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Fishman TriplePlay Wireless MIDI Pickup Reviews

4.0 stars based on 64 customer reviews
Questions about the Fishman TriplePlay Wireless MIDI Pickup?

Questions about the Fishman TriplePlay Wireless MIDI Pickup?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • Rob
    from Milwaukee January 12, 2017

    Kick'n *ss

    Tight,lean,and mean.

  • Vito Vitale
    from Atlantic Highlands, NJ May 14, 2016

    Fishman TriplyPlay Review

    I will start by saying.. this product is not perfect... but nonetheless it is no less than AMAZING. .. For me this is a game changer.. I bought it to beef up my solo act performances and to use it as a composing and learning tool.. I just have it 2 days now.. and have just started to work it into my solo act.. I do a mix of music with voice and guitar from Pop, Rock, Country, .. classical.. bossa .. lets say I like to vary.. I even perform a set of acoustic lap steel (ala David Lindley). I have worked hard to get my guitar accompinaments to not be boring and switch from electric, to classical to acoustic guitars.. my electrics have piezos and one has a sustainer.. which use believe it or not just to add a bit more of sustain to chording.. .. all to have variation and fullness.. this thing just turned my whole world upside down. I can double my acoustic nylon and steel string things.. for my classical pieces I can include a string quartette.. for many songs I can use a real piano sound .. and for others mix piano and brass and strings.. it just sounds amazing.. and I find myself playing more creatively.. with a bit more punch .. .. OK so now here is the not so good stuff.. although fishman has tried to at least some extend to make it easy to set up.. its not.. and documentation (as is normally these days) scarce and not very comprehensive at least to me.. and no I am not a computer novice.. I am a professional computer programmer and architect.. and I have dealt with music software in the past.. and some of the same struggles apply here. You will get it to work.. but do NOT expect to set it up in 10 minutes. Some key Tips 1. use the memory stick to set up the software initially.. it is the fastest way.. it will take about an hour or more to get it going...the authentication stuff for the software is a bit painful and annoying.. pay very special attention to every step.. and be patient. 2.You may need to "Sync up" your wireless plug in device with your controller.. you can find a video on fishman that explains it it is pretty simple.. one my fist try I tried to install the software downloads took hours.. and the computer would not recognize the wireless stick.. not sure why.. installed on another computer using the memory stick and things went fine.. if you do want to use that software you download you will have to know how to mount an ISO drive. they recommend a program if you don't have one.. trying to create physical disks from these ISO files is not the way to go 3. Latency - Although the claim is it is non-existent.. it is not true.. its there.. using the Microsft drivers on your computer will not cut it.. You HAVE to install the ASIO driver.. it is a free download.. and is the only driver that I have found that will give you a latency that is acceptable.. you will notice this by playing your guitar together with they midi sounds.. with ASIO at make settings you can get 1.3 millisecond delay.. which is still not perfection.. but it does not through off your playing and ends up being sort of very slight reverberation that seems to enrich the music.. so it works out. With the microsoft divers.. the delay makes performance with your guitar close to impossible.. it will through off your timing.. with ASIO you are really ok. That is it.. again not perfect.. but it is still amazing and I have not explored to composing and learning capabilities that this tool offers..

  • Juli√°n Fern√°ndez
    from Dominican Republic February 15, 2016Music Background:
    Pro musician, producer, composer

    Triple Play : triple easy!!!

    After having worked for years with the Roland GR-33 driven by a Godin, my beloved GR "passed away"
    last month. That's when I decided it was time to try the FTP.
    1-It is very easy to adapt to your favourite axe with the hardware provided.
    2-Very easy to install all of the software with the flash drive included.
    3-Very, very easy to play with the incredible tracking!!
    Now waiting for my Fishman FC-1 foot controller, just ordered!!!
    Thanks a lot to Jorge Padilla(lots of kudos), my sales engineer for never, never loosing his patience,
    and thanks to Justin Dunbar, the Customer Service Team and the guys in tech support for their never ending help......!!!

  • Yuri Amorim
    from October 21, 2015Music Background:
    Singer-songwriter, guitarist and music producer

    How to easily turn your beloved guitar into anything

    This little thing is AWESOME. Tracking is superb, installation and setup was pretty straight forward (even for a non-techie guy like myself) and reasonably well documented (with manuals and video tutorials available), comes with lots of sounds and software that gives you anything you might need to get your music out there (from scoring to tracking). It really does what it promises: open up your tonal possibilities to virtually anything you might think of. I would highly recommend that you check other VSTi's (virtual instruments) then the provided though. You'll be surprised!

  • Mark Carter
    from September 18, 2015Music Background:
    45 plus years and now up to 7 instruments played

    Awesome device!!!

    This is a great item, and Sweetwater, and Fishman are the best I've ever dealt with for customer service, and support. I would highly reccomend both. as for the Fishman Triple Play, It's about time!!! they really stepped up with this one, awesome for guitar synth, and scoring software. a great idea, and a great pruduct!!

  • Homer
    from Phoenix, AZ July 8, 2015Music Background:
    Been pick'n for about 50 years.

    Good item, buy one you won't regret it.

    I purchased this unit for re-insperation in play'n and found I had a full recording studio at my finger tips.
    That was a plus for me. I have been look'n and listen'n for years for something that did not require a sound engineer on-board to play. This is the first unit I have found that works the way it should, and is simple to use. you can add tracks without worrying about sync to the rest of it. I should be busy for some time just exploring the combination of sounds.
    The only negative I found is the length of cord from the controler to the pickup; it's about two in. short for my guitar I need a little more slack.

  • ralph
    from March 30, 2015


    'blown away is right. Never imagined I could make my guitar produce the sound of 142 instruments, I love it

  • barry farrow
    from warwick Rhode Island December 20, 2013Music Background:

    Great midi interface

    I bought this to supplement my guitar work in a live covers band.I had researched both this and rolands gr55 system,ultimatly I went with fishman for one major reason ...wireless! I use with G30 wireless and line 6 dream rig,so I didn't need another cable coming off guitar,and roland is double in price,for me it works great for what I do.software was easy to install and use,pick up it self was also easy to attach to guitar.Many useable factory presets plus ability to create your own.I highly recomend it.

