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Macintosh Software Bundle with GarageBand, iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, and iWeb Production Software
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Apple iLife \'06 image 1

Sorry, the Apple iLife '06 is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Apple iLife '06
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Five Creative Applications in One Bundle

Apple's iLife '06 updates iPhoto, iMovie HD, iDVD, and GarageBand, and introduces iWeb, an innovative application that lets you share photos, movies, podcasts, and blogs on the Internet in minutes using .Mac.

Apple iLife '06 software bundle at a Glance:
  • GarageBand 3 is ideal for creating podcasts or iMovie scores
  • Burn DVDs with iDVD
  • Edit photos effortlessly with iPhoto
  • Create your own videos with iMovie
  • Publish videos to websites and blogs
  • Build your own website with iWeb

GarageBand 3 for creating podcasts or iMovie scores
GarageBand 3 now lets you record and produce podcasts from your own control room - even if it's your living room! Armed with no more than your Mac's built-in microphone and your sparkling wit, you can record podcast episodes, add jingles and sound effects, conduct interviews using iChat, then add artwork and chapter markers all in one intuitive interface. GarageBand features effects and engineering tricks that turn a simple voice recording into a professional-sounding podcast. And with a little help from iWeb, the latest addition to the iLife suite, you can publish your podcast online and build up a fan base on the iTunes Music Store.

If the music matters most to you, GarageBand amplifies its already tuneful offerings - multi-track recording, a vast library of Apple Loops and software instruments, a built-in mixer - with scoring for your iMovie projects and new web sharing options.

Burn DVDs with iDVD
Now you can burn DVDs on a compatible third-party DVD burner, play them on practically any DVD player, and watch them on your widescreen TV! From Hollywood-style home videos to multimedia wedding albums to professional slideshow portfolios, iDVD 6 helps you realize that burning ambition to share your movies and photos on DVD. And not just any DVD, mind you. A jaw-dropping widescreen DVD with coordinated menus and ambient audio. A DVD with thoroughly professional polish. A DVD so captivating, it will make everyone's must-see list.

Let iDVD 6 create a ready-to-burn DVD in one click with Magic iDVD. Choose from brand-new DVD themes - in standard and widescreen formats - each with coordinated menus and drop zones you can edit yourself or autofill in seconds. Navigate and edit your entire project using an enhanced map view with drag-and-drop functionality.

Edit photos effortlessly with iPhoto
Completely rebuilt for speed, iPhoto now supports gigantic image libraries - up to 250,000 images! Whether you shoot a lot of photos or just a few, you probably like sharing them. Photocasting lets you do just that. Just use your .Mac account to share photo albums as a Photocasts. Friends and family with Internet access then subscribe to your Photocasts, and your photos appear in their iPhoto libraries or via an RSS feed. Automatically.

iPhoto 6 also brings great news to those who like to think big. Or, rather, work big. That's because iPhoto 6 lets you view and edit your photos full screen. Imagine taking advantage of every pixel of your gorgeous Cinema Display to review, compare, organize, and edit your photos. Thanks to full-screen editing and one-click effects in iPhoto 6, you don't have to imagine at all.

Create your own videos with iMovie
Now iMovie HD 6, the fastest and easiest way to turn your home videos into Hollywood hits, puts even more cinematic tools at your disposal. Those start with new Apple-designed iMovie themes. Like nothing you've ever seen before, iMovie themes let you combine your photos and video with professionally designed scenes that incorporate such coordinated elements as titles, video and graphic overlays, and advanced transitions. Offering drag-and-drop ease for customizing your movie with photos and video clips, they allow you to give it the feel of a feature film. But without the cost overruns.

You'll also love the new CoreVideo-based video effects available in the latest version of iMovie. And the fact that you can preview the results in real time. At any size. Even full screen. iMovie does all the rendering in the background (accelerated by your Mac's processor), so you can experiment to your heart's content. They complement nicely the new audio processing - including noise reduction and a handy graphic equalizer - that come your way via Mac OS Core Audio.

Publish videos to websites and blogs
Here's more exciting news. Now you can use iMovie to easily publish video to your websites and blogs. iMovie even makes it incredibly easy to create video podcasts, complete with chapter markers and live URLs. With a little assistance from iWeb, you can submit your video podcast to the iTunes Podcast directory and broadcast it to the world.

Build your own website with iWeb
Featuring a shiny bunch of Apple-designed web templates, iWeb makes web design a drag-and-drop endeavor. Choose your template, pick a page type - blog, photo album, podcast, movie - and open the built-in media browser to drag in all your iLife content. The latest episode of your GarageBand podcast. Your iPhoto wedding album. The travelogue you edited in iMovie. Whatever you create, you can put it all on your new website.

Apple iLife '06 software bundle Features:
  • Five stellar applications to handle music, photos, video, and more
  • GarageBand 3 with updated features
  • iDVD can create a ready-to-burn DVD with one click
  • iPhoto offers full-screen editing of your images
  • iMovie makes creating videos easy
  • Build your own website with iWeb
Indulge your creative side with iLife '06!

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