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Epiphone Guitar Case for Les Paul Reviews

4.5 stars based on 103 customer reviews
Questions about the Epiphone Guitar Case for Les Paul?

Questions about the Epiphone Guitar Case for Les Paul?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Chicago May 16, 2017Music Background:
    Guitar, Bass, Sax, Cello


    Great case for my Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plustop Pro.
    Fit, finish, security...all good :-)

  • from Aiken, SC May 16, 2017Music Background:
    Old Time Picker

    Epiphone Les Paul Case

    Hi, Its The Old Time Picker again, This Case is all the Home Player needs it will get the Job done with no problem, If your going to carry it to a Gig every night, Id step up a few steps, But like I said I'm very happy with just to hold my Black Beuty and keep it safe at home or takeing it over to a friends house to Jam, Get one the price is right,,,,,The Old Time Picker

  • from Arizona April 21, 2017

    Perfect fit

    Awesome case and my new Epi Standard Plustop Pro fits perfectly.

  • from Kentucky April 7, 2017

    Perfect fit B

    Great case and fit my tribute plus like a glove... Service was above excellent thanks to Ben Porter! Nothing but sweetwater for all of my needs. Good job guys, keep it up!

  • from Kellyville, Oklahoma March 31, 2017

    My New Case

    Love it, can just toss in my truck without worrying about my Les Paul, Nice....!

  • from Wisconsin March 4, 2017Music Background:
    Hobbyist, record songs at home; simple grunge and indie rock

    Nice quality case for way less

    Great case, it also fits a double cut I have just like a glove. It does the same thing as the more expensive Gibson one, which I still intend to get ironically. Love the epiphone one though and especially its price.

  • from South Carolina January 4, 2017

    Great protection!

    Why would any one buy a new guitar like the Epiphone Les Paul I just bought from Sweeteater and not protect it. Such a fine guitar, has to be protected by this perfect fitting case. I probably wouldn't buy the guitar unless I could buy a case to protect it. And this case was made to fit. really plush, very well made. So what are you waiting on order a set from your sweetwater guys today! Great bunch. Very helpful, and very fast shipping. Keep picking.

  • from TX December 26, 2016Music Background:

    Great, solid case for Epiphone and Gibson Les Pauls

    This is a great case!! I own two and have a Gibson Les Paul Studio in one and a Les Paul Junior Special in the other. They fit great and snug and I feel very comfortable taking these guitars to any gig and know that they will be safe. I really enjoy the gray interior color and it has the same storage amount as the Gibson case for quite a bit less $$. Save this money over higher priced cases, unless that is your thing and that's cool, however I would rather save the money and buy more guitars and protect them in this case!!!

  • from Sydney, NSW September 29, 2016

    Tried & Tested

    I bought this case to protect my new Epiphone Les Paul Plus Top pro which I purchased from Sweetwater prior to returning to Australia from California. So this review is based on the case being used for transporting my new baby internationally on 2 flights.

    First of all the pictures shown here do not do justice to the quality and finish of this case. The outside has a profiled top and smooth faux leather covering with the epiphone Logo on the top side and nice large "feet" on the underside to ensure stability when placing the case down. The handle is slightly padded and well placed for a balanced case when loaded.

    The interior is a Silver/Grey and has extra padding on sections both on the bridge and back of the body to ensure that your investment stays supported and snug during transit. With ample lidded storage area for extra strings and picks etc. under the neck area. This is

    I did note that the guitar will slide slightly when in place. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying that the guitar is loose in the case but, it will slide from left to right move and this can be noted when you notice the headstock has moved from the 12' O'clock position to 1' O'clock. No damage will be done but I would suggest supporting either side of the head stock with rolled up T-Shirts.

    All in all, I doubt you will find a better fitting or more luxurious hard case for your new or old Guitar. I transported my guitar in the overhead storage on both flights and not a mark was left on the case. The guitar averages 8+ pounds and as the handle is so well designed and balanced this was almost a pleasure to carry.

    If you have or will be buying a Les Paul. Get this case. Fantastic value for money and excellent customer Service. what more can you ask for?

