Kush Audio UBK-1 Plug-in

3-stage Virtual Dynamics Processor with Saturation, Compression, and Density Engines - Mac/PC AAX2, VST, AU
Kush Audio UBK-1 Plug-in image 1
Kush Audio UBK-1 Plug-in image 1
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Compatible with:

ilok is required

Software Compatibility

You'll need an iLok copy protection device in order to use this software. If you already have one, you're good to go. If you don't, you can buy one here. An iLok is a small USB gadget (about the size of a thumb drive) that plugs into your computer. It "unlocks" the software, allowing you to use it.

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Kush Audio UBK-1 Plug-in
Delivered In Minutes!

Analog Bliss

NOTE: This product requires iLok authorization. Call (800) 222-4700 for more information.

The Kush Audio UBK-1 is a dynamics processing hat trick that no studio should be without. Saturation, Compression, Density - the UBK-1's three engines give you jaw-dropping control over your sound. Superb FATSO-based compression is only the beginning. Five super-tweaked compressor curves, modified by a sidechain filter, give you an exacting degree of control. Dial in a judicious dose of Saturation, then hang it out over the edge with a tasty application of Density. From understated to explosive, if you're into the vibrant sonic character afforded by high-end analog gear, Sweetwater is sure you'll love the Kush Audio UBK-1.

Kush Audio UBK-1 Dynamics Plug-in at a Glance:
  • Compression is merely a starting point
  • It doesn't simply Saturate
  • Density: the frosting on the cake
Compression is merely a starting point

The Kush Audio UBK-1's compressor, based on Kush's superb FATSO, is undeniably a satisfyingly great compressor, but it's got a trick up its sleeve. A highpass sidechain filter with a wickedly wide frequency sweep allows for paranormal shapes of compression. The net result is coercive movement and dynamic motion.

It doesn't simply Saturate

The Kush Audio UBK-1's Saturate engine gives you powerful tonic, to cure whatever's ailing your mix. Warm analog-esque saturation curbs brittle digitalis, perks up lame tracks, and schools uncooperative ones so they play nice in your mix.

Density: the frosting on the cake

The Kush Audio UBK-1's Density engine adds an extra level of frequency-selective compressor/harmonic saturation - and you can target the mids or highs with a switch. Density serves up eminently musical textures and savory, mellifluous distortions.

Kush Audio UBK-1 Dynamics Plug-in Features:
  • 3 Sound-bending engines: Saturation, Compression, and Density
  • 5 meticulously tweaked compressor curves
  • Headroom control adjusts sidechain level of all 3 engines, without affecting plugin output level
  • 2 parallel and serial signal paths
  • 2 Tele-style switches control wet/dry
Get pure analog bliss, with the Kush Audio UBK-1 dynamics processor!

Additional Media

UBK-1 Plug-in User Manual
Kush Update
UBK-1 Headroom
UBK-1 Bypass

Tech Specs

Software Type Dynamics
Platform Mac, PC
Upgrade/Full Full
Download/Boxed Download
iLok Required Yes
Format AAX2, VST, AU
Manufacturer Part Number UBK-1

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
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After you actually hear this crush drums, guitars, or room mics, you instantly get hooked. It acts and "moves" things in such a musical way. I have to admit, this may have slammed the door in the face of those who said plug-ins will never sound "analog". Beautiful.
Music background: Mixing Engineer

Excellent Tool

Surely, this was the best investment I could make, really improved the sound mix, sound great. . . . wonderful!
Music background: Musician and Music Producer


Music background: Alot of things, but currently mix engineer and sound designer

YES, YES, YES, Thank you, and One More YES!

This compressor (errr.... Dynamic coloration Tool....., because its much more than a compressor) is amazing. It excels on every instrument that I have used it on. It adds thickness and weight to any an all things guitar, IS AMAZING on the drum bus or any individual drums. And it makes me weep a bit when inserting it on the master bus...(Well I only weep when I bypass it on the master bus ;) It actually beat out My HARDWARE Api 2500 for master bus duties on a few mixes. Now for the useful part of the review in addition to the gleaming admiration for this piece of software. 1. it can thicken any source that you throw at it. 2. The 5 different compressors are very different sounding and at least one of them will be just the Ticket for whatever audio you process. 3. Parallel processing is awesome, and this plugin can parallel process both the saturation and compression sections. This makes some of the more extreme settings with this plugin possible... Just mix a bit of the "Crush" compressor into the signal on a snare drum awesomeness. 4. Tons of USEFUL presets are included. Lets face it, sometimes you want to work fast, and tweaking a preset is faster than starting from scratch. really can't say enough good things about this plugin.
Music background: Engineer, Guitar and Piano player.


I play what could best be described as adult orientated rock. My set-up -> I work with a singer guitarist and I do all the instrumental parts (except guitars) on keys. Motif for bass parts and Superior drums with occasional percussion from RMX Stylus. With a lot of tweaking, I finally got Superior to sound like a real drummer. Motif bass - not so real until I started using the JJP Bass Plug-in. OK - Nice clean (sanitary?) mixes with a moderate amount of 'punch'. I get a good sound but I’ve never been really thrilled with it. I try to be objective and I think my stuff sounds as good as anything I have heard from any in-the-box project studio. Enter the Kush UBK-1. First let me say "it ain't pretty" but then, I don't think it was supposed to be. It can go from somewhat subtle to over the top. Plan on spending some time dialing it in and this thing just rocks. Using the UBK-1 on the drum buss and bass and now the drums are pumping, the bass is kicking, and the house is rocking. Finally, I'm in the groove and it's slamming. Yeah, I’m thrilled with my sound now. Highly recommended.
Music background: Done it all for decades

Sweetwater Advice

Tyler Berggren

The Kush Audio UBK-1 plug-in might be one of my favorite compressors ever - hardware or software. It has a distinctly different workflow than any other dynamic tool I've ever used, with sonic results that are equally unique. As an engineer who loves to spend WAY too much time fiddling with attack and release times on normal compressors, I am always suprised how quickly I can find the sweet spot with the five preset compression curves. The built-in saturation section is superb and the density control is a cool way to add a different emphasis to your compression. This thing lives on my drum bus - always. Depending on the type of mix I'm working on, I just might strap this across the whole mix bus too, usually mixing it in parallel with the built-in wet/dry controls.
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