Alesis SampleRack Percussion Module

Rackmount Drum Controller with 8 Dual-zone Pad Inputs Plus Kick and Hi-hat Pedal Inputs, USB Connectivity, MIDI I/O, 200+ Samples, and SD Slot for Expansion
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Alesis SampleRack Percussion Module image 1
Alesis SampleRack Percussion Module image 1
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Alesis SampleRack Percussion Module
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The Heart of Your Next Electronic Percussion Kit!

If you're putting an electronic drum or percussion kit together from scratch, then the Alesis SampleRack percussion controller and sample player is an ideal place to start. Its extensive trigger input matrix lets you hook up eight dual-zone drum pads plus a hi-hat pedal and a kick drum pedal. You won't have to look far for amazing drum and percussion sounds. There are over 200 top-notch sounds onboard to get you started, but you can easily load your own samples on an SD card (up to 32GB cards supported) and create your own custom kits. What's more, extensive connections make integrating your Alesis SampleRack into the rest of your rig easy.

Alesis SampleRack Electronic Percussion Controller at a Glance:
  • Enough trigger inputs for your entire electronic drum kit
  • Expand your sound collection with built-in SD storage
  • Integrate your samples into any music creation rig
Enough trigger inputs for your entire electronic drum kit

Upgrade an existing electronic drum kit or build one from scratch with the Alesis SampleRack. This extremely flexible drum controller offers inputs for eight independent drum pads, each of which supports dual-zone triggering for 16 distinct sample triggers plus a kick pedal input. The hi-hat pedal input lets you choose between continuously variable or on/off switch control, making it universally compatible. Whether you're connecting the pads from the electronic kit you already own, taking triggers off of your acoustic drums, or cobbling a kit together from scratch, the Alesis SampleRack is the perfect place to start.

Expand your sound collection with built-in SD storage

The SampleRack comes with a solid collection of over 200 totally playable drum, cymbal, and assorted percussion sounds, which you can arrange as you like into dozens of drum kits You even have control over each sound's key attributes, such as pitch, panning, and even reverb. Cooler still, the SampleRack supports up to 32GB SD card media, allowing you to load up a world of your own custom sounds. By the way, if you need help picking out cool sounds or an SD card, just call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer. Once your sounds are loaded up, it's easy to set up totally unique kits that play the way you want them to, thanks to the SampleRack's simple controls.

Integrate your samples into any music creation rig

Whether you're using it to trigger sounds to trigger MIDI in the studio or taking it onstage where you can use it to fire off loops and sequences from your drum kit, the connection options onboard the SampleRack make setup easy. A single USB connection is all you need to send audio and MIDI between your SampleRack and your computer, making it incredibly easy to integrate with your favorite DAW or sample program. Traditional 1/4" outs combined with MIDI I/O accommodate nearly any other kind of rig out there, but the kicker is the combination of a headphone output with a stereo aux input, which let you rock out to backing tracks, without bugging your neighbors.

Alesis SampleRack Electronic Percussion Controller Features:
  • A versatile drum controller that's a perfect centerpiece for your electronic kit
  • Set of 8 dual-zone pad inputs let you hook up enough pads for a full-size kit
  • Kick and hi-hat inputs provide full support for a wide range of pedal controllers
  • Comes loaded with 200+ internal sounds and 10 ready-to-play drum kits
  • Load up your own sounds and kits on external SD card media (SD cards not included)
  • Save up to 512 sounds and 20 kits on SD cards up to 32GB in capacity
  • USB port provides total computer connectivity for MIDI and audio
  • Headphone output and aux input make private practice quiet and fun
Build your electronic percussion rig around an Alesis SampleRack!

Tech Specs

Pads 8
Analog Inputs 1 x 1/8"
Analog Outputs 3 x 1/4"
Manufacturer Part Number SampleRack

Customer Reviews

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I have electronic drum modules from Roland, Yamaha and Alesis (DM10), and without a doubt I have the most FUN with the Alesis SampleRack. I use this as a module for a complete electronic drum setup I have. No acoustic/hybrid thing going on. I love being able to see all the parameters and settings on one screen, and it's super easy to navigate. The module comes with a very limited amount of sounds and samples, but you can download a lot more for free from the Alesis website (SD Card required). The best feature is the ability to import your own .wav files. I've imported my custom Addictive Drums 2 drum set via SD Card into the SampleRack, and it sounds amazing! I've been waiting for a module to do this for a very long time. I no longer need my MacBook to trigger Addictive Drums 2 while playing live! The price of this module is very reasonable for the features and capabilities it provides. Additionally, you could buy two or three of these and have 30+ dual zone trigger inputs for less than what one of the other companies' modules would cost. Great features, great construction and great price! If you're looking for a relatively cheap, fully functional drum module with modern I/O, this is what you want.

Alesis really dropped the ball...

Let me start out by saying I used to own an alesis dm5 pro kit for 7 plus years and it never failed me... So when I decided to convert my acoustic tama metro jam kit over to electric I figured this guy would be perfect. I was very wrong... The brain gets really bogged down after you start playing the full kit (3 or more triggers at once) and cannot handle faster double pedal work or heel toe beats. I tried every setting available and was extremely disappointed to learn that there was no threshold or crosstalk option which is essential to triggering drums. My old old DM5 module had every setting under the sun and this one had maybe three settings that "kinda helped". I stuffed my bass drum and tightened the batter head. That seemed to help quite a bit but she still wouldn't fire in the faster tempos under highest sensitivity. Don't even get me started on trying to play the snare drum... i use high end roland triggers for the snare and kick. Ddrum redshot triggers for the Tom's, and alesis cymbal triggers. My shells are fitted with remo silent strokes. I hooked up my friends Roland TD-11 brain and everything was 1,000 times better. And after I tweaked the trigger settings it was all perfect. I guess it's true that you get what you pay for...

Doesn't fit in a rack. Cheap junk

Well, it seems to be an Akai mpx8 repackaged in a rack that doesn't fit in a 19" rack. It's 19." from Alesis specs. TOO WIDE for my standard 19" racks. So, your only option is to trim the sides to fit? HOW DOES this even happen now? Everything I had from real "Alesis" was always great for the price. This is a joke, I assume it's meant for high school band, as it only shows you attaching it to an amped speaker. + + has a head phone out and an in. With wobbly knobs and and wobbly jacks, this will die soon. It's a horrid os they dug up from the '80s with 8 character names for sounds and only flimsy push buttons to navigate. Too long to load samples. The D4 from the early '90s was decades ahead and 1000+x better quality. This is a joke, which is sad, it seemed so great for the $160, alas it's not worth that. I wish someone would do a similar sampler like this, this is an insult, it is junk.


**** this sample rack its ******** i bought like 5 pairs of professional ear monitors and i plunged them into the ear jack and then took them out to use them on my phone and only one side or the earphones worked... **** tis sample rack

Alesis Sample Rack

The D4 is Still the best drum module they ever came up with. Extremely disappointed. No fault of Sweetwater's. They delivered next day just like my Gear Broker always has!!!
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