Access Virus TI2 Polar

37-key Analog Modeling Synthesizer and 24-bit/192kHz USB Audio/MIDI Interface
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Access Virus TI2 Polar image 1
Access Virus TI2 Polar image 1
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Access Virus TI2 Polar
In Stock!

Access Steps Up The Renowned Virus!

The Access Virus TI2 Polar synthesizer takes the revered Virus TI to the next level, boasting 25% more calculating power, a more robust onboard effects section, a lighter weight, and a completely redesigned housing. At the heart of the Virus TI2 Polar is the new OS3 which comes with new effects - Frequency Shifter, Tape Delay, new Distortions, and Character. What's more, it now includes the enhanced Virus Control 3.0 plug-in, giving you even deeper control of the synthesizer and your many presets. Already a known Ferrari of a synth, expect even more from the Access Virus TI2 Polar.

Access Virus TI2 Polar 37-key Synthesizer at a Glance:
  • The "Ferrari" Just Got Better
  • Robust effects section, with new TI2 effects
  • Total Integration - enhanced Virus Control 3.0 plug-in
  • 3 main oscillators and one sub-oscillator per voice
  • Two fully independent filters and 2-dimensional modulation matrix
  • Robust effects section, with new TI2 effects
  • Each patch contains its own arpeggiator pattern
  • Premium redesigned enclosure, lighter in weight

The "Ferrari" Just Got Better
Access somehow managed to improve on the revered Virus TI system, taking the "Ferrari" to the next level of performance - and TI computer integration. With a lighter, redesigned enclosure, a bolstered effects section, and an enhanced Virus Control 3.0 plug-in - plus all the staples that made the Virus the famous powerhouse - the Virus TI2 Polar is truly the culmination of Access's 12-year triathlon of sound research, distillation of user input, and their simple desire to create an exceptional instrument.

Robust effects section, with new TI2 effects
The new Access Virus TI2 Polar features an even more powerful effects section, bringing studio-favorite effects to the live performance realm. In addition to phaser, chorus/flanger, ring modulator/shifter, EQ, and a global vocoder, onboard are a new Tape Delay effect, a Frequency Shifter, and new Distortions. There's also a new Character effect, which lets you shape the timbre of the Virus's sound and its fit in the mix, using Analog Boost, Vintage 1/2/3, Pad Opener, Lead Enhancer, Bass Enhancer, or Stereo Widener "Characters."

Total Integration - enhanced Virus Control 3.0 plug-in
The TI in the Virus TI2 Polar stands for Total Integration with your DAW - and Access has heightened that integration, with the Access Virus TI2 line. With the new Virus Control 3.0 plug-in, you have enhanced control over your Virus TI2, right inside your DAW. There's also an even more robust presets manager, so you can organize, sort, search, and tweak - as quickly as you want to work.

3 main oscillators and one suboscillator per voice
The Access Virus TI2 Polar features three main oscillators and one sub-oscillator per voice. Each main oscillator can be made up of various oscillator types, including Hyper Saw (a multi saw-tooth oscillator with up to 9 stacked oscillators, 9 sub oscillators, and a sync oscillator at the same time), Classic Virtual Analog oscillators (saw, variable pulse, sine, triangle, 62 spectral waves with several FM modes), Graintable, Wavetable (with 100 multi-index wavetables), and Format oscillators

Two fully independent filters and 2-dimensional modulation matrix
You can use two fully independent filters with the Access Virus TI2 Polar - lowpass, highpass, bandpass, and bandstop) while using an optional saturation module between both filter blocks. The saturation module can add one of several distortions and lo-fi effects, or an additional low/highpass filter. There's also optional self-resonating Moog cascade filter simulation, with circuit overload and 1-4 poles. What's more, the Access Virus TI2 Polar offers a 2-dimensional modulation matrix, with 6 slots (1 source and 3 modulation targets each), and you can modulate parameters in real-time.

Each patch contains its own arpeggiator pattern
Every patch onboard the Access Virus TI2 keyboard features its own arpeggiator pattern with 32 programmable steps (length and velocity can be adjusted per step) and a global control for swing/shuffle timing and for note lengths. You can control all of this using the modulation matrix.

Premium redesigned enclosure, lighter in weight
The new Access Virus TI2 Polar retains is classy look - all designed, engineered, and built in Germany. It also features a lighter weight, so the Virus TI2 Polar is even more prepared for the stage.