  • Prz
    from Bay Area November 21, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Hobbyist

    Fishman Triple Play - Dzzzamn

    Installation takes roughly 10 minutes. Once you adjust the height of the pickup (made easy with a baby-screwdriver), sync the usb dongle with the pickup and fire up your daw/synth of choice. Just like that. From there say goodbye to the next few weeks of your life. Tracking is superb. Whether youre hybrid picking, sweeping, noodling or simply strumming chords while patched to your sound bank of choice, this device will catch nuances and accents accurately and convert them to midi. Im not sure how this thing does what it does but it does it well enough for me to post a review. The ability to cross platforms and not be restricted to particular pre-existing sounds (..roland comes to mind) makes this the most versatile and affordable pickup out there. Anything short of 5 stars would be an injustice to the beauty and magic that is this technology.

  • James
    from Savannah GA October 28, 2013Music Background:
    Musician, video artist.

    Damn Thing Works!

    I was pretty stunned. Setup was easy, ran samples and sounds off of Ableton with minimal latency. I also use it to trigger video clips in VDMX.

  • Patrick Madden
    from Vestal, NY May 31, 2013Music Background:

    This is the MIDI interface I was waiting for...

    I've been looking at guitar MIDI interfaces for years (ok, decades). Fishman has dialed into the functionality I want, and at great price. I watched a few of the videos (they're legit--no smoke and mirrors), an I felt like it was time to pull the trigger.

    Couldn't be happier. It installed in minutes. The pickup has a sticky-backing mount, so no drilling or anything scary. It sync'd easily. Works great with my Mac, and also my iPad (using the camera connection kit). It tracks accurately, and fast enough that I can't hear any latency. It even comes with licenses for SampleTank and some NI instruments. It's wireless, with batteries that charge over USB. I really can't imagine it being any better.

    You have to play cleanly, and mute notes -- but that's true of every MIDI system I've ever tried. It works really really well. Exactly what I've been wanting for a long long time.

  • Tony
    from Greensboro, NC May 22, 2013Music Background:
    Weekend warrior

    Whole New World

    I was expecting a lot from this unit and it delivered big time. Tracking is amazing and it really allows you to sound like an organ player, horn section, or funky cat on a Fender Rhoades. It does make you play differently depending on the instrument as your ear guides your fingers "play" more like that instrument would sound natively. It's amazing how close you can get on some of these instruments to the real thing...it kinda freaks the audience out...other musicians think you are using a sequencer ;)

  • Keith Hall
    from United States May 22, 2013Music Background:
    Musician, Recording Engineer, Canoe Enthusiast


    Works so wel!!! It's great for recording midi into your DAW. If you cant play keyboad as good as guitar this is amazing. Feels and sounds great to play a Hammond and/or Rhodes on your guitar. The software it comes with is great. I upgraded to Komplete 9 Ultimate.

  • Tobo
    from San Francisco May 20, 2013Music Background:
    Producer, Engineer, composer, professional musician

    Great Device For Acoustic Guitar

    This thing is awesome, what can I say. I am using it on Acoustic Guitar and it works really well. There is a little learning curve to get some instruments to play accurately but overall very nice!

  • robertmorris
    from LA May 17, 2013Music Background:
    Composer, Playah.

    triple play

    awesome. Tracks very well.

  • Customer
    from April 18, 2013


    This is by far the best guitar to midi converter I have used and I have tried the lot over the last 25 years!

    Lightyears ahead of the competition.

    I have had to contact Fishman support with a couple of small issues and they have been superb as well.

    Very highly recommended.

  • Kevin Goss
    from Austin, TX April 17, 2013Music Background:
    Guitarist and Digital Composer

    Best Midi Guitar Product Ever!!!

    I am absolutely blown away!!! I have not even tweaked it yet and am getting hands down the best performance of anything I have ever tried. Nothing else on the market I have seen or tried even compares in actual use. There are almost no dropouts or phantom notes and the tracking is better than I have ever witnessed. The latency is very good, but still a little noticable, but much better than others I have used. Finally someone got the hardware right.

    I think they could do a little better with the software, but as I am just using it to drive Sonar and East West I only need it for adjustments to sensitivity.

    It should also be mentioned that compared to the next "industry leader" (you know who I am talking about), the setup and configuration is painless. It only took me 15 minutes to get up and running and the results are IMMENSELY better than the other guys in far less time.

    This is easily my most satisfying purchase in many years.

    If you are a guitar player looking to control your virtual instruments, you will not be disappointed. I can only imagine what the future holds for this device as newer versions come out.

  • Steve
    from United States April 17, 2013

    Absolutely AMAZING

    I love this thing so much, It is LIGHTYEARS ahead of anything similar. I sat on the waitlist for this forever and it was worth the wait. If you are interested in triggering sounds or other instruments, and you have a decent computer to run it on, you would be a FOOL to buy anything else, period. It works flawlessly.

  • KB Hill
    from United States April 16, 2013Music Background:


    I just received the Triple Play today. This think is amazing. I have been using it with Reason 6.5 and Ableton Live 8. tracking is great.

    I am so happy with this product. It was worth the wait.

  • Graham
    from Santa Rosa, CA March 31, 2013Music Background:
    Classily trained composer, guitarist, old-school electronica.

    Amazing Tracking

    I was able to play with the TriplePlay at MacWorld in February and was amazed by how beautifully this tracked. I'm a classical player and the Fishman rep said that the pickup perfoms really well the cleaner you play. It captured my trills and hammer-ones nicely. Capturing a polyphonic performance was no problem, complex arpeggios were also captured perfectly.

    The included software (The Fishman software and a customized copy of Kontakt) works well and has some really stellar patches that show off the control capabilities. One that comes to mind is a beautiful violin patch that smoothly glissandos when you slide up or down the neck.

    Definitely the best controller setup I've ever played, and the wireless connection is very nice with little latency and very playable.