  • from August 13, 2016

    Great Fit

    Once again, Sweetwater knocks it out of the park with this Epiphone guitar case for Les Paul style guitars. Great price, quick delivery and awesome customer service response and reliability from a team of professionals. My Epiphone Blueshawk Deluxe fits extremely well.The case is nicely lined with a grey faux fur like padding with ample storage box beneath the neck. Contouring squares well with the shape of the Blueshawk as there are no large gaps between. The outside is outfitted with 4 latches, 3 in front and 1 in the rear. the middle front latch locks. Overall this is a great case, for a great price and a great fit for my guitar.

    I would definitely recommend this guitar case.

  • from Las Vegas, NV June 2, 2016

    Epiphone Guitar Case for Les Paul

    Quality case through & through

  • from Los Alamos, CA March 17, 2016

    awesome case

    This is one of the best cases I have purchased, highly recommend it.It fits my Epiphone blueshawk beautifully It's a quality case,nice Job Dennis.

  • from February 22, 2016

    Great Product

    In all honesty. You would expect the manufacturers case to fit perfectly. And it does. It fits incredibly well, and is well constructed. Very happy!

  • from February 10, 2016

    Great cast

    The case is fantastic for the price that provided by sweet water!!!!

    Great quality!

  • from January 6, 2016

    guitar purchase

    Very nice guitar. This is my first major guitar purchase. The set up was great. Very happy with the purchase

  • from North East December 17, 2015

    Great case

    Beautiful case at a great price.

  • from December 3, 2015Music Background:
    Guitar, Vocals, and Sound Equipement

    Epiphone Case

    This case is perfect. i recently purchased my first Les Paul and needed a case for it right away. You guys had all the info i needed plus had it at my front door in less than two days. You can guarantee I will be purchasing more products from you guys!

  • from Philadelphia September 11, 2015

    Perfect fit

    A wonderful case and a perfect fit for my leftie Les Paul

  • from Canandaigua, New York July 21, 2015Music Background:
    Worship Leader, Gigging Musician

    Protect Your Investment

    Just as the product description says, this is a hard case with plush lining. Holds my guitar snugly, and provides cushioning in case of a fall. Tough outer covering takes abrasions. Protect your guitar investment with a hard case made to hold your Epi Les Paul. Did I mention the free shipping? How can you go wrong with Sweetwater's low price and free shipping?

  • from San Francisco June 29, 2015

    Happy with my Guitar case

    I was very pleased with my Guitar case from sweetwater.

  • from Ct June 28, 2015

    Better that gibs

    Overall what a guitar from the electronics to the contour the best money I ever spend (rock on epi)

  • from Yazoo city, Ms April 30, 2015Music Background:
    Blues Artist

    Epiphone Guitar Case for Les Paul

    I did not think that this case would as great as it is ! I mean it's sturdy on the outside and luxurious on the inside, you can't beat it for the price!

  • from carbondale, IL February 18, 2015Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    She's a Beauty

    I bought this gem of a case based on the reviews I read right here, and I'm glad I did. I rarely give a 5 on a review, but except for a minor balance issue when you set it down on it's narrow side, not flat, it could be more solid, (but this is nit-picking,) she's a 5 in my book! My Epi fits snuggly in the very plush-lined case, also with a supported upper back, so that the guitar is not resting solely on the neck support. Me like! This case is a real looker, with clean lines, and slightly sheened finish that the golden Epiphone logo looks great on!

  • from United States September 1, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Hack, Rank amateur, Noodler. Take your pick.

    Epiphone Les Paul Hardcase

    What can I say? This is the case made for Epiphone Les Pauls. It's well padded, and fits it perfectly. I purchased mine separately because one wasn't included in the guitar purchase. I'm glad I did as the guitar deserves a good, made-for-it case. This is it at a very reasonable price.

  • from Craig, CO August 21, 2014Music Background:
    Had Guitars since I was 12 years old, now 55

    quality Case

    Fits the Guitar perfectly as it should, Every bit as high quality as my GIbson case!