Access Virus TI2 Polar 37-key Synthesizer Features:
  • New Effects, including Tape Delay, Frequency Shifter, new Distortions, and Character
  • 25% more calculating power than Virus TI, and completely redesigned housing
  • Dual DSP system with over 80 stereo voices under average load. (Load depends on which oscillator / filter model has been chosen).
  • Virus Control 3.0 VST and Apple Audio Unit Plug-for Mac OS X and Windows XP. The remote seamlessly integrates the Virus TI into your sequencer, making it feel just like a plug-in.
  • The Virus TI's Audio and MIDI inputs and outputs can be used by the sequencer application as an audio and MIDI interface.
  • The Virus TI is the first hardware synthesizer with sample-accurate timing and delay-compensated connection to your sequencer.
  • WaveTable Oscillators for a completely new array of sounds. WaveTable and conventional Virus oscillators and filters can be mixed.
  • HyperSaw oscillators with up to 9 sawtooths - each with parallel sub oscillator per voice (that's over 1800 stereo oscillators @ 100 voices!).
  • Independent delay and reverb for all 16 multi mode slots.
  • 129 parallel effects. There is reverb and delay, chorus, phaser, ring modulator, distortion, 3 band EQ and the Analog Boost bass enhancer.
  • 2 multi-mode filters (HP, LP, BP, BS) and the Analog Filter (modeled after the MiniMoog cascade filter with 6-24 dB Slope and self-oscillation).
  • Dedicated remote mode turns the Virus TI into an universal remote control for VST / AU plug-ins and external synthesizers.
  • 6 balanced outputs with +4 dB level and switchable soft limiting algorithm. Studio grade 192 khz D/A converters with S/PDIF digital I/O. 2x24 bit inputs. Surround sound capabilities
  • Tap tempo button. The algorithm is based on Access' Sync Xtreme technology.
  • Programmable arpeggiator pattern for every patch.
  • Knob quantize for creating stepped controller movements. The stepping automatically syncs to the Virus clock or an incoming MIDI clock.
  • 3 LFOs with 68 waveforms to choose from.
  • 2 super fast ADSTR envelopes.
  • Extended memory: 512 RAM patches and 2048 ROM patches (rewritable).
  • Adaptive control smoothing for jitter-free modulations on all important parameters.
  • Multi mode with embedded patches.
  • Compatible with USB 2.0 specifications, USB and High-Speed USB devices.
  • Great synth-action keyboard with 37 keys, velocity response, and aftertouch.
  • 2 pedal inputs.
The Access Virus TI2 Polar takes the renowned Virus TI synthesizer to the next level!

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Tech Specs

Sound Engine Type(s) Analog Modeling
Number of Keys 37
Type of Keys Semi-weighted
Other Controllers Pitchbend, Mod Wheel
Polyphony 20 Notes-90 Notes (Depending On the Patch)
Number of Presets 512 RAM Patches, 3328 ROM Sounds
Number of Effects 192
Effects Types Reverb, Chorus, Delay, Phaser, EQ, Ring Mod
Arpeggiator Yes
Audio Inputs 2 x TS
Audio Outputs 6 x TS, 1 x TRS (Headphones)
Digital Inputs 1 x S/PDIF
Digital Outputs 1 x S/PDIF
USB 1 x Type B
MIDI I/O In/Out/Thru/USB
Pedal Inputs 1 x Hold, 1 x Control
Power Supply Included
Height 4.4"
Width 22.3"
Depth 13.2"
Weight 18.5 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number Virus TI2 Polar

Customer Reviews

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It's like some sort of legal intoxicant

It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.

