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Godin ACS-SA Slim - Natural Semi-gloss Reviews

4.5 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the Godin ACS-SA Slim - Natural Semi-gloss?

Questions about the Godin ACS-SA Slim - Natural Semi-gloss?

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  • from Ann Arbor, MI October 7, 2015Music Background:
    Serious jazz guitar hoppyist

    Godin nylon slim

    Firstly, what an amazing store! The persons that assisted me on my purchase both online and at the store were really great and knowledgable. They permitted me to try out several Godin ACS slims that they had in stock so I could pick out the one that felt right for me.

    The quality of the guitar is excellent; from the satin finish, fret job, action (this particular one) and components. This nylon string electric sounds great amplified. Not really an acoustic instrument (you're not buying this for that). Neck shape and action is pretty comfortable for me being mainly an electric guitar player. Super satisfied with Sweetwater and this instrument!

  • from Lafayette, IN July 4, 2014Music Background:
    40 years playing

    What a fun guitar

    I enjoy playing this guitar as much as any I own. Harmonics are spot on and a pleasure to play. I have other nylon string guitars. However, this is the one I play the most. My Sweetwater sales rep said I would love this guitar. He was right. It is just a lot of fun to play.

  • from Abilene, TX USA March 4, 2014Music Background:

    Excellent guitar and very well set up when received

    I have bought numerous items from Sweetwater including this guitar. The process for purchase is easy, swift and the customer is always right. The packaging is very protective for shipping and the guitar arrives without any damage. The multi point check as always covers all aspects and the guitar was ready to use right out of the box. The "slim" is a very unique guitar, easy to play and with the multi faceted outputs provides a world of sounds when used with GR-55. I absolutely love it. Godin makes a quality product and I have no trouble recommending it to anyone. My customer service rep, Josh Estock, was helpful, informative and always quick to respond to my questions and inquiries. Have purchased items from other "online" dealers, but none compare to the service I have received from Sweetwater. Give Josh a call, he knows his subjects and can answer almost any inquiry you pose.

  • from Mentor, OH USA December 1, 2012Music Background:
    Recording and bands

    Godin ACS-SA Slim UNIQUE !

    UNIQUE I did not know what too expect I could not find one in any music store to play.Went to my Sweetwater and its home!The combination of solid body nylon strings eq synth. WOW if your a creative person your going to love this beautiful crafted guitar. It sounds unbeliveable pure tones. I use my Roland GR-55 synthesizer perfact match for the ACS-SA slim.

  • from Upper Jay, NY August 5, 2014Music Background:
    Gigging hobbyist...

    Godin ACS-SA Slim

    Beautiful, beautiful guitar. In both sound and looks and feel. Fit and finish is excellent. Tone felt slightly muddy in the mids at higher volume (read: at gig volume - there was some additional EQ/sound shaping I felt I needed). LR Braggs Powered DI box solved this and kept the tone defined well and crisp - without the muddiness. (note: single note classical players - less of an issue... but bear down hard on chords - you'll hear what I mean). With the additional presence that the LR Braggs brings - this is now my go to guitar for coffee shop gigs and acoustic style recordings. Tried 13 pin access to a GR-55 at a music store... VERY cool - just not sure how practical some of those tones will be in a live setting... so I'm 1/4"-ing it for now :) Backpack case is a nice one - but a hard case would have been preferred. Neck plays very intuitively coming from primarily playing an early eighties Les Paul. Intonation is DEAD ON. VERY, VERY happy I purchased this guitar!

  • from Sin City, NV USA October 16, 2012Music Background:
    Global pro-level Church Musician

    Ideal for Praise and Worship settings

    Reason for purchasing: Andy Bitler and the Sweetwater team. Great buying experience.

    Church. Five piece praise team at a military base chapel. Duty calls members away on a regular basis. This instrument (paired with the GR gear) allows me to cover a lot of ground and thus maintain consistency of sound.

    Guitar/percussion/keys/brass and woodwinds/backing pads

    Church music today is essentially "pop" music, so while nothing replaces my HD28, I do appreciate the flexibility my Godin ACS Slim allows me.

    Pro: Construction, attractive instrument, well made. Great value for the price.

    Cons: She's a bit heavy, suggest a 2.5 inch strap at least.

    Have owned and used GK 3 equipped Strat and a GK 2 unit on an Ibanez. Godin tracks much better.

  • from San Francisco, Ca, USA October 16, 2012Music Background:

    Godin ACS-SA

    Perfect, nothing to complain about. The only thing I have to say is the 5th string broke by itself after 2 weeks. I wish it lasts a bit longer.

  • from Charlotte, NC May 13, 2011Music Background:
    53 years of rock, country rock, R&B, and gospel

    The New Classic Guitar

    The only reason that I gave the 4.5 rating is that I'm rather new to the nylon string instruments. Someone with more experience in the "world of nylon" will have to weigh in on their thoughts concerning this family of guitars. I have played solid bodied steel-stringed guitars for over 50 years now, and I can honestly give a fair rating to those. This is a different instrument. I can say that, personally, I think this guitar is absolutely perfect for what it is.
    Mine weighs almost 7 pounds. Heavy for a classic, normal for an electric. It feels solid, and plays that way too. Tuning is very stable and the action is better than I expected for a nylon strung instrument. My cedar top is darker than the photos indicated, but still very natural for that wood. The guitar can easily be heard if you want to practice un-plugged. Similar to a Telecaster in that form of resonance. The neck responds nicely to truss rod adjustments, so do it in small increment.
    The active EQ lets you cover a lot of sonic territory without approaching the amplifier. Keep the guitar's volume at the mid point and save yourself some low end growl, that I'm finding is present in even the better acoustic guitar amplifiers.
    The tuners are, as I mentioned quite solid, and they are something to see also. Gold with black etching. The controls are in a convenient position. You can see your settings at a glance without having to re-position the guitar.
    One of my concerns over the years, in dealing with piezo loaded guitars, is that the volume balance from string to string was often uneven. The fact that Godin's design gives each string a separate saddle, may have something to do with the fact that each string has a definite voice. The result here is a very rich, acoustic, sound. both for when each string is played individually or when chording. Pretty much what I was hoping for.
    I am finding this guitar to be somewhat addictive. It's not been back in the bag since it got here 5 days ago.
    Overall, I am enjoying this experience. And, I have to give credit to Greg, my technical adviser at Sweetwater, for his patients in leading me to the right guitar.

  • from New Orleans March 21, 2012Music Background:
    Active musician

    Good quality instrument

    The first few days with the new Slimline ACS were awkward. Having played steel string low action guitars all my life there was a learning curve involved. That's not a guitar issue but a guitarist issue. The instrument is well made and the fit and finish are flawless. If playing through an amp PLEASE, use a quality, wide frequency range amp or the sound will be muddy, otherwise the instrument comes through loud and clear with good tone and accurate acoustic sound. The slim necki allows nice playability but you must remember it is NOT an electric guitar neck and there are some differences. Out of the box I did have to adjust the action but the truss rod is easy to manipulate and the neck responds quickly. Overall this is a great buy at this price.

Questions about the Godin ACS-SA Slim - Natural Semi-gloss?

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