  • Wayne Marshall
    from California December 3, 2016

    Triple Play

    I have had an enormous investment in Guitar Synths. All but one of my 6 guitars are Midi'ed. I've had several Rolands, GK's, GR's, GI's. and an Axon AX100 and AX50 and 2 Ghost Systems. All this stuff works well but nothing tracks better and is more convenient or versatile as the TriplePlay. I primarily use the synth for slow attack pads and sound that double song "heads" to make them thicker. I don't usually play strait instrument imitations unless I'm sequencing.
    The software has a good set features but the sounds are not the best. I also can't get Guitar Rig working.
    I don't care for the stupid "crazy" synth sounds. I like rich pads and rich full bodied sounds not the weird ones unless I'm just messing around.
    I bought Omnisphere use with the TriplePlay and there's some good stuff that comes with the Logic sound library. The sound that come with the TP are light-weight and don't take much CPU Power so the work better and load faster. The biggest downside and frustration I've had with G-synth is getting (non-packaged) hardware and software to work in Mono Mode. I would love to not to have to jump though hoops to have to both understand the setup and deal with the hassles implementing Mono Mode in a sequencer or without TP software. The packaged Roland GR's and Axon seems to be the only simple near-flawless systems for Mono Mode. I have to have the TP software to run in the background hosting sounds in my Logic Pro X setup to enable pitch bend too.
    I love wireless! and the smaller footprint. The Roland GK's have the burden of holding the heavy cable with eventually can damage the pickup. I also like the magnetized mount although I had to make a paper cut-out template to install the unit 'cuz it wouldn't stick to my Strat and stay there when I lifted the unit up. I just pulled the magnet up too.
    A couple of things on my wish list for the TP would include. Ez Mono mode and pitch bend config for 3rd party hosts (like Logic Pro X) without TP software. Smoother toggle switch (it can eventually unstick your taped mount).

  • Lyn Gorton
    from United States July 29, 2014Music Background:
    Hobby Muscician

    Triple Play

    Does what it says on the box.Very easy to set up and use although there was some initial confusion when using with Studio 1 and notation as I did not realize that you called TP in from those programs. Maybe a note on the instructions would help.I have been using midi for a number of years but guitar is my first instrument so now I have the best of both worlds.Latency is very good and even playing at speed there is no discernible lag.I would recommend this product to any home recording enthusiast and anyone who wants to add another dimension to their live playing.The one negative is the time it takes to download the software which is the only reason the product got a 4.5 and not a 5

  • JDH
    from WAKE FOREST, NC April 4, 2014

    Impressive hardware. Great sounds, tracking and low latency.

    This product got many well deserved reviews. The sounds of some of the included synths are amazing. For example the Minimoog in Sampletank sounds crazy good. The Brass section (second patch) in the Fishman app sounds incredibly lush and dynamic over a strummed chord. Playing drums using Cakewalk's Dimension Pro absolutely was a blast. Much better than Fishman's patch as it worked on almost all of the strings.

    After the initial installation of the pickup, it worked right away as a MIDI instrument using existing soft synths installed on my DAW. It is really nice not to have to install a custom driver and have it work right out of the box like that. I played through Dimension Pro and Zeta for quite a while even before fine tuning the setup. Without some fine tuning it may not work 100% perfectly. False triggers and double notes could occur, as well as played notes not sounding.

    It's not immediately obvious how to sync the device but the instructions are easy to follow in the included documentation. Basically hold down the button on the USB receiver until it starts flashing. Turn on the transmitter on the guitar. The flashing LED is actually a button that you hold down until the USB light no longer flashes and it's synced.

    My triple play is installed on a Schecter C-1+ which has a Tune-O-Matic bridge. That makes for a really simple install with the included mounting plate, as you're not permanently attaching the pickup or transmitter to any part of the guitar. I did spend some time tweaking the physical setup. It was necessary to make a couple of minor neck adjustments and fine tune the action to elminate any buzzing frets or dampening of notes. There are 4 shims included that will get the pickup as close to the strings as possible without touching them. And lastly for fine adjustment the hex pickup height can be adjusted using the included spacer tool, and the tiny screwdriver. Once it is configured properly it is really playable! If you watch some of the online demos you'll see that it tracks in real time with very fast playing. There is minimal false triggering, double-notes, and notes not playing rarely occurs.

    Overall the software and included sounds are great. I really like being able to visualize the notes as they are played in the Fishman app. And it's great having the level meters for each individual string as positive feedback things are configured and working properly.

    The software was not without some issues that need to be worked around or at least understood though.

    - Sample Tank samples are not available in the 64 bit version of the fishman app. This is mentioned in the FAQ at Fishman, however the appearance in the app would lead you to believe something is not installed properly as the unavailable patches are shown in red. The workaround is to use the 32 bit to practice. If you're trying to record in a 64 bit DAW it could be an issue unless you use a plugin that allows bridging in of 32 bit VST's.

    - Native Instruments Guitar Rig LE runs with full version amps and effects in a demo-mode by default. I don't mind being offered an upgrade the first time running an application, but having an annoying "demo mode only" pop-up on by default is quite confusing. This can be disabled in preferences for the app so you no longer get the annoying "Demo mode stops working in 30 minute" pop-ups.

    - Some of the patches in the Fishman app are mixed with Guitar Rig 5 audio which is a great idea: mixing guitar audio with MIDI. In order to configure the audio input it is really confusing though because it basically requires settings in 2 places. And one of those places isn't persistent unless you save every single patch that uses Guitar Rig. In the Fishman app you are only given the option of selecting a stereo pair. Which is utterly confusing because most of us will be using a single audio I/O for an electric guitar, right? So why isn't the mono input listed in the properties? Well if you double click on the Guitar Rig 5 icon in the patch you are playing in the Fishman app, then at the very top of Guitar Rig plugin where there is an input meter, there is also a selector which allows you to select L/R or both. The problem is if you set it here it will not be persisted, or you would have to go to every single patch that includes Guitar Rig and set it, then save it to overwrite the preset. Really a confusing design. So in other words if you want to use input number 2, of a 1/2 stereo pair as your guitar input because you have mic or something else in input number 1, don't it's not worth the hassle. Select 1/2 in the Fishman app, and plug the guitar into input 1.