  • from Victoria, TX June 13, 2014Music Background:

    my custom shop limited edition epiphone les paul custom pro is snug as a bug

    this case is beautiful and very well made........my custom pro MR.PETE is snug as a bug in the nest.......i was gonna order this same case from musicians friend for about 8 dollars less but decided to go with sweetwater simply bcus of the free 2 yr warranty on the case......well worth the xtra few bucks...... to my sales engineer MR.ED NEEDLER you rock thank you so much sir.......i will be back soon........very satisfied customer here

  • from Reynolds ND April 4, 2014Music Background:

    Epiphone Guitar Case for Les Paul style guitars

    This is a great case for the money! My Epiphone Studio Deluxe fits like a match made in heaven in it. Also my Dean 12string fits perfectly in it. I'm going to need another one! Fit, workmanship and price makes this Sweetwater customer ready to make his 4th order from this great company! Kudos to Sweetwater and my sales guy Norb Berninger for always going above and beyond the call to help me out!

  • from Saint Amant, Louisiana March 4, 2014Music Background:
    Sound Tech

    Guitar Case

    This case houses my guitar and is a great investment. It's a hard case with fur on the inside. It's everything a case should be.

  • from Duluth, GA USA February 27, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician and Recording Engineer

    Perfect fit!

    Beautiful inside and out and a perfect fit for my P90 Riviera custom!
    Could not be more please to have such a fine house for my "Little Red"

  • from Mississippi February 23, 2014Music Background:

    Perfect fit at a good price

    Bought this to protect my Epi Les Paul Plus Top Pro and was very satisfied. It was a perfect fit and seems like it will hold up to protect my investment being stored in closet or traveling in trunk of car. Recommend this if you are looking for a good case on a budget.

  • from Atlanta, Ga February 19, 2014Music Background:
    Musician, Hobbyist

    Great Case

    I received my case from Sweetwater, and I must say my Les Paul is happy, everytime I open the case my Les Paul smiles back at me. Great Case, very well made. We'll see if the airlines can handle it. Great lining. Thanks Sweetwater, you did it again.

  • from Upstate NY January 9, 2014Music Background:
    this year is my 50th anniversary of professional guitar playing

    Great Case

    Really great sturdy wooden case. It's long enough for the longer Epiphone Les Pauls. Nice furry inside material to keep your guitar happy!

  • from Houston, TX January 9, 2014Music Background:
    Absolutely none

    A must for the traveling musician.

    If you travel with your instrument, you really need a hard case. Soft won't do. Not sure if Epi farms the production out, it's construction is excellent.

  • from Bethel Park, PA December 8, 2013Music Background:

    Nice case

    Solid construction, the plush lining is perfect for holding my Les Paul-style guitar against damage. I would recommend this case.

  • from Kansas City, Missouri October 14, 2013Music Background:

    Perfect fit

    Fits the Les Paul 100. Like all Epiphone cases, this one is good for 99% of the time....certainly for all conditions I will ever see.

  • from New Jersey October 8, 2013Music Background:

    Great Price for a Great Case

    The Les Paul and this case fits like a glove.

  • from Barberton,Ohio July 15, 2013Music Background:
    Music Enthusiast,and I love Guiter Music

    Guitar Case

    I needed a guitar case, for a Epiphone Guitar. So I felt it wize to stay with the Epiphone name especially when reasoning all around best for keeping the guitar in prestine condition. This guitar case has outstanding and excellent Quality in apperance.The interior of the guitar case is plush and seats the guitar very well. I am pleased with this guitar case.Very Pleased

  • from Bridgeton,N.J. July 10, 2013Music Background:
    play in several bands. I've played guitar for 43 years


    Happy with case it's just what I wanted. The service was fast and I will look forward to do business again.

  • from Berkshire County, Ma. May 20, 2013Music Background:

    Les Paul style case

    A great case for the money. Solid, well built and fits the Epiphone Les Paul like a glove. As usual, Sweetwater provided superfast shipping and great customer service! Matt Kreager rocks!

  • from Las Vegas, NV May 13, 2013Music Background:

    Very nice, excellent quality.

    This is an excellent product. Very nice design, perfect fit for my Les Paul and not big and bulky like my previous case. Highly recommend.

  • from Portage, MI January 2, 2013Music Background:

    Sweet Case

    This case fit my LP like a glove....very well made too. I'm very happy with it, and the price I paid for it

  • from Ocala, FL September 10, 2012Music Background:
    Hmmm...musical background...I like good music...does that count?

    Great product, great price, great service.

