Electro-Harmonix Lester-K Stereo Rotary Speaker Pedal

Rotary Speaker Pedal with Speed and Drive Controls and Speed/Brake Switch Plus Buffered Bypass
Electro-Harmonix Lester-K Stereo Rotary Speaker Pedal image 1
Electro-Harmonix Lester-K Stereo Rotary Speaker Pedal image 1
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Electro-Harmonix Lester-K Stereo Rotary Speaker Pedal
In Stock!

Variable-speed Leslie Sounds from a Pedal

Guitarists and keyboardists know that nothing beats a Leslie rotary speaker for smooth, swirling stereo chorus. The Electro-Harmonix Lester-K pedal re-creates the classic Leslie sound in pedal form with two adjustable speeds controlled by a footswitch to move between fast and slow textures without tying up your hands. The Lester-K's drive control adds B-3 guts and grit to your sound, while a balance control, which simulates the balance between a Leslie's horn and bass speaker, helps smooth out your tone. True stereo ins/outs and a stage-ready metal chassis make the Lester-K a great option for keyboardists wanting to add stereo textures to live work and ear-to-ear effects to recordings.

Electro-Harmonix Lester-K Rotary Speaker Pedal at a Glance:
  • Lush, stereo rotary speaker emulation for keyboardists
  • Vary speeds via footswitch to keep things interesting
  • Momentarily pause speaker effects without changing tones
Lush, stereo rotary speaker emulation for keyboardists

From classic rock organ tones to dramatic guitar textures, the Electro-Harmonix Lester-K delivers in spades. EHX's faithful homage to the Leslie sound adds an instantly recognizable vibe to chords and leads, while its variable speeds, drive circuit, and balance control offer new tonal options for any style of music. Sweetwater keyboardists appreciate the Lester-K's stageworthy build, which features a metal chassis for durability underfoot and a buffered bypass for long cable runs out to the soundboard.

Vary speeds via footswitch to keep things interesting

Variable speed is part of what separates the EHX Lester-K from other rotary speaker emulators. Players can set slow and fast speeds and toggle between them with a single footswitch for the dramatic, roaming textures Leslies are known for.

Momentarily pause speaker effects without changing tones

The Lester-K has a traditional bypass switch for when you want to kill it completely. It also features a brake switch for when you want to keep your drive and tone settings without the speaker effects - great for guitar solos and subtle keyboard pads. This is just another way the Lester-K lets you add real humanized movement to your tone to keep your audience interested.

Electro-Harmonix Lester-K Rotary Speaker Pedal Features:
  • The Leslie speaker sound in pedal form
  • A rock 'n' roll staple
  • Adds smooth, swirling chorus to chords and leads
  • 2 speeds with fine adjustment and acceleration control
  • Vary speeds and pause speaker effects via footswitch
  • Drive control adds grit to organ and guitar tones
  • Balance (tone) knob delivers cutting rhythms to smooth leads
  • Stereo inputs and outputs for ear-to-ear effects
  • Great for the stage and studio
  • Buffered bypass prevents signal loss through long cable runs
  • Includes power supply
Add instant vibe to your organ and guitar tones with the Electro-Harmonix Lester-K!

Tech Specs

Pedal Type Rotary Speaker
Inputs 2 x 1/4" (left, right)
Outputs 2 x 1/4" (left, right)
Height 2.25"
Width 4.0"
Depth 4.75"
Power Supply Included 9.6V DC 200 mA power supply included
Manufacturer Part Number LESTER-K

Customer Reviews

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Completes the sound!

Like another reviewer on here, I got the Lester K to complete the sound of the Yamaha YC. I have a primary organ rig (a Crumar Mojo, which to my ears is so close to a real B3 that the difference seems more like the difference one might hear between two real Hammonds rather than the difference between the real thing and a clone - but that's another review). I use that for major gigs. But for gigs with only SOME organ, or limited stage space (or limited compensation), I wanted a truly portable rig. So I got the YC, and linked it with a 61-key MIDI board. The basic drawbar tones are very good, but it absolutely suffers from that "too clean" sound of old Rompler organ patches, and the Leslie sim isn't great. It's not giving you the true DUAL ROTOR simulation with different ramp up/down speeds for the rotor and the horn, and it's not getting any of the cabinet tonal coloring, either. And the fast speed is really nothing to write home about. Lastly, the drive in the YC is NOT good. It just adds fuzzy white noise on top of the sound rather than giving you that warm crunch that's integrated INTO the sound. Enter the Lester K. It has absolutely transformed the YC. I now feel I could use that portable rig anywhere, even an organ-centric gig, and not feel like I'm missing something. No, it's still not the Mojo, but with great drive, great amp sim and rotational simulation of the Lester, it sounds and feels like I'm playing a truly professional instrument. Before, the YC sounded like an "adequate approximation". Now, it' got some real soul in its tone. This is a fantastic pedal for any clone or keyboard patch that can't quite cut it on it's own. And as always, Sweetwater was prompt, professional and thorough. These guys really understand how to run a business!
Music background: Professional musician

EHX hits a home run!

I'm spoiled: I own a B-3 and a pair of 122's, so I know what they sound like. After gigging for 50 years, they don't get out at all anymore. I'm using a popular Sweedish clonewheel, but I recently bought a Yamaha reface YC because I want a 4 lb. Hammond and I also want my grandson to learn organ on mini keys first, then full size. The YC is great, but the chorus/vibrato isn't, and the rotary simulation is not customizeable. I saw the Lester K demo'ed on line, and thought it had promise. After I hooked it up I was sold. Great sound, easy to adjust, OD with a realistic grunge not noise, and a tiny form factor justify lugging an extra patch cord and power supply. Bypass and rotary speed switches are completely silent in the audio chain. The only negative I've found is that you can't adjust the ramp up/down values (oddly enough, they add this control on the guitar model). For the price EHX has created a realistic rotary simulation that delivers a very elusive sound. I think Don himself would be impressed. Enjoy.

Better and cheaper than the Neo Mini Vent

At one time, I had a Neo Mini Vent for my Hammond SK1. It sounded pretty good, but it cut the lows, making my SK1 sound thin. I recently began to search for another Leslie sim and came across a demo video of a Hammond C3 through a Lester-K and sounded great. But what can you really tell from a video? So I ordered one just to try it out and it sounds way better than my old Mini Vent. It's definitely a keeper. My SK1 now has a fuller sound and both the chorale and fast speeds sound very close to a real Leslie.

Lester-K is AWESOME!!!

Electro-Harmonix Lester-K is everything I hoped it would be. Love the Leslie effect on my synth. Get the Lester-G for your guitar. It will blow you away!!!

Loved it on my gig ! (update)

I finally got this baby on a gig and it sounded fantastic! I was playing in stereo using two Peavy KB2 Keyboard amps. I love these amps as they use a separate 10" woofer and 1" dome tweeter in coaxial arrangement. Plus, they are in a SEALED cabinet (not ported). Sealed cabinets are rare these days, but a far superior design. The lester works best if the input signal is NOT processed in any way, so be careful about using source signals that already have a rotary, phasing, tremolo effect, etc. as it will likely interact adversely with the Lester K i.e. lower the volume due to phasing issues, change the timbre, attack, etc. Of course there are exceptions. Otherwise, this box is pure gold.
Music background: professional keyboard player
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