  • Kevin
    from Arlington Heights IL March 24, 2014Music Background:
    Songwriter, Producer


    Amazing tool for guitarist. It is a giant leap forward in guitar synths. Although the triple play setup is quick and relatively painless the other samples will take some time to load, authorize, etc... be prepared to spend time with this. It will reframe your outlook on guitar and composition. That said it is a gas to play and the bluetooth instead of a cable is pure genius. Bravo Fishman

  • Jeff Biesiadecki
    from Cortland, IL October 19, 2013Music Background:

    Just. Amazing.

    If you've been waiting to jump into MIDI guitar, this is the time. I love this thing, and I say that as someone who goes all the way back to the GR-1, and have owned GR-30's, GR-33's, GR-55's, and GI-20's. This device blows them all away in speed and accuracy. Couple that with the fact that it's a tiny pickup with a tiny dongle, and you've got a winner. Works equally well on Mac and PC, and (with the Camera Connection Kit) is simply awesome on the iPad. It's easy to mount, and their design for taking it on and off the guitar is fantastic.
    I'm knocking off half a star for not having an iPad app for programming sensitivity and such, but otherwise, this is a fantastic device.

  • William Fuller
    from Hawaii, USA September 5, 2013Music Background:
    50 plus years experience


    Amazing device. Works great. Software is awesome, maybe too much. 9-10 gigs of download and then have to burn 4 DVD.s
    My only concern is dynamic range etc. Fits nicely on my electric and acoustic and easy to change over. A great step forward for midi sounds.

  • Tyrone
    from June 9, 2013Music Background:

    Amazing midi device, works on android device

    Great midi device. Tracking is great . Was curious if it would work on my Samsung galaxy note, so I bought a OTG usb cable and plugged the Fishman triple play into it. Was impressed that I was able to trigger the sounds witin Caustic music software for android and Keybords sound pro, virtual midi keyboard with my FTP device.

  • B. Stevens
    from Corona, CA May 16, 2013Music Background:

    A Pleasant Surprise

    I suppose the only thing this didn't do that I needed was accurately track the bends and send the appropriate midi pitch bend signals, but I suppose that would be too much to ask. But being able to play live any instrument in my synth library from my guitar is just spectacular. In songwriting, I love being able to improvise a guitar solo live and then being able to tweak it without having to record it again. Midi guitars are expensive, and this isn't cheap, but if you've ever been looking for a sound compromise this is it.

  • Larry Heilman
    from Austin Texas May 6, 2013Music Background:
    player, tech geek, amatur builder

    My favorite Midi guitar unit

    Very good unit. I have used Axon ax100 and Roland Gr33 with RMC piezo 13 pin pickup. This is far better and less expensive. Installed on a home built Strat, had to shim the neck to get clearance for the mounting that allows one to remove the unit and put it o another guitar. (Fenders may be different) Used my Mac Book Pro with 10.6.8 and software works well. (had some problems installing but Frank at Fishman gave GREAT tech support and helped me) You can use the usb receiver stand alone and just plug it in to any usb midi input, such as iPad or keyboards. It is then 6 mid channels, one per string. Used with Triple Play software, there is a lot of vst sound programs that one can use with it. (just look at NI Komplete.
    Was well worth waiting for!!

  • Wally VanDyck
    from East Coast April 15, 2013Music Background:
    Home Recording Studio. Mostly ITB MIDI on a Mac

    Best Tracking to date!!!

    First things first: Having owned and played a Yamaha G10, Roland GI-20, and Axon AX-100, I can say with certainty that the tracking of the Fishman Triple Play is better than all of them. It's the best tracking MIDI guitar converter available to date. The gold standard for me is being able to play "bass guitar riffs" on the open low E and A strings without any sense of latency. The FTP's fast and accurate tracking is extremely gratifying!!! It also has a reasonably wide dynamic range (soft to loud notes) for a MIDI guitar converter.

    Hardware installation instructions were clearly written and easy to follow. Unlike the large number of spacers provided with a GK-3, the FTP came with just 4 pickup mounting pads of different sizes. I used the Tuno-o-matic vintage bridge bracket and the thinnest pick up mounting pad to set up the FTP on my SG. This placed the 3rd and 4th strings at the recommended 1mm gap. Adjusting the two height-adjustment screws at both ends of the pick up brought the low and high E strings close to the 1mm gap.

    A nice assortment of downloadable software instruments come with the FTP but I opted to only download the TriplePlay app which includes a tuner, sensitivity settings, poly vs mono mode and transposition parameters. For whatever reason, the stand alone application did not work in OSX 10.8.3. However, I was able to load the plug-in version on instrument tracks in Logic 9.18. Cubase 7, and DP 8.01. The really cool thing is that, a preset created and saved in one DAW is readily available in another. No need to recreate presets per DAW. In my case, the first presets were: no transposition, octave down, and octave up for ease of changing octaves when selected by the D-Pad control on the converter.

    Issues: Unlike the fit of a GK-3, the end pin bracket for the converter does not rest on the body of my SG. It seems very stable but there is some wobble when clicking on the D-Pad control. Also the volume knob at the right (rear) edge is prone to being changed by extraneous arm or leg movements when playing in a sitting position.

    Bottom Line: This is currently the best available MIDI guitar converter for playing external hardware sound modules and virtual instruments.

  • Len
    from Winston Salem NC May 15, 2017Music Background:

    Amazing but requires study

    This is the product I've been wanting for years to add to my live sound. I tried the EH B9 pedal, and it's not even close to the Triple Play. If you're serious about adding some cool sounds to your live gigs this is it.
    HOWEVER, it is the most difficult software program I've eve tried to install and use, and I've been using computers since '92. Fortunately, I have a local friend that was able to show me some things, but he & I both had to call TP support for them to do a remote login to complete the software install. They were very friendly and accommodating and saved the day.
    I've used it twice in live situations and pleased with the result. At this point I see myself using it for some of our softer tunes where strings, keys add another layer.
    Buy it. You'll be glad you did.