    I puirchased this case for my grandson, who recently purchased a Les Paul guitar, and needed a quality case for it. Of course, he wanted a genuine Epiphone Les Paul case. I researched and explored many websites and retailers before stumbling onto Sweetwater. I'd never heard of them, but the reviews and ratings seemed to indicate this was a good place to do business. I found the case I thought my grandson wanted, and in addition to having the best price I found, Sweetwater was one of two sites offering free shipping; the other one was going to take weeks to get here, and Sweetwater promised about 3 days. Since it was to be a birthday gift, I didn't want to wait. I placed the order, and the very next day I received a phone call from Delvin at Sweetwater, confirming my order and assuring me that it would be delivered in 3-4 days. It arrived as promised, and my grandson was thrilled to recieve it. He was also pleased that the name Epiphone was on the case, and not just the letter E, which apparently appears on some cases. Kudos to Sweetwater, and thanks for a great product and great customer service.

  • from tampa florida August 23, 2012Music Background:
    51 years experience-- 37 proffessional, now hobby!



  • from July 28, 2012Music Background:
    Struggling RockGod

    Perfect Case

    Fits my Les Paul Goth with a floyd rose perfectly. Super fast shipping and arrived safe. Love dealing with Sweetwater. Now get some of those Epiphone Tributes in stock, I'm dieing to get my hands on one.

  • from layton ut February 29, 2012Music Background:

    great service!

    Highly recommended company!! I love my case, the price was great---Blown away by the customer service! I haven't seen customer service like this in years!!

  • from OH USA February 15, 2012Music Background:

    Great case!!!

    I have bought 2 of these cases for my Epi Les Pauls, simply put, they fit PERFECT!! If I ever need another case for a LP I will buy another one. The fit is very snug and the inside of the case is thick lined and plush. You cannot beat this case for the cost, no way. Great product at a great price, and the shipping was very fast too !!!

  • from Chicago, IL December 28, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    The Epiphone Guitar Case for Les Paul

    The item was delivered fast, and packaged like a PRO. Highly Recommended.

  • from attica,ny December 21, 2011Music Background:
    my grandson is a student

    epiphone guitar case for les paul

    this is a christmas gift for our grandson.im very impressed the way it was made and looks.im sure he will be very happy with it.

  • from Rocky Mount, NC USA August 16, 2011Music Background:

    Epi Les Paul Case

    This is a lot of case for the money. Well made, not too heavy, and fits my guitar (Epi Les Paul Standard) perfectly. I've seen the same case on E-Bay for $20 more. Great value.

  • from Visalia, CA July 12, 2011Music Background:
    20+ years guitar player/ music lover

    Les Paul Case

    I have been looking for a case for my Epi Les Paul for a LONG time, and I came across this one. I could not believe the price, and I was very skeptical. I read all of the reviews, and decided to go for it. I can't believe the quality of this case. It fits my Les Paul perfectly, and the fit and finish is fantastic.

  • from Pipestone, MN May 27, 2011Music Background:

    Very Nice Case

    This case is a very rich looking, well built guitar case and fits the Epiphone Les Paul Standard guitar like a high quality glove. Sweetwater is one of the best businesses that I have ever dealt with online. Their communication is the best I've experienced and their shipping way faster than most. Oh yeah, their prices are tough to beat too.

  • from Mountainhome PA June 4, 2010Music Background:

    Better fit than my Martin Case

    I have a limited edition Martin and the case for that guitar is not as nice a fit as this one. Like everyone else says the fit is perfect like a fine glove. It could use a bigger compartment.

    The price here is the best and shipping was included!

  • from Buchanan, VA. May 3, 2010Music Background:

    Awesome case

    If this case was any snugger, the guitar wouldnt even fit, perfect price and perfect fit, just outstanding

  • from East Texas December 14, 2009Music Background:
    You name it I do it.

    Must Have for Epiphone Les Paul Owners

    Spectacular quality, and the case fits my Epi Les Paul Standard like a glove. Every other case like SKB and Gator were hit or miss review wise. I could not seem to get a clear answer on whether those cases would fit my LP correctly. This case does! Perfectly! If you have an Epiphone Les Paul, buy this case, you will not be disappointed

  • from Kansas City August 28, 2009Music Background:
    Active Musician

    Great Case! Steal of a price!

