Antelope Audio Orion Studio 32x32 Thunderbolt/USB Audio Interface

32-in/32-out Thunderbolt/USB Audio Interface with 12 Mic Preamps, Onboard FPGA FX, 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking, and Mastering-grade A/B Monitor Outputs
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Antelope Audio Orion Studio 32x32 Thunderbolt/USB Audio Interface image 1
Antelope Audio Orion Studio 32x32 Thunderbolt/USB Audio Interface image 1
Included with your order
Over 40 Premium Vintage FX from BAE, Grove Hill, Gyraf, Lang, and more - FREE!
Purchase select Antelope Audio interfaces like this one at Sweetwater and receive free Realtime FX from BAE, Grove Hill, Gyraf, Lang, and more when you register your new interface! Antelope's FPGA-based FX are amazing emulations of top shelf vintage gear. The list of effects is steadily growing, and they're included FREE with your order.
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Antelope Audio Orion Studio 32x32 Thunderbolt/USB Audio Interface
In Stock!

Powerful Interface with Hardware-based FPGA FX

Antelope Audio took the best features of their acclaimed Zen Studio and Orion and combined them to make the Orion Studio. They enhanced the signal path integrity, expanded the feature set, and loaded it all in a sleek 1U chassis. The cutting-edge Orion Studio interface/converter boasts Antelope's powerful Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) latency-free modeling engine that powers an arsenal of effects, including models of vintage EQ, compression, amplifiers, and more. Antelope's Thunderbolt circuit delivers vanishingly low latency without defeating Mac OS power management, which keeps computer fan noise low in recording situations. It's a comprehensive interface and processing solution for studio or mobile use, perfect for a wide range of recording and mixing applications.

Modeled Vintage EQs, Compressors, and More Onboard

Hardware-based emulations of classic processors

Antelope Audio's FPGA technology allows Orion Studio near-zero latency performance and also powers the FPGA effects suite with digital re-creations of classic hardware processors. FPGA effects respond more like hardware compared with many other plug-ins thanks to this powerful processing platform.

Authentic vintage models

Antelope's included FPGA suite delivers spot-on emulations of vintage processors. Sweeten tracks with Pultec EQ emulations, make vocals shine with the 1073 EQ model designed in partnership with BAE, add life to drums and guitars with the VEQ-55A plug-in, and utilize vintage and contemporary guitar amp and cabinet simulations to create larger-than-life tones. All of these effects processors can be instantiated on any input, output, or DAW track, making Orion Studio a powerful virtual effects rack.

Antelope's world-class reverb

Part of the Antelope Audio FPGA suite is AuraVerb, an original reverb processor designed by Antelope's top programmers. And because it runs in real time on Antelope's Modeling Engine, you can use it for tracking as well as mixdown with virtually no latency.

More models are on the way

The EQs, compressors, and effects in the Antelope FPGA suite are just the beginning. Antelope's engineers are continuously working on creating new models of classic vintage gear, and for now, you'll be able to add them to your software suite as they become available.

Guitar Amps

  • Burnsphere (DE)
  • Marcus II (US)
  • Overange 120 (UK)
  • Tweed Deluxe
  • Top30
  • Darkface
  • Modern
  • Plexi 59
  • Rock 75
  • Rock 22.10


  • VEQ-STU 089
  • VEQ-STU 169
  • VEQ-STU 900
  • VEQ HA32C
  • BAE 1023
  • BAE 1084
  • NEU-W492
  • NEU-W495
  • VEQ-4K Series
  • VEQ-4K Black
  • VEQ-4K Brown
  • VEQ-4K Pink
  • VEQ-4K Orange
  • BAE-1073
  • VEQ – 1A
  • VMEQ-5
  • VEQ-55A
  • Lang PEQ2
  • UK-69
  • Parametric EQ
  • VEQ-55B


  • X903
  • VCA160
  • Gyraf Gyratec X
  • Tube176
  • Grove Hill Liverpool
  • FET-A76
  • Antelope FeedForward Compressor


  • AuraVerb

Enough I/O to Track a Full Band

Loads of input and output options

Orion Studio features 12 high-end microphone preamps, 16 analog outputs, a duo of mastering-grade monitor outs, two hardware inserts, two Reamp outputs, and a talkback mic, all in a single 1U chassis. If you're looking for maximum connectivity in minimal space, Orion Studio has what you need.

Thunderbolt, USB, and more

The Antelope Audio Orion Studio utilizes Thunderbolt or USB to connect with Mac and Windows computers. You have a ton of flexibility to connect with multiple digital formats, including ADAT and S/PDIF.

Acclaimed clocking and conversion technology

Antelope's 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) jitter-management technology, used in top mastering facilities worldwide, delivers some of the most analog-sounding audio conversion we've heard here at Sweetwater. Expect vast stereo imaging, wide and balanced frequency response, and an uncanny sense of depth and dimension.