  • Bill
    from Columbus, OH November 1, 2016

    Redacting my negative review

    I previously wrote a review saying how the Fishman didn't play well with Pro Tools, and while that's at least true at first...I eventually was able to contact Fishman for support and resolved the issue. And though I wish that info was more readily available (or easier to find,) once I got everything playing nicely together, it's a pretty brilliant piece of equipment. I've used Roland guitar synths for years, and this is not only at least on par tracking-wise (or maybe better,) but being wireless, it's fantastic.

  • Flowride
    from West Hills, CA July 14, 2016

    Works fine with Logic X

    I don't normally play guitar synthesizer, but when I do...

    ...I use my TriplePlay. I can't speak to well of the software, as I've had issues like others have had. I didn't buy this from Sweetwater (mistake), so I can't call and complain, LOL. I can tell you, however, that it's plugs and plays just fine with Alchemy and other programs that I've got running through Logic X. Tracking is very good, but not as advertised when doing things like bends. Trying to program drums? Don't bother. Unless you're a mad genius, you're better off using a good program like EZ Drummer for that. But if you're looking to create some quality sounds to give your tracks depth in studio, this thing is worth the money. I can't speak to playing live with it...haven't done that yet.

  • Carvel
    from Louisiana May 21, 2016

    Better than others

    I've owned Roland's midi guitar stuff and have dabbled in midi guitar in the past only to find that tracking just wasn't reliable enough for live use. In fact, always been a little afraid of poor tracking (especially string slides, pitch bends, etc) introducing clams in a live performance. You can't hardly say, "Hey, I didn't really play that note!" in the middle of a performance/gig.

    The Fishman TriplePlay is the first system I've considered using live. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 is because it has taken some time to get everything set up for optimum tracking. Still have some tweaking to do but I think it's gonna be worth it in the end. It already tracks better than any other system I've tried. One positive - this will force you to play clean and even. So, if your playing is sloppy, you'll not be happy with the results unless you clean up your technique.

    Also purchased Trilian and Omnisphere 2. They're both awesome!

  • Papi beatz
    from Chicago April 28, 2016Music Background:
    Producer engineer performer

    Almost perfect

    Took my guitar in for a proper setup and the pickup worked better than it originally did out the box. It's about 90% accurate so you would have to midi edit a lil but even the hiccups sometimes end up sounding cool. For some reason I still have issues with bending notes but maybe it's something I haven't cracked yet. Nonetheless it's a great addition to your production tools if you're way better on guitar rather than the keys

  • Donald Kuchta
    from Kansas August 30, 2015Music Background:
    Gigging Musician

    Works Well

    The Fishman TriplePlay is an awesome product that works exactly as advertised. I bought it for live performances and have used it at 5 gigs now. The TriplePlay software works well but when setting up a new patch you'll need to go the bottom of the plug list and select "no sound" to build the new patch from scratch. The interface could use a little work but overall it works quite well. If you buy the TriplePlay I highly recommend that the PC you use is at least an Intel i5 processor (or equivalent AMD processor) with at least 6 gigs of ram. My laptop is an i3 with 4 gigs of ram and on occasion the TriplePlay software freezes up and mostly with Kontakt patches which technically require 6 gigs of ram. With my minimum spec's laptop there is some lag time switching between patches (500ms to 8 full seconds). In addition I am using the M-Audio Fast Track Pro and really can't get the latency below 10.7ms with the occasional "pop". Setting up external plugins is easy. By the way, the supplied Presonus Studio One Artist DAW allows you to upgrade to version 3.0 for free! Overall I am pleased with the TriplePlay and can't wait to order the foot controller when it becomes available.

  • warren travis worsham
    from United States December 30, 2014Music Background:

    A Work in progress or if your gonna dumb you gotta tough

    The soft synths that came with it didn't function well.It kept trying to re wire around my audio device, to send the sound out of the computer.Not my studio.However the guitar will now play the synths in the studio,that came with my studio.That's better.. works for me. less latency.Editing tools right there.

  • James Lewis
    from United States January 23, 2014Music Background:

    Fishman Triple Play

    As the owner of a mid-80's Zeta System MIDI guitar I thoroughly appreciate the advances made in this field of technology. The hardware is well designed. The tracking is accurate and fast enough to enable the player to perform without the distraction of latency and an inordinate amount of glitches. The only reason it loses 1 star is because of the fact that the Triple Play software is incomplete. There is currently no way to route the MIDI info out to your hardware synthesizers. Get on it guys!

  • johann ruch
    from buffalo NY August 30, 2013Music Background:
    studio millwright

    Look ma no wires!

    excellent engineering! works much better sans the included software! Runs extremely well on a quad or six core but latent on a laptop. I use it on both Mac and PC. Perfect for ipad too but pick up a good usb adaptor for your ipad. t

  • Steve Waite
    from United States July 22, 2013Music Background:
    Recording artist, home studio owner

    Once installed correctly, you'll love it!

    As a longtime user of Roland guitar synth technology, I was anxious to install and play with Triple Play when it arrived from Sweetwater having heard great things about it - too anxious as it turns out. I proceeded directly to the website to download and install the software in the order on Fishman's website. That was a BIG mistake! As Fishman clearly notes, all the third party software should be installed BEFORE the Triple Play software. Perhaps Fishman should reorder the downloads on the website to avoid any future confusion.

    Having installed the software (incorrectly as it turned out), I tried -unsuccessfully- to authorize Triple Play for use. It turned out the font used on the product card makes it difficult to discern between numbers and letters. In my case, the letter "I" looked like the number 1. Hopefully Fishman addresses this issue in the future to avoid any confusion. They do note this issue in the Support section of the Triple Play website. After contacting Fishman technical support and doing a couple of remote sessions over the course of few days, I was finally able to get all the software working properly.

    As for the hardware install, it was relatively painless on my Line 6 Variax electric guitar, which would be similar to an install on a Fender Strat. It took only a few minutes. I had wanted to try to mount the pickup on my 2012 Les Paul Tribute, but that required more work than I wanted to do (including have to readjust the action on the guitar which was perfect the way it was - thanks to Sweetwater).