    What a deal! This case is high quality and protects my gear perfectly. My Epi Les Paul Standard fits perfectly and the case itself is also very lightweight. Planning on buying a couple more!

  • from N.J. February 21, 2009Music Background:

    Awesome Cheap Five Star Quality Case

    This case is great! I love the green interior that came in mine. This is the best case for your money and Sweetwater has the lowest price i found.

  • from Fort Mohave, AZ July 15, 2008Music Background:
    Drummer 45 years. Guitar, Bass, Keyboard: Hobby

    Best hard shell case for the money

    I have 9 of these cases and plan on getting a couple more when available. Other models like Ibanez will fit in this case. (always check fit before buying a case)
    Guardian is good for wider guitars like the Schecter models. For a soft case (gig bag), the Fender is the best for padding and cost. You can't beat Sweetwater for the free ship, and cost is equal with most other suppliers so you come out ahead.

  • from Boston, MA October 20, 2006Music Background:
    Musician & Audio Engineer

    can't touch this!!

    I got one of these cases for my epi les paul, and i got to hand it to epiphone. they make great stuff that is in my price range. my case that showed up here had "epihphone" spelled out on the case instead of the "big E", and the material of the case is almost identical to the $140 SKB case for les pauls. Muy to the bueno!!!

  • from Louisiana February 9, 2017Music Background:
    Jamming for over 20 years

    Epiphone Guitar Case for Les Paul

    Awesome case. Completely impressed by the Les Paul case and the service from the Sweetwater Crew. Thanks to Sean who was professional from start to finish.

  • from January 23, 2017

    Epiphone LP case

    My Epiphone custom pro left hand Les Paul fits perfectly.

  • from NC December 15, 2016Music Background:
    Bedroom Rockstar

    Decent Quality

    No real complaints about the case. I've had mine for about 2 years now and its held up functionally. I dont take care of the case at all and it holds up. If you bump the case on something hard like the metal frame of your bead, it will tear/chip the material. But thats just me being rough with it. There is a spot or two inside the case where the "plush" isnt glued that well but it doesnt fall off or hang. Id recommend it if you want an epi case for your epi.

  • from Central Fl. June 29, 2016

    Epi LP Case

    I received my case along with the guitar at the same time. Case is made well and should definitely take good care of my LP.
    The only issue was, the hinge by the Epiphone logo didn't get riveted, the rivets were there but not closed. I sent my engineer Even Mehre an e-mail and explained with pictures.
    I didn't want the hassle of returning it for that, I could fix it, so we worked it out and it's all good now.
    It's not a hard plastic case but it's definitely a good case for the money no doubt.
    Thanks to Evan and Sweetwater.

  • from columbus, IN May 29, 2016


    (LP standard Epi) Did a lot of shopping in stores and internet... Excellent quality case... I have seen many and few are perhaps better (more posh, maybe a little heavier) but fit, finish and overall construction is very good on this unit. top line hardware. For the money this is the one you want for a les paul... fits like a glove, not too tight or loose.. just right . Has a little room for storage around head and box is adequate. Liner is like a low pile padded carpet (vs a shaggier feel)
    From what I have witnessed, only second to a Gibson case (little more posh/shag and added neck support).

    Cons: finish is glossy and like a pair of shoes... will scuff.

    I would not hesitate to buy it again

  • from Cedar Hill No. July 4, 2015Music Background:
    been playing since the sixtys, but I'll get serious one of these days.

    very good !

    I don't know who makes their cases, or for that matter Gibsons, but I have bough two for LPs and One for an Ultra 339, and they fit like a glove. Very well made. I didn't give it five stars only because how can you be 'blown away' by a guitar case ?

  • from Milford, MI April 23, 2015Music Background:


    Cases don't get many reviews. . . I purchased this case with my Epiphone Les Paul Standard. An excellent fit, very soft lining with plenty of storage. Solid build quality and priced fairly compared to other cases of the same type.

  • from Indiana, USA February 26, 2015Music Background:

    Epiphone Les Paul Case

    It fit my Epiphone Les Paul Standard like a glove. Good quality construction.

  • from washington state usa September 8, 2014Music Background:
    played pro for over 20 years but now it's therapy for the fingers and the soul.

    epiphone les paul guitar case. maybe not the best case in the world but all i'll ever need for my les paul custom pro.

    does what it's supposed to do. the guitar fits snugly and protects where it's supposed to protect. can see no flaws and am satisfied with the quality.

