Sound Construction AVM 6x3 Audio Video Mixing/Mastering Desk

Studio Desk with 3 x 6U Bays, 2 Speaker Pedestals, and Cabinet-grade Plywood Construction
Sound Construction AVM 6x3 Audio Video Mixing/Mastering Desk image 1
Sound Construction AVM 6x3 Audio Video Mixing/Mastering Desk image 1
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Sound Construction AVM 6x3 Audio Video Mixing/Mastering Desk
Ships From Sound Construction

Great Studio Desk, at a Great Price!

Put Sound Construction's AVM 6x3 Audio Video Mixing/Mastering Desk in your studio space and you'll wonder how you ever worked without it. This ergonomically friendly desk puts your rackmounted gear right where you need it, thanks to three bays with six rackspaces each. You'll love how convient it is to work at the AVM 6x3 Audio Video Mixing/Mastering Desk, which also includes well-placed monitor pedestals that won't get in the way of your display screen. This desk's cabinet-grade plywood construction and tough, elegant finish make it pro-quality addition to any studio. Improve your space and your workflow, with the AVM 6x3 Audio Video Mixing/Mastering Desk.

AVM 6x3 Audio Video Mixing/Mastering Desk Features:
  • Cabinet-grade 1" plywood construction
  • Desk features high-quality gray laminate finish
  • Legs and wire trough feature tough black polyurea finish
  • Ergonomic rack placement
  • Large under-desk wire trough/modesty panel
  • 3 six-rackspace bays
  • 2 speaker pedestals
  • Dimensions: 26" H x 72.4" W x 41" D (H is for tabletop height; add 8" for speaker pedestal height - 32"H)
Sound Construction's amazing AVM 6x3 Audio Video Mixing/Mastering Desk makes any studio space better!

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Tech Specs

Finish Black
Monitor Shelf Yes
Rack Capacity 3 x 6U
Manufacturer Part Number AVM 6x3

Customer Reviews

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Just What the Doctor Ordered

So you mix and master, like using outboard gear, you may even have a small console to run things through...PRESTO! AVM 6x3 or 6x2 is for you. After hooking up all of my outboard pre's, comps, power supply, and speakers, I quickly found everything well-suited for my needs. Pros: The desk is very well built. It's sturdy and has the cord management trough in the back that everyone will find very, very, very handy. The all black finish looks nice and professional; it's chic and very clean. The layout is also well-done, providing you access to gear controls in arms reach. Once placed where you want it to go and all rack gear is screwed in, this puppy locks into place -- sturdy. Bumping into the desk has no effect. Also, you can sit two speakers on the stand, i.e. Yamaha HS80 and HS50 bot fit. However, I recommend keeping your more powerful speakers a foot back on stands so transients can develop a little more. Lastly the size of the desk is a very comfortable size, it's not huge, it's not puny -- you can say it's what the doctor ordered. Cons, maybe? The angle of the rack locations seems less than 45 degrees, which makes it a little challenging to see the names on the that the release knob or attack knob? In the beginning I found myself standing over the desk to see what is what. But after a couple weeks I knew what knob was what and that kept me in my seat and centered. (The plus of that is it forces you to use more ears and less eyes after you've confirmed the knob you want to turn.) But raising the angle of the rack section would help a bit. Lastly, putting rack gear such as comps, pres, and eq's and all the cords along with it in the middle rack of the 6x3 will impede your knee or stretching out of your foot underneath the desk. So be mindful of how you want to use the middle rack section. Consideration: There are two models, the 6X3 and the 6X2. Although Sweetwater only shows the 6x3, The 6x2 leaves the middle section open with no rack mounts, it's just the flat table. But it has ample space to fit my SSL X Desk (7U) or even my KORG microKONTROL midi keyboard. I strongly recommend the 6X2; Sweetwater sells the 6x2, they should place a picture of it as well. The 6x2 has given me a little more flexibility. Recommendation: The 6x3 would be ideal if your using a fader pack or a small desk. However, in my situation the SSL X Desk is a 7U, but the AVM desk comes in 6U -- ARRRGGGGGGHHHH. Perfection is missed by an inch. It would be great if the company showed more flexibility and allowed for 6U-8U to be ordered. Their standard is 6U and anything different becomes a custom order. And that's pricey. But that makes the 6x2 more ideal depending on your preference. I hope you find this review helpful. I've had the desk for about 3 months and I'm very satisfied with it. It's worth it with little hesitation. Four stars means Great! and it is a great desk.
Music background: Mastering and mixing engineer
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