    As for the performance of the Triple Play , the tracking is excellent - better than anything I've experienced to date. The software that comes with the product is sufficient to produce a wide-array of useful sounds and patches. I will be using the product mainly in the studio as a compositional tool. Players wanting to use Triple Play during performances will want to have a decent audio interface (I use a Scarlett 2i2 along with a Macbook Pro, which does the trick nicely).

    If you are going to purchase a Triple Play, I would encourage you to study up as much as you can before jumping in - especially if you are new to the guitar synth world. There is a tendency to want to jump in and run before walking - the excitement of using the product is certainly understandable. You will save lots of time and headaches by doing your homework and proceeding carefully as instructed by Fishman. The company provides support material and tutorial videos but does not, as of yet, host a Forum for Triple Play users. To interact with other Triple Play users, you can sign up to V-Forum on Roland's website. I have found the V-Forum to be very helpful and a great source of information and troubleshooting support. There are also other user videos on YouTube which are helpful.

    In summary, Fishman has a terrific product with Triple Play. The hardware is excellent and the software and available plug-ins do a fine job. I imagine the product will only get better in the future as R&D work continues on the technology. That said, I will not be getting rid of my Roland GR-55/GK-3 gear anytime soon. The GR-55 does some things better than the Triple Play today, including altered tunings (which I use frequently) and ease of use in a live setting (no computer, audio interface or external MIDI controller required). So for now, I am a dedicated Fishman and Roland guitar synth user with a Line 6 Variax guitar thrown into the mix for added capabilities.

  • mike
    from new haven, CT May 30, 2013Music Background:

    absolutely magical but

    first things first: this thing is poorly made/designed. its disappointing how flimsy everything feels - this is not made to last for ever and it certainly isn't fun to engage with. it felt like it cheapened my guitar almost. that said - when it works, it works and the possibilities are truly endless that my brain still hasn't gotten quite around it. this thing synced up w/ ableton instantly and i was playing whatever i wanted in the world. i ran it through max4live and insane stuff happened. i've instantly become pretty decent at every instrument there is and can express myself via a rhodes piano or a whale tone. the wireless capabilities are phenomenal - its been coming in and out about 20 ft away, but holy cow, chillin across the room, playing samples on one string and organ on another, 808s on another and a pretty convincing violin on another is charlie in the chocolate factory stuff. its worth the 400, but i'd love to get one made specifically for left handed people and for them to invest another $30-50 in the actual quality of the product. anyway, huge game changer. i had to stack two of the applicators for the pickup to be close enough to the strings for it to have a steady signal

  • Dwane Woodard
    from Atlanta, GA May 17, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Casual Gigger

    A near perfect solution!

    As a MIDI device, this is an incredible device. Just like the other reviewers, I found the tracking to be incredible. The bundled software is also perfect allowing you everything that you need to Perform, Score, and Record your music.

    I give this 4 stars due to the difficulty that I had mounting this to my guitar. For starters, unless you have a Fender Stratocaster or Gibson Les Paul, you may have issues mounting this to your guitar.

    The first 4 guitars that I tried did not have enough clearance between the bridge and the bridge pickup to place the FTP pickup. There are also several Telecaster models where this will not be possible either.

    People have also had to adjust the neck angle on the guitar by adding shims in order to place the pickup properly.

    I highly recommend that you measure the clearance between your bridge pickup and bridge before.

    Other than that, I LOVE this and use it regularly to add depth to my recordings. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  • ted
    from hollister, CA January 3, 2014

    tracking is good, latency is reduced

    over the past 25 yrs i've owned and/or tested just about every guitar synth out there. i currently use the roland gr-30 w a GK3 on a parker fly or a godin SA with an integrated pickup .....regardless, the tracking is still glitchy and the latency is significant. when recording i always have to go back and edit the notes and often slide them forward in time. the fishman is a very noticeable improvement in tracking.....there is still a delay but it is probably down to 5-10ms or so.... irecording with the fishman, using patches w an aggressive attack envelope and playing slightly ahead of the beat i can manage to record in time.........not so easy w the roland.......the software integrates seamlessly with ableton live and the various software instruments that i have........the wireless feature is pretty cool.........my only gripe is that everything is made of thin molded plastic.....it is a really flimsy device.......if you are going to perform with it you will need a back up because a moderate to the unit and it's gonna break. the same is true of the usb receiver.......it hangs off the side of the computer and it will eventually get bumped

  • Rob Louis
    from Seattle, WA August 13, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Start With The Bad

    So, if you want to use this thing live, you need to bring your..ehemm. ..laptop, ipad, or whatever. The product would be a 100% winner IF it was designed to work with the Roland GR55/VG99 synth processors in addition to software. If Fishman, Graphtech, or Roland came out with an identical unit, but also had the capacity to work with guitar synth processors, they would corner the market..Good product, but could be better.

  • Randy
    from Washington, DC July 11, 2013Music Background:
    Amateur musician

    Good idea, but definitely do your research!

    As someone who has always been interested in the promise of MIDI guitar, I was excited to get this pickup which boasts low latency and wireless. The stellar reviews on here and other sites, not to mention the youtube videos I've never taken the plunge on a MIDI pickup before because the fatal flaw has always been latency, which this pickup really does improve on. I bought the pickup primarily to transcribe parts for my band on the fly (using included Progression software) and enhance my home recordings.

    After getting the pickup, having it set up, etc, I have mixed emotions. First of all, it doesn't work at all with floyd rose tremolos. I had it installed on a tune-o-matic bridge, but to do that I had to take it in to a repair shop--you have to remove the bridge to install it, which is fine, but I just don't feel comfortable doing that and it's always hard for me to get the action just right after that. Also, I'm a left handed player, and while the instructions/FAQ's clearly say that the pickup can be used by lefties, I think the fact that the encoder is reversed may be part of the issues I'm experiencing (which I discuss below).