Everything You Need for an Efficient Workflow

Seamless integration with your studio

Orion Studio features two monitor outs with front-panel A/B switching for reference. Digital expansion and synchronization are offered by ADAT, S/PDIF, and Word Clock I/O.

Realistic vintage processing effects

Emulations of vintage Pultec EQs, the classic 1073 EQ model created with BAE, the VEQ-55A EQ, and the AuraVerb reverb are just some of the effects that come standard in Antelope's included FPGA suite. Apply them to any inputs or outputs you like, perfect for sweetening tracks on the way in and for providing artists stellar headphone mixes. You can even use these effects to process tracks in your DAW.

Advanced remote apps

Apps for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android control Antelope Audio interfaces remotely from any device on your network. You'll have full control over Orion Studio's audio routing, built-in FPGA processing, input/output metering, and more. Plus, you can run the app simultaneously on multiple devices/operating systems (PC, Mac, iOS, Android) and have them all control one interface at the same time.

Ready for Guitars, Drums, and Practically Any Other Application

Capture epic guitar tones, direct

Orion Studio's clean front end with zero-latency monitoring and Overloud amp modeling give guitar and bass players access to great recorded tones without requiring an amp and mic. If you decide later that you want to mic up a real amplifier, Orion Studio's two transformer-based Reamp outputs make it easy to run direct tracks from your DAW to a guitar amp without requiring additional reamping devices.

Enough preamps to track a full band

A console's worth of mic preamps and inputs equip Orion Studio for real-world recording applications. It's an ideal interface for tracking high channel counts without requiring multiple racks full of preamps and processors.

Impressively rugged build quality

As with all Antelope gear, the company's usual tour-grade build quality is evident throughout Orion Studio's rackmount chassis.

Antelope Audio Orion Studio Features:

  • Pro Guitar Interface A clean front end with zero-latency monitoring and Overloud amp modeling give guitar and bass players access to great recorded tones without the amp and the mic.
  • Most Mic/Line Channels Multiple mic preamps and line/DI inputs equip the Orion Studio for many real-world recording applications: drums, full bands/orchestras, etc.
  • Lowest Latency Thunderbolt's unmatched round-trip speed reduces latency to imperceptible amounts. The result is a near-analog recording experience for both the producer and the artist.
  • Advanced Remote Apps Apps for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android control Antelope Audio interfaces remotely from any device on your network.
  • World-class Clocking Any product worthy of the Antelope Audio name must have exceptional clocking. Extremely low jitter gives this unit Antelope's vivid depth and three-dimensionality.
  • Realistic Vintage Effects Hardware-based Pultec-style EQ and AuraVerb reverb are just some of the effects that come standard in Antelope's included FPGA suite.

  • 12 high-end mic preamps with phantom power; 16 analog outputs
  • FPGA latency-free modeling engine powers modeled vintage EQs, compressors, reverbs, and more
  • 2 mastering-quality Monitor Outputs with A/B switching and DACs with 129dB dynamic range
  • 2 headphone outs
  • 2 reamp outs
  • Integrated talkback microphone and headphone routing
  • Antelope's superior AFC jitter-management technology
  • Color coded software-based routing matrix with 4 independent mixers
  • Smart integration of FPGA effects
  • Thunderbolt and USB connectivity
  • ADAT optical I/O (x 2)
  • S/PDIF I/O
  • Word clock I/O

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Antelope Audio Orion Studio Demo by Sweetwater
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Tech Specs

Computer Connectivity Thunderbolt (Mac Only), USB
Form Factor Rackmount
Simultaneous I/O 32 x 32
A/D Resolution 24-bit/192kHz (max)
Number of Preamps 12
Phantom Power Yes
Analog Inputs 12 x XLR-1/4" combo, 2 x 1/4" TRS inserts
Analog Outputs 4 x 1/4" (monitor A, monitor B stereo outs), 2 x 1/4" (headphones), 2 x 1/4" (direct outs), 2 x DB-25
Digital Inputs 1 x S/PDIF, 2 x Optical ADAT
Digital Outputs 1 x S/PDIF, 2 x Optical ADAT
Clock I/O 1 x BNC in, 1 x BNC out
Rack Spaces 1U
Manufacturer Part Number Orion Studio

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
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Incredible Potable Audio Interface

The Orion is without doubt one of the most flexible and best features interface I have seen. The idea of the complete digital studio in the box is something odd holy grail for the manufacturers of audio interface. So, DSP side of the system has a compressor, emulations of Pultec mid and full range EQs, a reverb and three guitar amp emulations. These amps are based around a Vox AC30, a Blackface Fender and a modern Hi Gain (think Boogie). The Pultecs are excellent and in tandem give you a great full range EQ. The compressor is powerful and quite coloured so it may not suit every application but, what it does, it does very well. The Amp emulations are also very good. They don't sound particularly digital and, despite there only being three of them, they cover the full range of warm and clean through crunch and wild distortion. Furthermore, quality of the mic pres and convertors is excellent as you would expect from a company with Antelope's reputation. As with any piece of complex gear you are going to have to spend time to figure out how to get the best from it, but as the centrepiece of a music production system it will give you all the flexibility you need.