  • from Huntington IN July 4, 2014Music Background:

    Awesome case

    Wonderful case, fits the guitar like a glove. And made with top quality material.

  • from United States April 7, 2014Music Background:
    Lead Guitarist

    Epiphone Guitar Case for Les Paul

    Great case!! fits my LP like a glove. Plush interior and storage compartment for pics and strap are great!!
    I love it and I love Sweetwater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • from Long Island, NY March 25, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    The Right Case For The Epi Les Paul

    This case is the perfect mate for the Epiphone Les Paul Standard. While it's not quite as good as a Gibson LP case, it's plenty good for the Epi at a MUCH lower price. My LP fits like a glove, without it being too tight. While it's not a flight case, it's more than adequate for gigging. The arch top also keeps people from stacking things on the case. Always a plus around careless patrons and thoughtless roadies. I gave this case a 4.5 because the latches could be a bit sturdier. Other than that, at this price, it's a great buy.

  • from St. Louis, MO January 11, 2014Music Background:

    Perfect fit

    A perfect fit for my LP100. Sturdy build, plenty of storage space, the plush lining is really nice. As usualm, a great price and great service from Sweetwater.

  • from Shelocta , Pa USA January 8, 2014Music Background:
    hobbyist, play in Church band

    Great guitar case

    I really like the Guitar case
    my Guitar likes it too
    it fits secure and safe
    like a glove, I am very happy with it

  • from SoCal USA November 6, 2013Music Background:
    professional musician

    Great for the price

    This is a good case for the price. The only reason it did not get 5 stars is that it needs a little nudge to close completely. Other than that, nice case - warm and fuzzy.

  • from Placerville Calif. August 2, 2013Music Background:
    Student because I am always learing something new

    Epiphone Guitar Case

    It was a perfect fit for my Les Paul Traditional Pro guitar. You have to adjust the top when closing but that seems to be no problem.

  • from Houston, TX June 19, 2013Music Background:

    Great case

    Needed something to fit my new Epi LP Custom and this seemed to fit the bill. Performs as advertised. Snug fit. Strong glue smell as others have mentioned, but nothing overwhelming. Would order again.

  • from Wilkes-Barre, PA April 2, 2013

    Awesome guitar case!

    I bought this case for the guitar I bought for my daughters birthday. She said it is a perfect fit for her Les Paul Studio guitar. Great case, great price, great service from Sweetwater!

  • from MD March 3, 2013Music Background:

    good case

    This case has a lock on one of the four latches. Very sturdy. It has a scent to it that i can live without. Compartment inside about twice the size of a pack of strings and roughly 2.5 to 3 inches deep. I have an epiphone les paul and this case fits it perfectly.

  • from Georgia USA September 5, 2012Music Background:

    Epiphone Les Paul Guitar Case

    Appears to be very well made and solidly built. Comparable in quality to the cases used with higher-end Epiphones like the Joe Bonamassa Signature.

  • from Atlanta February 27, 2012

    Epiphone LP case

    Great case at a great price. Well made.

  • from Alexandria, VA USA January 2, 2012Music Background:

    Great case

    This case is very well made and really looks great. It fits my Les Paul like a glove. The hardware is very nicely attached and the handle is positioned for a well-balanced carry. The slightly rounded edges add to the case's compact footprint. I am very happy.

  • from Little Rock, Ar November 10, 2015Music Background:
    Personal enjoyment

    Les Paul Guitar Case

    A Perfect fit

  • from San Antonio area July 14, 2015Music Background:
    Published songwriter

    Epiphone LP Case

    It is what it's supposed to be. Arrived as advertised.

  • from CA March 31, 2015Music Background:
    Rock - Amatuer

    LP case

    Love the interior
    Love the hardware
    Tolex looks like might be a little soft
    Not sure yet how it will hold up

  • from California December 27, 2014Music Background:
    Now just a hobbiest

    Nice Case

    Got this case for my Epiphone les paul. fits like a glove and the inside lining is very soft and nice. Time will only tell how good it is made. But from here it looks like it will last a long time. I would recommend this for someone buying a new Epiphone les paul

  • from ST LOUIS,MO. April 10, 2014Music Background:

    Epiphone Les Paul Case

    very nice case,

  • from North Carolina February 10, 2014Music Background:
    multi instrumentalist

    perfect fit for my Epiphone Les Paul

    The fit is perfect. The latches required some repair to latch properly, but it was a minor repair that took me a few minutes and now it works great.

