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Sound Management Software with Sequencer, 500-plus Sounds, Effects, and Hardware Interface
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Native Instruments Kore 2 image 1

Sorry, the Native Instruments Kore 2 is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Native Instruments Kore 2
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Unify Your Instruments and Effects with KORE 2!

Native Instruments Kore 2 will change the way you produce and perform. This universal sound platform integrates all your software instruments and effects into a single, unified interface, and now it's even better! Kore 2's hardware controller now includes a streamlined navigation section, smaller footprint, and a handy USB cable hook, and the software includes several new effects. Kore 2 gives you total control of your sound and instant, hands-on access with a real analog feel. Using instruments and effects is easier than ever before with Kore 2.

Native Instruments Kore 2 at a Glance:
  • Production-ready sound library
  • Find sounds in an instant
  • Layers and splits offer new potential
  • Sound Morphing
  • The ideal companion to Komplete
  • Kore is a plug-in, and Kore is a host
  • Hardware controller gives you hands-on access to your sounds
  • Advanced live performance features
  • New effects
  • Step Sequencer and Arpeggiator

Production-ready sound library
Kore 2 produces cutting-edge sounds right from the start based on the integrated audio engines of Reaktor, Massive, Absynth, FM8, Kontakt and Guitar Rig. The versatile sound library covers production-ready sounds of nearly all kinds - ranging from band and orchestral instruments to synthesizers, drums, soundscapes and sound effects. Every included sound provides up to 8 sound variations which can be morphed using the unique morphing pad or the Kore controller - intricate sonic transitions are at your fingertips!

500 unique, production-ready KoreSounds have been specially created for Kore 2 using the integrated sound generators, effects and advanced MIDI tools arpeggiator, step sequencer and MIDI player), incorporating ingenious routing and layering. Plus, 400 effect KoreSounds are included, based on the integrated NI audio engines and the internal effects, making Kore 2 an extraordinary effects unit. Through the combination of high-end sound generators with the unique potential of Kore 2, the on-board sounds boast an unparalleled level of detail and depth.

The focus has been laid on universally applicable yet innately tweakable sounds, instruments and effects.
Useful parameters of every on-board sound have been individually mapped to the Kore Controller, allowing for highly detailed editing. Playing and customizing sounds has never been this easy and musical.

Find sounds in an instant
Kore 2 makes finding the desired sound a breeze - simply choose an instrument type and its musical characteristics in the new and expanded KoreSound Browser or use the text search function. KoreSound is a universal sound format that shifts the focus from individual instruments toward the sound itself. This new format allows you to manage all the presets for all your VST and AU software instruments. These are then categorized in the powerful database according to specific musical attributes, making them far easier and quicker to find, recall and use at a future date.

Layers and splits offer new potential
The KoreSounds themselves can consist of single instruments or complex sounds created using multiple instruments and effects. The format also stores additional information regarding keyboard splits, layers, individual controller assignments, output routings and more. The KoreSound format offers a further benefit: KoreSounds can be easily transferred between any sequencer and system, and between studio and stage, making set-up hassles a thing of the past. Within the intuitive sound matrix, KoreSounds, plug-ins, effects, MIDI files, step sequencers and arpeggiators are all easily combinable by drag and drop. The matrix makes for a uniquely creative and intuitive workflow.

Sound Morphing
Any KoreSound can encompass up to eight sound variations - eight articulations of one sound enabling you to emphasize varying settings and nuances as part of the musical flow. The 500 on-board sounds have been specially programmed with over 3,000 variations. The real innovation is the ability to morph sounds between their respective sound variations. For example, a KoreSound can start as a bass-heavy Massive sound, morph into a crystalline FM8 pad, gradually distort (through the addition of a Guitar Rig effect) and finally dissolve, (through the addition of a delay plug-in) in a haze of reverb.

There are practically no limits to how sounds can be morphed. Virtually any parameter of a KoreSound can be set as a sound variation. Internal mixer settings, volume/pan/send settings, MIDI information, audio and effect parameters as well as the sound settings of the plug-ins can be saved with a sound variation, thus making them available for morphing. Whether smoothly morphing between sound variations with two of the Kore controller's rotary dials or switching between variations with the eight controller buttons - both processes can be automated in the audio host.

The ideal companion to Komplete
Every single preset included with all the NI instruments, more than 10,000 in total, have been pre-configured and categorized with a variety of musical attributes and individual controller assignments, making the combination of Kore 2 and NI KOMPLETE outstandingly powerful. Just search the database for an instrument type, keyword, timbre, style or mood and you will be playing and tweaking the desired sound within seconds.

