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Meet Your Sales Engineer

Dan VanAmerongen

Meet Your Sales Engineer

Dan VanAmerongen

Hi! My name is Dan Van Amerongen and I am a Senior Sales Engineer here at Sweetwater, where I was recruited back in 1999.

I started out as a musician. I play bass, guitar, a bit of piano, and am a classically trained vocalist. I have had the pleasure of singing in Carnegie Hall in my college years and also toured seven countries in Europe as a soloist and choral member with the Iowa Ambassadors of Music.

I started dabbling in recording in high school and was enthralled by the process. I studied recording engineering in college and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in a Media Technologies course.

Now that I am here at Sweetwater, I find that the experience that I have gained in this industry has helped me to better assist my clients, and be a great resource for them.

Whether it is for stage, studio, or home, give me a call. I look forward to helping you achieve your musical goals!

How Can I Help?

As your personal contact here at Sweetwater, please let me know anytime I can offer help or advice.

(800) 222-4700 ext 1253

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