  • from SCRANTON PA January 16, 2014Music Background:

    Epiphone Ls Paul Hardshell case

    I have had several Gibson Les Paul's thought the years.And always went with the Epiphone case.They are a great value for the money.If you are not a touring musician then buy this one. Disguise your Gibson Baby inside the EPI case! Maybe the guy looking to lift the Gibson might pass it on by !

  • from Granite City Il USA December 23, 2013Music Background:
    Playin for 23 years, Hobbyist/musician

    Perfect fit

    Fits my Les Paul perfect, no complaints!

  • from Woodstock, NY December 16, 2012Music Background:
    Musician for 48 years

    Great Deal

    The case fits and works great. The indusrty standard hinges are all weak and cheesy. It is not just this case. I prefer the old hings types that closed from above and did not depend on pulling something. This should not prevent anyone from not buying the bst deal you will get for a LP Guitar. It was perfect for my Studio LP.

  • from Arlington, tx July 20, 2011Music Background:

    Great case for the $$$

    Nice case for average useage...maybe not a heavy road case but great for just carting your guitar around

  • from Loudon, TN July 6, 2011Music Background:
    44 years playing guitar and bass

    LP Case

    Very nice case. I have Gibson Les Paul guitars and Les Paul wannabes by other makers and the same case doesn't always fit every brand. Someone told me the Epiphone case wouldn't fit my Washburn WMI, but it fit perfectly. It looks well built. I have Epiphone cases for other knockoffs as well and they always do the job, and the price was great.

  • from St. James, NY June 10, 2011Music Background:
    Music Lover for years

    Epiphone Guitar Case for Les Paul

    The case is great, padding is fine and the locks are firm and secure. The only aspect that is not stelllar is there is one lock on the non handle side of the case that makes it a little awkward to open. Not a real problem though.

  • from MD February 28, 2009Music Background:
    Former semi-pro

    Outragiouly nice case

    I'd have given it a 5 if it had a silk shroud in it but wow what a solid case. Great value, looks and I have to hand it to Sweetwater Music. Not only did I get free candy in my packing box but they followed through and checked all my questions on the case and shipped it lightening fast (with tracking emails). They ALSO sell this NEW case to you at the same price these other companies are charging for a 'blemished' one. The covering is very leatherlike, it's well padded and fits the Epiphone like a glove. Sweetwater ALSO tells you in their product info WHICH guitars the case fits properly. Others don't do that and I got one prior to this that ws supposed to fit and did not. FIVE stars go to Sweetwater. Thanks for the candy.

  • from PA October 9, 2008Music Background:
    30 + years bass

    Great case! Even better service!

    I bought this case with my son's Epi LP Standard Plus. It's plush lining and sturdy construction support and protect the guitar and the grey interior ads a touch of class. My original case had some hardware issues which the team at Sweetwater took care of without question.

  • from Afghanistan April 5, 2017Music Background:

    Great case but....

    I love this case, but some of the molding along the base was already peeling away when I received it. It looks like the adhesive didn't hold. The case is sturdy and it fits my new sweetwater epiphone Les Paul guitar like a glove. Strong exterior construction and a cushion interior give me confidence for the international travels ahead of me. I would give it a 5 if not for the molding.

  • from WV July 28, 2016Music Background:
    20+ years...still broke

    Nice Case

    This is a nice Epiphone case for your Les Paul. It is more secure than some of the generic branded cases, as it has 4 latches (1 that locks) instead of just 3 latches. The interior plush lining is padded decently, and it is very soft, and supportive of your guitar.

    While the quality of this case is good, it doesn't seem as good as the Gibson molded cases that I've used in the past. The Gibson cases were rock solid...if you are clumsy like me, you could swing them around and bang them on doorways and tight hallways, and throw them into your tour bus/van with other gear and not worry a bit. These Epiphone cases are just not as tough IMO.