Kore 2 is a plug-in, and Kore 2 is a host
Within a sequencer-based studio environment, Kore 2 acts both as an audio host and as a plug-in. In its role as host, Kore 2 unites all your NI and third party VST and AU instruments and effects into a single interface. It is then itself loaded into your sequencer as a VST, AU or RTAS plug-in, giving you a standard user interface, powerful database and instant, hands-on access to all your instruments and effects.

Hardware controller gives you hands-on access to your sounds
In Kore 2, software generated sound acquires the tactile feel of hardware. The Kore Controller's high resolution, touch-sensitive controls guarantee tangibly direct analog-style sound manipulation. All library sounds have been pre-mapped for immediate hands on tweakability. Gone are the days of complicated and often not entirely compatible combinations of MIDI controllers and sequencers or live set-ups. The Kore 2 controller delivers manual control for all your Audio Unit and VST plug-ins. Use the Kore hardware to adjust all automatable parameters and benefit from a real analog feel. The result: Kore 2 turns your software instruments into hardware units! Advanced features, such as the touch-sensitive knobs, high-resolution protocol, bi-directional communication, and context-specific display all contribute to placing this controller in a league of its own. A more compact footprint, streamlined navigation section, tighter buttons, and USB cable hook are among Kore 2's improvements over its predecessor.

The new Kore 2 controller has undergone a redesign; many details have been improved and fine-tuned to work in total harmony with the Kore 2 software. This new controller sports significantly tighter interaction with the Kore 2 software on all levels along with new navigation buttons with precise pressure points. The optimized navigation area with a slightly altered layout lets you load, control, perform, morph and save directly from the hardware.There's also a new, precision jog wheel for scrolling through functions and lists. The compact design no longer includes an audio interface.

Advanced live performance features
Kore 2 also marks the introduction of an extremely versatile and capable performance platform with a wealth of advanced live features that finally allow software instruments to truly come of age within a live situation. Sophisticated layer and split configurations based on any combination of instruments and effects can be created and recalled easily. A powerful Performance Manager allows for seamless, on-the-fly transitions between different scenes and sound sets - either manually, pre-programmed or remote-controlled. The combination of these features with the high-resolution, interactive controller deliver a dynamic experience and let you to stay focused on your performance.

New effects
12 new premium effects - among them unconventional and inspiring tools such as cabinet saturator, pattern delay and grain shifter. Additionally, all Kore 1 effects have undergone improvement with some additional features added. In total, 32 integrated effects are at your disposal.

Step Sequencer and Arpeggiator
Also new to Kore 2 is a monophonic step sequencer specially developed for Kore 2, with up to 32 steps, variable loop length and other advanced features. A high-performance arpeggiator was also purpose-built for Kore 2. Diverse functions of both modules can be controlled in real-time with the hardware controller (patterns, loop length modulation, velocity, note length, etc).

Native Instruments Kore 2 Features:
  • Operate all your software instruments with just one interface
  • Always be able to find just the sound you're looking for
  • Touch your software instruments like you can your hardware
  • Use the whole power of your software instruments live on stage
  • Move complex instrument set-ups between different songs and systems
  • USB 2.0 computer connection
  • Unified software/hardware system to instantly find, play and control sounds
  • Includes audio engines from Reaktor, Massive, Absynth, FM8, Kontakt and Guitar Rig with 500 unique KoreSounds
  • Sound Variations enrich every KoreSound with up to 8 variations that can be morphed into each other
  • Integrated hardware controller for analog-style sound control and complete software navigation
  • Loads Audio Unit- and VST-plug-ins with easy preset import for immediate use
  • Ultra-fast KoreSound-Browser lets you find any sound according to its musical attributes
  • Drag and Drop user interface for a fast and inspiring workflow that liberates creativity
  • 30 top quality effects ranging from classic to inspiring creative tools
  • Powerful routing/layering possibilities based on a highly flexible audio and MIDI signal flow
  • Built-in Arpeggiator and Step Sequencer with real-time control
  • Pre-configured for smooth use with Komplete 5
  • Kore 2 as a host loads VST, Audio Units
  • Kore 2 as a instrument or effect plug-in runs Stand-alone, VST, Audio Units, RTAS under Pro Tools 7
  • Mac/Windows
Kore 2 gives you a whole new level of control over your software instruments!

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