The Greatest 'programmers' Synthesizer ever made

Yeah, I know, that is quite a claim but there is a reason I have gone so far as to make that claim. The Virus IS a synthesizer. It IS made for electronic music. It is NOT trying to be something other than what it is and as far as synthesizers go, it is the king of the hill. It is NOT a rompler, it doesn't mimic orchestral strings, brass, woodwinds, pianos flutes or is a true blue, down and dirty classic synthesizer for the sound designer who makes electronic music and wants a plethora of oscillators to start their journey with. If you want to recreate a String Legatto from an orchestra or flute trill, well, get one of the many ROM based workstations out there like a Jupiter 80 or Korg M3 or Kronos but if you make electronic, dance or ambient and want to create your OWN sounds then you want a SYNTH and the Virus is THE synth to get first.. this is the one you have heard on every electronic dance record from the last 15 years, starting with the Virus A and going forward. Name one major electronic artist and I can say in a most educated way that they have probably used the Virus on one of their major releases if not more. That is not to say if you get a virus you will sound like every other major artist, though. Nothing could be further from the truth (unless you use the sometimes very cliched presets found on the Virus, then yes, you will) but the virus allows you to escape those conventions. Come on , 16 part multi-timbrality with 20-90 voices? How can you NOT create your own sound with it? Find any other synth on the market that offers that plus the ease of use and program-ability of the Virus range! It doesn't exist. For example, the new VA synths coming from M-Audio (venom) Novation (Ultra-Nova) or Roland (Gaia) or Korg (name your Korg VA) cannot touch the Virus in terms of sound sculpting capabilities, pure oscillator sound or per part stacking power or multi timbral ability. You will pay half the cost of a TI snow in one of the others and get 1/50th of the synth that just the TI snow alone is and in two years, be bored with the synth and wanting to sell it. Take it from the voice of experience here. Seriously. I own the Ti desktop and I am going to get another one, it is that good. I have NEVER wanted to own two of the same synth, ever in all my years, until I worked with the Virus. It is THAT good and THAT easy to use/programmable and full of variety in sound sculpting capabilities. The reason I am getting another is I like to stack the hell out of the presets in Multi-Mode and build these immensely massive ambient pad combinations. By the time I am done, I have run out of voices...ha ha...but I assure you, nothing on the planet sounds like it (well, Maybe Alchemy or Stylenth can come kind of close to mimicking what the virus can do, but they are 'in the box' VST instruments and have their limitations while the virus often seems limitless). Now don't get me wrong, these kinds of soft-synths are great for what they do and can sound beautiful, especially for the price but the are NOT the Virus because they don' t have the raw, basic, start at the oscillator level kind of programability that a Virus does. Ever have those days when you just don't want to sit at the computer and write a song or have to open a DAW just to make sounds? Me too. You just want want to design those killer sounds that you will use in the song the next time you fire up the DAW. The Virus allows you to skip the computer for a while, and do just that. I sit in the easy chair and just twirl away and build these beautifully complex, evolving soundscapes for hours and never touch the computer. If and when I feel like incorporating the Virus into the DAW, well it does it better than any other hardware synth I have ever had. The Virus is so fun to use, that before you know it, you have taxed it's resources and are upset you have run out of DSP but the grat thing is, unlike your laptop, it won't crash.. Not to worry, it has a beautiful way of 'voice stealing' that really makes it unnoticeable once you've reached its limit. I love this synthesizer to death. If you go to the plethora of sample sites out there on the web selling loops and layers, I can almost guarantee that a vast majority of them have used the Virus to generate their sample sets. No other synth sounds like it, yet it sounds like no other synth. It is certainly no 'Rompler' and its sound will never be outdated cause it sounds like nothing else, yet CAN get pretty close sounding like everything else. Honestly the only thing I venture to say it won't do really well is the seriously raw analog stuff like you will get out of say a Prophet 08 or any other purely analog synth but it can mimic them pretty well and do things they could NEVER achieve. (SIC the virus is just too smooth IMO to sound truly analog) but seriously, it can do everything else and do it well. It all depends on YOU and how you Program it and that is the great part of this machine. IT is beautiful to program. I can sit down with it and just get lost inside of its beauty, for hours and hours on end, stacking, morphing, creating. Its ease of use (not to mention excellent included editor Virus control) make it a work of art. I have owned many synths and samplers in my 45 years on this planet. OB-8, MemoryMoog, SH-101, Juptiter-4, JP-8000, Alesis Micron, Waldorf Q, PPG Wave, Prophet Vector, Ensoniq ASR-10, Ensoniq Mirage, Emu E5000 and NONE, I mean NONE of them individually could ever be the 'bread and butter' all rounder machine the Virus is. yeah, they were all great in their own rights, but they were just what they were and it didn't make them so great that they were indefinite keepers. The Virus on the other hand, is a synth I will have forever and NEVER sell, it is THAT good. Work with a Virus and you will wonder how you ever lived without one.
Music background: semi-pro hobbyist

Roland and Korg seat down and learn from Access

The best thing about this synth is that you can actually use it and have control over every function at a glance. Roland and Korg products are not user friendly, they always have this "magic knob" that does the "cool thing" but you never get to experience 90% of the unit, you buy a package of features but to really use them you will suffer a pain. Access open up the synth for you in a very elegant way, they DO care about the people (not costumers) using the equipment. The workflow of the software is so easy that even Apple could take some note too. Ages that I didn't see and use a software so clear to make me do such complex functions and being able to see clearly the entire structure while getting the amazing results I was looking for. The video tutorials at the Access web site are amazing. What ever Virus you get you will enjoy and you will get %100 of your investment, not %5 or %15 but %100.
Music background: sound designer, keyboard player, multimedia.

No better synth for your workflow

The best synth ever! The plugin is great, the synth is familiar from the previous B and C that I've owned. Synth makers could really learn something from Access music. Don't re-invent the wheel with every new product. Improve on your previous version! What the Minimoog is to Analog, the Virus is to Digital. I use it as my main keyboard and I must say that I'd prefer the 61 key model to the 37 for my main keyboard. I've left 0.5 available for the improvements access will make on their next model....
Music background: Electronic Music Production

Sweetwater Advice

Carson McClain

This is my first choice for synths right now. 37 keys are just enough for live and studio especially if you have as much gear as me. The sounds on the new TI are sick, mean, and beautiful all at the same time. This monster will satisfy all of you electroheads out there who yearn for the best sound on the planet.

Mike Hammond

Virus hardware synthesizers are awesome. They are musically and sonically infectious. A must-have synth for those who seek huge sound and sonic bliss for all the electronic music genres.
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