    Now, before you think to yourself that I'm an idiot for comparing the Gibson case to the Epiphone case, keep in mind that the Epiphone case is still $100 roughly, we aren't talking about a cheap case. It is the same price basically as a Gator Deluxe wood case, which is built more like the expensive Gibson cases than the Epiphone case is. I don't think I would trust the durability of this Epiphone case for long-term, serious gigging, but it would be perfectly fine for keeping your guitar safe at home and playing a few shows. That is the main reason why I only gave it 3.5 stars.

  • from November 19, 2015

    Quality fit, feel

    My Les Paul needed more protection than a soft gig bag, so based on previous reviews I bought this one sight unseen. With a high-end feel and build quality, it was a solid value at $99 with free shipping from Sweetwate (this company has way above average customer service, in my experience).

    Guitar fit is good—not perfect—but to be fair, I have a pretty fat strap on my guitar which does get in the way of the body fitting perfectly. I'm hoping that as it wears in a bit, the bed will loosen up and accommodate the strap a little better. Overall, I'm very pleased. Very nice Les Paul-purposed case at a price that won't break the budget.

  • from Romeoville, IL March 5, 2014Music Background:
    Intermediate Guitar Player

    Classic case

    This is my 3rd Epiphone case. The first came with my tribute+, the second i ordered for my wildkat, and this one I ordered for my traditional Pro. I sought high and low for a different case, but in the end, couldn't justify paying $20-30 more. It is a solid case and probably will protect my guitar for a long time. However, it scuffs really easily and even peels relatively easily. It fits the guitar like a glove though and its easy to see that the gear is safe inside. I love the look of it, and the Epiphone brand just adds to the coolness of carrying it. After my experience with the first 2 cases I really looked at getting a different material, but at the end of the day, having spent so much on a third guitar, i just couldn't see splurging on a higher quality case. This is a solid case. However, if you have the extra dollars, buy a hard-shell case. Also, I've had it for a month and one of the latches needs to be pushed slightly to the side in order to fit and I don't remember it getting banged up in any way.

  • from scranton pa July 31, 2013Music Background:
    bar bands


    Buckle pulled out a little. Sweetwater sent me a replacement asap. Love you guys. Case is nicely lined.

  • from Tampa, Florida November 15, 2013Music Background:
    Beginner Recording Engineer, seasoned keyboard player, new guitar player

    Case review

    The case fits my Les Paul standard perfectly, but it is a bit flimsy in construction. The shell is solid, but the it takes a little wiggling to get the lid closed on all sides and the latches lined up. Its great for a starter case, but I would spring for a more expensive one in the future.

  • from Saint Louis, MO USA March 30, 2012Music Background:
    10+ years of playing

    Looks good...Poor quality

    It just arrived today; very quick for free shipping. I opened the case and immediately noticed a horribly strong glue smell. There were even bits of glue on the outside of the case that. I checked the seems between the inside shell and the plush liner, and sure enough they just come right apart. the case was not hot in any way, so I don't think the glue melted in delivery. I also compared it side by side with a gator case, and the gator fit the contours much better. The bottom lining doesnt even support the back of the guitar because the neck supports are too high. I will be returning it and probably just getting the Gibson case.

  • from Hibbing Mn. April 18, 2013

    Garage bound

    My guitar fit this case like a glove. It was put in the garage so the Strong glue smell has a chance to air. (Set it outside on a sunny days) The Bad smell goes all the way through it and has gone away some. I recommend you buy a gator case instead. We have many other cases and have never had this problem. Looking at the other reviews on this, back in march, 2012, this was and is apparently still a big problem. We did notify sweetwater about this in hopes they will work with a different company on it. They did offer to exchange it but I chose to keep it in hopes it will be ok, plus the return policy I read said I have to pay to send it back. All other products we have bought from sweetwater have been excellent, the service great and I recommend this company Highly. I've had this case over a month, and by the way, it's still in my garage, I'll have to take the loss and get a gator case down the line.

  • October 1, 2005

    Great buy

    I got my case just yesterday and am very happy with it. My Special II fits in it like magic. I won't be worried about it anymore when I'm packing up to take it some place. I was also very happy that it locked. I can leave the case out and not worry that the kids will get into it. Great buy for the price.

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