TC Electronic VSS3 Plug-in - TDM

VSS3 Stereo Source Reverb Plug-in from System 6000 for Pro Tools - Mac/PC TDM
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TC Electronic VSS3 Plug-in - TDM image 1
TC Electronic VSS3 Plug-in - TDM image 1
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TC Electronic VSS3 Plug-in - TDM
Delivered By Download

VSS3 Stereo Source Reverb from System 6000 for TDM

The VSS3 algorithm will be familiar to generations of TC Electronic reverb users, as a generic reverb program designed essentially to add a flattering sustain effect with minimal early reflections. It's a genuine and original reverb directly ported from the System 6000.

The VSS3 for TDM's parameters are divided into 4 different main pages: the Main page, the Early Reflections page, the Reverb Tail page and the Modulation page.

Used for effects purposes, extensive modulation possibilities are offered for the creation of detuned or chorused sustain effects for e.g. vocal, guitar, piano or horns. Inherent in the VSS3 algorithm there are almost 800 parameters, equaling an astronomical amount of combinations, and this impressive set of parameters has been condensed to a very substantial and pertinent user interface.

tc electonic VSS3 Stereo Source Reverb for TDM Features:
  • The VSS3 algorithm is based on the yearlong experience of the TC scientists, and today it stands as a result of many 1000 hours of fine-tuning and trimming, making it extremely precise to work with
  • Source specific early reflections for character and localization
  • Maximum spaciousness, yet full mono compatibility
  • Real-room realism and therefore chaotic response
  • Extremely wide editing range and "story telling capability"
  • Preset coverage from natural over pleasing to extraordinary
  • Piano-correctness. Great results with or without modulation
  • Extremely wide dynamic range
  • Focus Fields for easy preset tweaking and navigation
  • Built-in preset converter - seamlessly import VSS3 presets from System 6000
  • More than 500 fully flexible presets available for music, film and post

With the VSS3 for TDM you get a package of presets that have in many cases become industry standards. The sound of VSS3 can be heard on thousands of albums and films.

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Tech Specs

Software Type Reverb
Platform Mac, PC
Upgrade/Full Full
Download/Boxed Download
Format TDM
Hardware Requirements - Mac PPC/Intel
OS Requirements - Mac OS X 10.4
OS Requirements - PC Windows XP
Manufacturer Part Number 947012901

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