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Boss ST-2 Power Stack Overdrive Pedal Reviews

4.0 stars based on 11 customer reviews
Questions about the Boss ST-2 Power Stack Overdrive Pedal?

Questions about the Boss ST-2 Power Stack Overdrive Pedal?

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  • Koko
    from February 2, 2017

    Excelente pedal

    Después de probar una gran cantidad de pedales de distorsión el ST 2 es lo que siempre busqué.

  • Royce Moreland
    from Grand Island, Fla February 12, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Boss Power Stack Rocks

    I have tried numerous distortion pedals. After listening to some YouTube demos . I was sold. When I received the pedal and tried the different settings . I knew , I had made the right choice. It really does have a nice amp sounding overdrive. You can hear the notes pronounced individually at all settings. You can get a nice crunch for blues to that rocking saturation. Highly recommend this pedal. You want be disappointed.

  • Joe
    from Astoria,N.Y. December 31, 2012

    Marshall in a box

    Awesome box , gives that classic sound and then some....

  • Mtm105
    from NW NJ January 4, 2017Music Background:
    Experienced has been nobody

    Good effect

    I like it. Took me a while. I play obscene amount of cascading OD at low volume. It adds brilliant tube-like character to a flat sound. Better than BOSS Bassman, I think.

  • Customer
    from September 26, 2011

    boss st2

    Just what I was looking for,great when doing chord work.

  • Hans Haskell
    from Upstate, SC November 29, 2010Music Background:
    musician, producer

    Works for me!

    I needed an inexpensive distortion pedal that would give me some flexibility and a thick, rich power-soaked stack tone. This unit does the trick, although things can get a bit noisy with the 'sound' knob turned all the way up. This knob behaves like a gain knob in some ways although it's marketed as the knob that allows you to dial in amp flavors.

    Real amps also get noisy when you turn up the gain, so don't let that dissuade you from giving one of these a try. I love it for how it gives me that big monster sound from a fairly small amp. Play with one and see if you like it. Personally, I have not found anything better at anywhere near the price.

  • Michael McFarland
    from North East PA July 11, 2016Music Background:
    practicing. practice. practice 3 decades.

    Cascading OD

    It depends how you have your board set up. I didn't like at first. Now I've grown to love. I have at end of effects chain with Cascading OD. It's noisy and gives my OD a fat sound you try to squeeze from higher powered amps. I have several boxes I mix around with. I do not like digital Amp sims. Waste of time. This box is similar to BOSS ME-50 stack selection. I don't like it on ME-50, but the box is OK. Treble has a very good sweep to calm things down.

  • Jeff H
    from Twin Cities, MN November 29, 2012Music Background:

    Solid Modeling Pedal with some minor voicing problems

    I struggled with what score to give the Power Stack, but am ultimately giving it 4 stars. I love the concept of a "Marshall-in-a-box" modeling pedal - it's a popular trend among boutique designers right now, and BOSS offers a good one at under $100.

    But there were just a few problems with it that ultimately led me to sell it for something else. First, unlike the excellent BC-2 Combo Drive, the Power Stack really doesn't do clean tones. I suppose you could turn it to Crunch and back off the guitar volume, but that's not really the point. In that sense, it's more of a specialty overdrive pedal, as oppose to a true model of a Marshall cabinet.

    Also, while I liked the 2 band EQ, the lack of a "mids" control is a major problem. I guess you could describe the mids as "scooped", but it sounds like a wah pedal fixed at an awkward position, and you can't change that. It's subjective, for sure, but you'll either like the voicing of this pedal or you wont.

    Finally, some of the higher gain settings were unusable due to feedback. Even with noise suppression, I had trouble going past 2 o' clock on the Sound knob.

    With the right setup, I think this could be an excellent pedal for some people, but it didn't work out for me. For Plexi tones, check out the Wampler Plexi Drive. For higher gain "JCM" Marshall sounds, try the MI Audio Crunchbox.

  • Henry Polombo
    from Tallahassee,Fla USA November 22, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Thanks Boss

    Moving your 4x12 cabs and your heavey amps three to five times a week can start to wear on you. I needed to down size my rig without compromizing my sound! I was suprized to find it would give me my british rythym sound, british lead sound, american rythym sound, and american lead sound with all the sustain that you could ever want!! The power stack also responds to your picking dynamics like a real tube amp.Now i have a choice, Big rig, little rig,same sound, Thanks Boss, now i can enjoy playing music more.

  • Neil Kraft
    from NW Ohio March 19, 2013Music Background:
    bar band

    Classic Rock Pedal

    This pedal is replacing my Boss Blues Driver. To my ears the power stack pedal is a blues driver on sterroids. I set everything at 12 oclock and pretty happy with the results, better tone than the blues driver set to full gain. I would like to give this pedal 5 stars but its a bit hissy at performance volume and turning it up full bore ultra makes the amp squeel. Hoping for a mod to fix that.

  • Dr. Rex Masters
    from SLC. February 24, 2013Music Background:
    35Yrs exp. and many degree's

    Good but limited

    I expected more. With all the hype about Boss pedals being the proa's choice. They are not that well made. I tried it on several amps from Marshall plexi's to Laney AOR and lionhearts. It seemed to work the best on lower end solid state amps. Yes it does kind of give you that "stack" sound. However there are better pedals out there.

Questions about the Boss ST-2 Power Stack Overdrive Pedal?

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