Fulltone Custom Shop True-Path ABY-ST - White

Guitar Signal Splitter/Combiner, with Truly Silent Switching, Switchable JFET Buffers, Soft Touch Buttons, and Phase Switch - White
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Fulltone Custom Shop True-Path ABY-ST - White image 1
Fulltone Custom Shop True-Path ABY-ST - White image 1
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Fulltone Custom Shop True-Path ABY-ST - White
In Stock!

Completely Silent Switching from Fulltone

You may just find that the Fulltone True-Path ABY guitar switcher is the most tonally-transparent switcher you've ever used. Fulltone packed the True-Path ABY with top-notch components to make sure that your tone sounds the same on the way out as it does on the way in. And to match your tastes, there's also a switchable JFET buffer on each channel to help drive long signal chains without losing tone. But the best part of the True-Path ABY's innovative design is that you'll never hear a "pop" through your amp when you're switching.

Fulltone True-Path ABY Guitar Switch at a Glance:
  • Top-notch electronics for tonally-transparent operation
  • Custom-designed photocells mean ultra-low resistance
  • Switchable JFET buffers for maximum flexibility
Top-notch electronics for tonally-transparent operation

Fulltone put a lot of thought and development into making the True-Path ABY the most transparent switcher possible, and went to great lengths to get the right components for the job. The True-Path ABY uses a custom-wound, nickel core 1:1 transformer that eliminates grounding issues safely while leaving your tone intact. And Fulltone spent over a year working with photocell developers to create an optocoupler with only 50-ohms of resistance - most other switchers have 300- to 300-ohms of resistance, and you can hear the difference. But most of the electronics in the True-Path ABY are there for one reason - to eliminate the "pop" sound when switching, for completely silent switching.

Custom-designed photocells mean ultra-low resistance

Sonically speaking, electrical resistance changes your signal's tone. Not always a bad thing when you're looking for an effect, but completely undesirable when you're just trying to pass your signal along. The only resistor your guitar's signal runs through in the True-Path ABY is the optocoupler, which Fulltone helped develop to be an ultra-low 50-ohms - way lower than the average 300-/400-ohm load in most switchers. So you'll hear the same tone coming out of the True-Path ABY as you sent into it.

Switchable JFET buffers for maximum flexibility

The True-Path ABY gives you switchable JFET buffers for each channel to give you flexibility in different applications. If you have to drive a long cable chain after the True-Path ABY, turn on the buffer to maintain your tone. Using fuzz pedals, or other effects that sound best with a high-impedance signal? Turn off the buffer, and you'll hear the richness of your fuzzes and distortions without excessive "fizziness" or harshness. No matter what your signal chain has in it, you can make it sound its best with the Fulltone True-Path ABY.

Fulltone True-Path ABY Guitar Switch Features:
  • Tonally-transparent ABY guitar switcher
  • Use it to switch one guitar between two amps, or two guitars with one amp
  • Switchable JFET buffer changes your signal to low-impedance to drive long cable chains
  • Phase switch lets you correct phase issues between two amplifiers
  • Custom optocoupler circuit has ultra-low resistance for transparent operation
  • Truly silent switching - no pops or clicks!
  • Color: White
The Fulltone True-Path ABY is a truly transparent and silent guitar switcher!

Additional Media

True-Path ABY-ST - White User Manual

Tech Specs

Type I/O Selector
Inputs 1 x 1/4"
Outputs 2 x 1/4"
Height 5.25"
Width 4"
Depth 1.8"
Weight 1.44 lbs.
Power Supply Included Yes
Manufacturer Part Number CS-ABY-ST

Customer Reviews

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Exactly what it claims to be

I picked one of these up after doing some online research, having never owned a Fulltone product. I use it to run a two amp rig with a KSR Artemis to the left and a 65 Amps Whiskey to the right. The pedal worked flawlessly. Top notch quality, silent switching, the soft touch switches are smooth and function perfectly. The options for buffering, phase and ground are also all present, exactly what you'd expect in a higher end ABY, especially after having used a more "affordable" ABY from another maker some years ago with an old rig with less than thrilling results. It was worth the extra coin. Now Fulltone has me considering some of their other offerings. If you're looking for the switch to select between two amps, or run both together, just add it your cart and quit wondering. This is the ONE.
Music background: longtime hobbyist

True-Path ABY-ST

I have tried many ABY pedals thru the years, I have been running a Radial ABY for a few years and have always found it to be one of the only ABY's that is bullet proof, without Issues as far as popping and other extra noise that you can hear and it plays well with all amps, Old & New! Then I was thinking of getting another ABY for just the dirty side of my signal chain. I have used and owned a lot of Fulltone products and have wanted to try the True-Path, So I got it last month and have to say that it exceeded all my requirements. This is a really clean, Noiseless, Switcher, And I love the soft touch foot switch's. Quite! with all the bells & whistles that you need in a top shelf ABY Switcher. I would buy another if lost or stolen.
Music background: Guitarist

Fulltone TruePath ABY-ST Pedal is the BEST CHOICE

The Fulltone TruePath ABY-ST pedal is an amazing piece of gear. I find it superior to the stereo capable Lehle Little Dual because it is totally silent and smooth in it's switching (It accommodates only a mono signal source though). Of course both of these high end ABY pedals have ground lift and phase reversal features, but the Fulltone's switchable buffers on channels A & B are going to be quite useful, when driving long lengths of instrument cables.Both units are built robustly....so no reliability issues I can forsee. The Lehle has sexy European design, beautiful LED displays, ergonomic buttons and stereo capability, but I gotta say the Fulltone is a no-nonsense, beautifully conceived piece of work. The white ST (soft touch) model is a joy to actuate. TOTALLY silent and the buttons work like butter, underfoot. Smooth operation makes for rapid and precise switching.This is by far the most feature-laden, smoothest and thoughtfully designed ABY pedal I have seen.
Music background: Longtime hobbyist......
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