a sweet distortion. If you aren't a big fan of your normal tubescreamer type pedals for a boost this one will make you happy!

  • from Georgia March 26, 2014

    Hot little pedal

    Clean, clean, clean boost that can be used alone or as a modifier for other pedals. The Spark changes the dynamics of my pedal board and gives more punch to overdrive and distortion. It's also nice for the gain going into a small tube amp.
    I wouldn't be lost without it but I would be missing some flexibility.

  • from March 20, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Musician

    What I was looking for!!

    This pedal is just exactly what I wanted and mode. The 3 modes are great, I use it in front of my tube amp to spice things up and works great!! I just want to keep it on al the time : )

  • from Bismarck, ND February 17, 2014Music Background:

    Very good pedal

    I bought the pedal with the intent to use it as a volume boost for solos. However, Iíve been keeping it on at all times because it does a great job with enhancing the sound of my amp and the rest of you pedal board.

  • from New York February 7, 2014Music Background:
    Guitarist, songwriter, recordist

    I Dare You Not to Find this Pedal Insanely Useful...

    If you can't find a use for the Spark Booster, you're doing something wrong. It's incredibly versatile, yet incredibly simple. Works equally well (and extremely well) as an end-of-chain, always-on, clean boost to fatten and warm up your clean tone, and as a pre-dirt box lead boost. Clean as a whistle so you'll be getting no real coloration. The Gain knob will fatten things up, or add gain, depending on how your amp is set, and how far you push the knob. You can leave the EQ flat or use it to tweak your guitar signal. Great for adding girth to single coils or un-muddying a humbucker. I really am having trouble deciding where to put it because it excels in every application I've tried it in. The Fat and Mid settings do exactly what you think they do, and they do it well. Though, personally, I leave it on clean, cause that's what I'm after.

  • from Work for it - USA September 13, 2013Music Background:
    Rock Star - on my front porch

    Love this pedal and how Tore says "Spark Booster"

    With a good distortion tone this thing will boost it better and make it versatile. The Fat/Clean/Mid switch is magic. Besides not deminshing my tone... I can tweak the bass and treble, add some grit, and boost or compress the tone by rasing or lowering the volume on the pedal. For these reasons I have two of these white beauties. One pedal for compressed mids and one pedal for a over-the-top fat heavy sound.

  • from The far Northern Calfornia Coast January 13, 2013Music Background:
    ambitious hobbyist

    This is a great tool

    I got this as a promotion by buying 2 other pedals - the Mojomojo and the Corona Chorus. (I also have the Flashback x4). I was quite pleased with the other pedals, and use them in series with my Boss ME-70, and then this arrived. I was not expecting much, based on what I had read.

    So I was really impressed when I plugged this in my pedalboard (I put it in after the other TC pedals and just before the ME-70.) This adds a wonderful crisp, crunchy, but not muddy overdrive to my Strat and Tele that is just delicious. It works so well, that on those 2 guitars I tend to leave it on most of the time. I also use it on my Gibson ES 137, but those humbuckers get muddy with too much OD and so I turn it way down. I power this with a One Spot and also used a battery. I found the battery worked well but made no difference in noise level and so have left it out. This pedal is typical of all gain devices in that it does create noise. (Just like the compression and overdrive on other pedals - no more and no less.) It is worth it however. I really like it.

  • from NC September 28, 2012Music Background:
    Metal, local band, local venues

    Boost it baby!

    This pedal does everything that it says it does! it boost my solos, and boosts my melodies. and anything else that i want to stand out from the mix. i play metal music in a cramp basement and my drummer crashes so loud and between the monitors and other guitars i need a hot knife to cut through some hot METAL butter. i love this pedal: great build, cool looks, durable, and solid. I've seen a lot of complaints about the WHITE indicator light BUT i really like it! its different and very bright, not a problem with it! I'm very excited that the spark booster is around its exactly what i needed on my board. its a must. buy it, love it, GO!

  • from washington State May 12, 2016Music Background:
    Old pro

    Great "utility"pedal

    Awesome boost pedal! Totally transparent in the "clean" mode. However, Gain is not really significant in clean mode, but that's the point right? "Fat" mode is where it's at for single coils & really thickens up the tone of a telecaster or Les Paul with P-90's. "Mid" mode probably works great with "scooped" fender amps, but My EL-84 tube amp is already "mid heavy" so I don't use this setting.
    This is a great pedal & must-have on my board. It doesn't do anything fancy on it;'s own , but paired with a cooking tube amp or another gain pedal, it's great..

  • from May 28, 2015


    Great booster with true by pass!!! Sweetwater had it to my house very fast, as always!

  • from Kansas August 28, 2014Music Background:
    Gigging Musician

    Great Booster Pedal

    I bought this pedal to boost my leads. The day I received it I used it at a live outdoor gig. It performed flawlessly. I like that fact I can add gain to give my leads a little more grit. Excellent note clarity.

  • from Springfield, Ma February 12, 2014Music Background:
    Session/Touring pro.

    Dead Simple Bawls-Box

    Have been using this with my bass rig (MTD into Traynor YBA300 tube head) for over a year and have to say that this is a must have piece of gear. Is dead simple to use, truly transparent and versatile as all get-out.

    Even if only used for the active EQ control - is well worth the money, but it ads just enough compression to push a great amp to the sweet spot without sounding sterile and sits perfectly at the end of a signal chain to even out any odd frequency changes when using multiple pedals.

    Finally, for those bassists using both active and passive instruments it works very well to level out volumes to keep knob tweaking on stage to a minimum. the true-bypass is quiet as a mouse. If you are not using one of these you are simply missing out!using tubes

  • from El Cajon, CA January 3, 2015

    Great Clean Boost; Mediocre Fat/Mid Boost

    This pedal has an excellent clean boost. Perhaps this alone is worth the price of the pedal. Transparent and retains guitar tone. The Mid and Fat do not sound so good.

  • from United States January 16, 2015Music Background:
    30 years of guitar playing/gigging experience.

    On my third one=(

    I must start by saying that I love the way this pedal sounds and I have other TC products that work flawlessly. I am on my TC SP #3 from sweetwater. All three have had faulty switches. Sweetwater has been great about dealing with these issues, but I'm terribly frustrated with the situation.

  • from January 20, 2016

    To AM sound

    Booster sounds to AM sound. It changed the sound of the guitar. It is constructed good but I am looking for another booster.

  • from Nashville, Tennessee USA January 27, 2014Music Background:

    Spark Booster

    A total bust. Nothing useful here from a musical point of view. After 49 years of playing the most useless effect I have ever bought.

    I bought this, a Corona Chorus and Flashback delay. According to the advertising, if you bought two effects, you would receive a free mini tuner. I have not seen or heard anything about a delivery of such tuner, or have I received any info about ever getting this piece. Very disappointed in all three.

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