    Another issue I have is that for PC use the instructions say the device is only compatible with Windows 7 or later. My Sweetwater Creation Station (which I use for my DAW) was purchased in spring 2009, and shipped with Vista. So far I have gotten the pickup to work as a MIDI input device in Cubase, but I can't even install the Fishman software because I don't have Windows 7. I honestly didn't even read that part of the instructions (I figured most everything is at least still compatible with Vista) so it's worthwhile to read everything closely before buying and installing this thing on your guitar.

    I did get the Progression software to install, but so far it doesn't work well at all in transcribing what I'm playing. So far I am just doing single note stuff and it isn't getting the right frets (on the tablature it says I am playing in a lower position than I'm actually playing), and it doesn't even pick up the higher or lower notes I am playing. Notion (the company that makes the software) had an FAQ answering a customer complaint that Progression doesn't work well with the Tripleplay, and Notion responded that the latest version of Progression (which I assume I have because I just downloaded it a few days ago) has fixed the issue--but it didn't fix it, at least not on my machine. Upgrading to Windows 7 may be the answer, but I'm not sure of that.

    I can see this being a great tool for me and saving me a lot of time, or even possibly one day being something I incorporate into live performances. If I upgrade to 7 and all the other issues go away, I will come back and revise this review. I don't know if the left-handed installation is having an impact as well, but I figure a C note is a C note, and the pickup should be able to encode the tone properly.

    Bottom line: Definitely do your research before spending the money for this. As easy as they say it is (and maybe it is easy for most people), it has been really complicated and time consuming for me to get going with the Tripleplay, and I'm still not there yet. The installation can be tricky, especially for lefities.

  • Greg B
    from Cataula, GA USA July 5, 2013Music Background:

    Triple play

    Great product!
    Fishman should have installed a connection plug on the controller so it could be used on other guitars. Also I had to pay a computer geek to get it to work.

  • Gene Compton
    from Michigan June 6, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist - home recording musician

    FTP - No Instant Gratification

    I'm writing this as a person who is trying a guitar midi converter for the first time and I'm not a techie! The first unit I got was defective (that happens) and Fishman mailed out the replacement component pretty quick. Do not expect to set it up and instantly work like it does on the youtube sales videos. The hardware set up isn't to bad, BUT I rigged mine up to a guitar I don't use - adjusted string height to the bridge. Setting up the sensitivities has proven to be a challenge. Some instruments are easier than others. IT would be great if Fishman would put some 101 videos together and suggest settings or have a forum. It SEEMS like once I get this set up, it could be very cool, just don't expect it to be plug and play. For that, they lose a couple points. (I plugged in my M-Audio keyboard to my MAC with no software loaded and it works perfectly.)

  • Kelly Collins
    from Monroe , NC December 28, 2016

    Great midi interface, but with software issues/limitations

    This is a very cool tool, and has tons of potential, BUT, there are problems with the software, evening getting the basic factory patches up and working took quite a bit of time, and they have plenty of work-arounds---which is good, but I prefer software just works, I don't really like having to search web sites and forums downloading various things and tweaking to get FACTORY stuff functioning properly.
    For example, the software runs on a "legacy" version of Kontakt 5---meaning your updated version will not work, so you have to forego Kontakt's newer 5.6, which includes many new features, and run the old version. By doing so, many patches are no longer functional in Kontakt.
    After spending several hours tweaking, reading, searching, email tech support, etc., just a product that needs some work on the software side.

    The tracking is very good, and the potential of this unit is impressive, especially at the price, so it's frustrating.

    Overall, I will probably spend a little more time seeing if I can figure out a good working solution for using the unit with PT's mainly, which was the primary intent, but do think Fishman needs to get all this stuff worked out PRIOR to shipping.

    ***if you are just looking to noodle around and have your guitar sound like a Sitar or a flock of birds, this thing works pretty much right out of the box, so if you aren't really planning on using it any time soon for live work or recording, go for it, just wanted to share the other things (the things that are rarely advertised:) I found when working with the Tripleplay.

  • John Egan
    from July 16, 2016Music Background:
    studio recording and performance

    looks good on TV...

    TriplePlay Wireless MIDI Guitar Pickup System

    There are several points of interest for this product bundle.
    1. Hardware
    The equipment that is part of the overall kit seems to be well designed, constructed and fit properly for its purpose. All components work well for their placement on instruments with the exception of one condition and that is hollow or semi-hollow body instruments with Bigsby tail pieces. With this configuration the controller must be affixed to the body of the instrument which is in most instances, not desirable.

    2. Hardware Installation
    With the exception of instruments requiring neck angle adjustments and those with Bigsby tail pieces the designed components are relatively easy to install. In addition, a minor amount of internet searching will provide ample assistance and instruction and helpful hints for installation of all components.

    3. Software
    There is some serious room for improvement with respect to the software. It is fragmented in such a way that all purchased pieces are not part of a single installation management process. Not only is this confusing but support assistance is almost an absolute requirement for even partial successful installation.

    4. Software Installation
    Since the provided bundle of software is from multiple providers, one authentication code does not work for all installation processes. This is not only confusing; it is also not an easily understandable. In addition, it is necessary that one perform lengthy downloads of the bundled components to complete the installation. This means if your target computer does not have internet access you CAN NOT get the complete package that you paid for. If your computer does not have the proper configuration and other third party add-ons like ASIO drivers, then even more internet interaction is necessary to complete an installation that will support the operation of what you have purchased.

    5. Software Operation
    If you are successful in getting the desired software components properly installed then your education has just begun. A normal learning process will depend on how much experience you have with software music applications. Sometimes the more you know might work against you. Be prepared to study and undertake a lot of trial and error learning.
    Since the components are from different suppliers there is no common look and feel for their operation. This can be quite frustrating and operational support will be required.

    In certain situations the Triple Play software will lock-up for no apparent reason and may require termination of the program or even rebooting of the computer. This will inevitably be blamed on the inequities of your computer.

    6. Support
    It would be best if you purchase this bundled product from a supplier that will support you after you in the install / trial and error phase of ownership. Fishman does not do this well. The internet is only partially helpful because these demonstrations are all done using high end computers that have been setup by technicians that are intimately familiar with these products.

