Mesa/Boogie Cabclone Speaker Cabinet Simulator - 8 ohm

Speaker Cabinet Simulator and Load Box for Guitar Amplifiers, 150W Max Power, 8 Ohms
Mesa/Boogie Cabclone Speaker Cabinet Simulator - 8 ohm image 1
Mesa/Boogie Cabclone Speaker Cabinet Simulator - 8 ohm image 1

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Mesa/Boogie Cabclone Speaker Cabinet Simulator - 8 ohm
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Speaker Simulation for Your 8-ohm Amp

The Mesa/Boogie Cabclone is a speaker cabinet simulator and load box that gives you entirely new ways to use your guitar amplifier on stage or in your studio. Plug your amplifier's speaker output to the Cabclone, and you can connect your amp's tone directly to a mixing console, mic preamp, or even direct to your recording device. Three different cabinet simulation voicings let you emulate the sound of open-back, closed-back, and "vintage" speaker cabinets. You won't need to lug a speaker cabinet with you to get outstanding tone from your amplifier, with the Mesa/Boogie Cabclone.

Mesa/Boogie Cabclone Speaker Cabinet Simulator and Load Box at a Glance:
  • Easily interface your guitar amp with your mixing console or recording rig
  • Minimize the size of your rig, not your tone
  • Built tough for long-term reliability
Easily interface your guitar amp with your mixing console or recording rig

Sure, your 150-watt tube amp sounds awesome when it's cranked up, but that's more volume than most small stages and clubs can take. Plug it into the Mesa/Boogie Cabclone, and you can run the XLR DI output direct to the mixing board instead of trying to mic up a roaring speaker cabinet. You'll have less volume on stage which will lead to a cleaner overall sound, and you can crank your amp without melting the faces of your audience.

Minimize the size of your rig, not your tone

Guitarists at Sweetwater know that your speaker cabinet is a big part of your tone, but we also know that you spend a lot of time and energy getting that beast to and from gigs. In your studio you may hook up your cabinet to the Cabclone and record both the Cabclone's direct output and your miked cabinet, but for live gigs you don't need to have your cab connected to the Cabclone. Just grab your amp head and Cabclone, and you're ready for your show.

Built tough for long-term reliability

In typical Mesa/Boogie fashion, the Cabclone speaker simulator is built tough as nails to survive your most demanding gigs. There's a handy, removeable tilt-back stand built right in so you can place it over the handle on your amplifier head. And it's a completely passive design, so you won't need to keep track of a separate power supply. As a gigging companion, the Cabclone is much easier to deal with than a full-size speaker cabinet.

Mesa/Boogie Cabclone Speaker Cabinet Simulator and Load Box Features:
  • Speaker cab simulator and load box for guitar amplifiers rated at 8 ohms
  • For use with guitar amplifiers rated up to 150W
  • Lets you select between open-back, closed-back, and "vintage" speaker cabinet emulations
  • Allows you to play your amplifier head without a speaker cabinet connected
  • Makes it easy to connect your guitar amp directly to a mixing console, mic preamp, or recording device
  • Headphone output defeats line outputs for silent practice
  • Important Notice for International Customers: Mesa/Boogie products sold by Sweetwater are intended for use within the United States. We are unable to ship any Mesa/Boogie products outside of the US.
The Mesa/Boogie Cabclone may replace your traditional speaker cabinet!

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Tech Specs

Power Handling 100W RMS
Impedance 8 ohms
Inputs 1 x 1/4" (from amp)
Outputs 1 x 1/4" (thru), 1 x XLR (direct out), 1 x 1/4" (line out), 1 x 1/4" (headphones)
Manufacturer Part Number AC.CC8

Customer Reviews

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Who needs to mic a cabinet anymore?

This “magical box” is awesome! I Googled for something that would allow me to record with my Laney tube amp without having to mic the cabinet. This came up and the fantastic reviews convinced me to instantly order it. It couldn’t be better. Really! Go to YouTube and check out my latest video/song called “Attack Of The 73 Strat” and you’ll see what I mean. I recorded this using various different gain settings off my Laney so you’ll hear all the extremes from almost clean to killer shred mode. It blows me away that it’s totally passive and doesn’t even plug in the wall. At first, it seemed a bit pricey but now I can tell you that it’s worth every penny.

New possibilities!

Our band plays everything straight into the board with no mic'd cabs. This gives us much more control over volume and dynamics in smaller rooms. The Cab Clone has allowed me to go back to my favorite heads /amps (e.g., EVH, Mark V and even my Twin Reverb) instead of being stuck with the few options that had direct outs or carrying ISO cabs everywhere. I think it sounds great and is a piece of cake to use -- it also blows away the Palmer.

Works great with small amp

There was at least one comment that a high wattage amp was required to produce enough volume for headphones. I have my Cabclone connected to a Mesa Boogie Studio 22 watt amp and get good volume through the headphones at fairly low output. A Mesa Boogie tech told me that the problem with headphone volume some people experience is usually due to the headphone design (e.g., below 16 ohms). I'm using a Grado SR60i set (32 ohms) and they sound fine. If you do have low volume you can always run the signal into something to amplify it. Contrary to some reviews, I am not noticing any loss of tone, although I don't have equipment to precisely test the range. Bear in mind that an amp's speakers greatly affect the tone produced and the signal being sent to the speaker by the amp is only part of what makes for a good tone. Thus, the signal produced by the Cabclone probably won't sound exactly like the one from your amp's speakers and will be colored by the speakers you use to play back a recording or by your headphones. In an unrelated comment, realize that the Cabclone is not a power attenuator and the literature that comes with it recommends that you do not run your amp at high volumes, but rather in the mid-range. The Cabclone seems to be a good product for this price point.

Randall Smith is a genius

I don't know how he did it, but this inexpensive cab simulator is the best thing for guitarists since the pick. DI to FOH is always the best way to the great tone out front. Cutting stage noise is the best thing a band can do for themselves. No more mics, no more dodgy soundman EQ. With the Mesa 412 cab tone tweaked into the circuit, this passive box will make you forget about cabs forever. I have been using the Two Notes Torpedo Live but those just got ditched in favor of the Cab Clone. I use two in my rig - one for the VH4 and one for the Triaxis. You can run a cab if you want with the throughput or you can send a signal to an active stage monitor for your monitor mix. It is small, runs cool and well worth the money. I have tried Palmer, Radial, Ultimate Attenuator, and this little box has them all beat. I would pay double for one of them....but, I bought 3 so I could have a spare.

Cool Device

This is a great addition to any home studio. I was using a converted hallway closet to mic and record guitar amps - with this I get a better tone and no need to mic amps any longer (this means I get my closet space back!). Also you can record any amp 100% silently.Other pros: Easy to use, no power cord to connect, small, good priceCons: I dont hear a whole lot of difference between cabinet voices except at high gain - maybe this is a good thing? Nice little gizmo!
Music background: Hobbyist/Gigging Musician

Sweetwater Advice

Tim Holsinger

I got the Mesa/Boogie Cabclone to use for quiet tracking with my tube amps and was blown away! I mainly play through Mesa cabs and that's the tone I was looking to capture, so for the price this was a no-brainer. I can also crank my amps up late at night and practice with headphones without disturbing anyone. It's perfect for pushing my tubes to get the full tone of my amps and not spending time messing with settings!
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