After having a rocky start with the Orion Studio. All seems to be well. My problems with the Orion have all been routing issues and the other issue was fixed after a factory reset. After the updates, you must factory reset the Orion Studio. (PLEASE REMEMBER TO SAVE YOUR SETTINGS AS PRESETS.) Despite the rocky start, what the Orion brings to the table in sound is amazing. If something is wrong in a mix, you will hear it! Also, since I had to call customer support, I was forced to learn more of what the Orion has to offer. I was so impressed, I will be getting second display just for the Orion’s routing. I am looking forward to the new plugins on the software mixer as well. Last, but not least, any company that has 4 or 5 guys from tech. support reach out to you on a Sunday, deserves 10 stars. That proves they stand behind their product. Thanks once again Antelope Audio (Marcel) and Sweetwater (Dave Brow) and their teams for the excellent customer service.
Music background: Recording & Mix Engineer


Much better than my Apollo 16 no other interface has that manny thing an sounds so good... loving it with s Dangerous Music 2-Buss+

Best sounding all-in-one audio interface in the market!!

Firs of all having an interface with all this specs in a single rack space is completely rare! I divided my review in several parts for better understanding Front panel : Front panel design is slick and minimal with almost all of you need for controlling the device even without the control panel software. LCD Screen could be a little larger but certainly does the job. talk back mic quality is good and the news about releasing the ios and android app with the ability to use phone/tablet microphone as talk back device really gives hope :-) Preamp : There are actually 12 studio quality mic preamp in this section , really clean with a bit of analog warmth , good for any microphone that I've tested from sm57 to Neumann m149 Converters : I used 16 output in d-sup connectors for analog summing with rupert neve 5059 sattelite and the result was stunning specially with Antelope audio Pure2 as a return 2-channels converter. DSP : the DSP section with reverb,EQ and compressor for all input and output is very handy specially the AuraVerb Quality is more than you expect from such a device. and there is a rumor about releasing overloud guitar effects in the next firmware upgrade! Monitor section : the monitor section has the respectable 127db dynamic range and really could challenge your speaker monitors. there is even a monitor switcher for controlling tow pair of speaker monitors Power management : when I attach the power cable for the first time I noticed the device is always on in power-saving/stand-by mode and at the first time it was odd but after two weeks I have to say it is a very useful capability because you do not have to power on/off the interface several times for power saving or protecting the device from over heating Software mixer : Software mixer is very easy to use with familiar drag and drop feature in the routing section with beautiful color for each section. Connectivity : I use PC in my studio and I have to say the latency is very low for the USB audio Interface actually the lowest latency USB driver that I've ever seen. I have not used the thunderbolt yet. but I tested it in my friend's mac book pro and it showed a slightly better values. Support : Antelope support team are so friendly and they answer all of my phone calls and emails with respect and detailed information about the their products. I think this ambitious antelope wants to soar highs and certainly this would be a huge step !
Music background: Singer, Piano Player, Sound Engineer

This is "The Real Deal" when it comes to Pro Audio

I am glad I went for this unit. I contemplated for months what interface I should get and the fact that this too supported USB for Windows was one of the "tippers". You don't get to hear it until you hear it, until it's right in front of you, but I think I created my most pro sounding mix ever. The sonic clarity, the musical-ness and richness of the sound, and depth. Not obtainable in most interfaces I've used and I've used a lot. One thing I did notice, with the Orion Studio, is that I had to spend much more time honing in the right sound on my analog equipment, which resulted in a much more organic/detailed placement in the mix; trust me when I say, you'll hate everything about your microphoned sources, guitar and bass sounds until you figure out that they were improperly configured before. That's just me. There are better ears out there and better producers and mixers. It took me a while to examine my chains and make some of the adjustments, but the results were staggering. You can't go wrong with this interface. I do not like the software mixers routing panel. I nearly lost my mind trying to figure out how to use it. And it did lock up once while connected to Windows when it was upgrading the panel and firmware from 1.06 to latest. I had to connect to another computer (lucky I had one). There are no cons really, except that routing panel, and that one updating experience, but that's not enough to dent the stars. So many features, very nice detailed sound, and I like that there are hardware inserts available. Few interfaces have 'em and it's been on my wish-list for an interface for a decade.
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