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Chandler Limited Little Devil Equalizer Reviews

5.0 stars based on 2 customer reviews
Questions about the Chandler Limited Little Devil Equalizer?

Questions about the Chandler Limited Little Devil Equalizer?

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  • Stuart Niven

    Wow! Just having this EQ in-line with everything flat, imparts the sound of the Chandler transformers, instantly adding that magic oomph to the track! The Devil EQs are super thick and warm, by far the fattest sounding EQ I have ever heard.

  • from New York, NY December 12, 2013Music Background:
    Audio Engineer and Music Producer

    A very impressive EQ

    The Little Devil is a very high quality EQ and delivers excellent results. It has very musical and sweet presence and mid boosts and though the bass and treble controls are somewhat limited in frequency choices they deliver fatness and smooth crispness with ease. The sound of the inductor midrange bands is delicious and just dripping with flavor and vibe. Everything sounds better with this EQ on it. This is not a surgical problem solver, rather it is a beautiful sweetener and enhancer.

  • from Louisville, KY January 11, 2012Music Background:
    Recording engineer, mixer, drummer

    I sold my soul and I couldn't be happier!

    Seriously, these may be the best thing I have ever bought for my studio. The amount of mojo you get just running signal through these is insane.

    Definitely very colored eq, but in the best possible way. Even very small adjustments make a huge difference and even though they are basically console EQ strips, I have been using them on the 2-buss and its amazing the amount of sweetening they bring to the table. For tracking individual instruments they also rule.

    My only complaint at all would be the small gain knobs don't feel very solid and are not stepped, BUT that is a lot to ask in a 500 series format that has this much flexibility at this price.

    Overall extremely happy, only downside at all is that they make my console eq which I have always loved (soundcraft ghost) feel pretty inferior. Highly recommend them for anyone looking for a quality, flexible, mojo adding eq.

    PS. I spoke to Wade at Chandler before buying them and after and he was incredibly honest and cool to deal with.

Questions about the Chandler Limited Little Devil Equalizer?

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