  • Customer
    from February 19, 2016

    I love the Controller But

    I had quite a few problems with their software. Guitar rig 6.0 wont even run and you have to jump thru hoops to record it in Studio one.

  • Customer
    from April 30, 2015


    Addendum to a previous review. Terrible time installing software. We Fishman support help, figured out downloads were incomplete so they provided direct download from their servers and that solved the problem. So, it took me two days to get the software working right. It does a pretty good job, but I'm not overly blown away with the tracking. Slightly better than the built in Roland MIDI on my Godin.

  • Kevin J Boies
    from Springfield, IL January 27, 2015Music Background:
    Playing for thrity seven years, some schooling....

    Not as good as I hoped

    I wanted this so I could play my baselines in real time and then have midi notation to help me program my DR-880 drum line, and although it does exactly that, the nature of the device is such that it tends to pick up unwanted notes with just the slightest variation of playing: what wouldn't be noticed to the ear while playing the base line come out with all sort of extra notes that the midi device was detecting, but only a single note was played; still it gives me some help in notating my base line. It could be better and maybe the more I work with it I might get better results..... The software can be a little tricky and if you don't have a superfast download speed it will take time....

  • Alberto
    from February 23, 2017Music Background:
    Professional guitar and bass player.

    Good for fun.

    The good:
    Sounds are good. Nice for effects for smooth slow music. Good for fun playing.

    The not so good:
    Latency on my Windows 7 laptop is not good for live performance or recording fast leaks. Installation on Windows is very, very difficult. The installation instructions are misleading and out of sequence. My package included an installation Jump Drive that is not even alluded in the installation manuals or the installation materials and demos on line. It took me 3 days to download and activate the free included software. There is no good installation guides or manuals and you need to be very intuitive and research a lot over the internet. Installing the hardware in a Gibson guitar is as difficult because the kit includes all possible parts you could need for any guitar but it doesn't provide any reference as of how to use them or for what. In summary: Is a guessing and trial and error process that took me over a week to figure it out, lots of calls and lots of internet research. However, the tech support and the people at the Sweetwater are incredibly and OUTSTANDING GREAT!!!

  • Vijiay Singh Ranawt
    from April 4, 2016Music Background:

    Cost is tooo much With lots of things to take off

    its Cost too much and you have to purchase a I pad or Laptop to handle this little penny and then it could sound some of synth but its not that you can really play Synthesizer on Guitar it sound creepy and alway sound like guitar You are only fooling people that's it You are trying to put Truck engine in a Small car

  • Dave Poulsen
    from Utah March 4, 2016

    TriplePlay midi converter

    Works with a little delay. Having an issue with getting it to work with Digital Performer. Each note from the guitar through the TriplePlay device is duplicated in a digitalPerformer. Not found a solution yet.

  • GW
    from December 13, 2015Music Background:

    Not as good as advertised!

    I've used many Guitar Synth's for the past 25yrs and the best I could say about the Fishman Triple Play, is that it's a "OK to Good" for what it is! The tracking is good but not great. I have the Pickup Module connected to a standard Fender Strat, just at 1mm which I used the Fishman tool, although I do very a bit to get the best response as I can and I use the "supplied" Screw Driver, and adjustments is very easy. The Software is another matter, it is about the longest & slowest that I've experienced, I work with software every day for a living, so I'm very at home with various code (C++ etc), I have deleted all of the Fishman software other than the Triple Play transmitter, I have many more superior VST's that sounds wonderful, although the supplied sounds is good if it's your first experience. Now regarding the tracking it's Not as accurate as Fishman wants you to believe! It's decent but not great if you have any experience with great systems they do tend to be more expensive and absolutely more responsive and accurate. Fishman tries "Very Hard" to justify there product and they will defend that it's the greatest and it's always the Customers fault for not knowing how to setup the TP? It's not hard at all, very easy and that is one good thing about it. But everything else is "Sub-Standard" there customer service (Frank) is the Worst to work with! Hopefully if you believe the "Fishman Hype" you won't deal with there customer service. Please don't just believe me, do the research first!!!! Don't get sold on the advertisements, there to "Sucker-You" in, Fishman doesn't want you to truly see "There Inferior Product" try to ask them a question and you'll hear Excuse. The Fishman Triple Play is a disappointment for me, and if you look for the "Honist Reviewing" forums you'll see the reality. It's an OK device & USB receiver, there are better systems out there.

  • Tim Withington
    from Killingworth CT April 16, 2014Music Background:
    30 years playing guitar.

    Triple Play is more like a single play.

    I bought the triple play about a month ago. After the software instillation failed a few times I was finally able to get it installed. Next the pickup would not fit on my Parker Nitefly so I had to raise the action and glue the bracket to my pick guard. That makes the already nasty looking pickup look even worse. I never understood they they canít make a pickup that sits off to the side of the guitar. Instead they made it look like the Roland GK 3 which nobody wants to have on their guitar. One that entire weekend of problems was over with I started to play with the sounds. I took the triple play to a gig and it worked OK. I had to lug my laptop and a laptop stand. The patched donít change quickly so I needed to accommodate for that. The sounds were good but some were not as good as Rolandís. The price is $400 but if you are going to use this device properly you need to pick up an I-Rig as well as a midi foot controller. Those two devices are gonna set you back at least another $300 to $400 bucks for the cheapest options. Also that cost does not include the laptop. I will keep playing with this thing but quite honestly I was hugely disappointed with the problems with instillation and the device usability on stage. Itís fragile and cheep feeling as well. Iím gonna go back to gigging with my Roland GR-55 until I can assemble the gear and the software to get this thing working optimally on stage.

  • michael ols
    from milford, ct June 16, 2013Music Background:

    Poorly Made

    Such a mixed review - the tracking on this thing is great, this is much better than anything else you're going to find - that said. this thing is junk - its all china made and for something thats future proof (computer/midi controller) it WON"T last. the usb is flimsy, the pick up is flimsy and the hub is awkward and cheap-feeling as it gets. and there's zero excuse for it. they should have invested another $30 in the build quality - but this thing will not stand up to gigging, or even just normal wear and tear over the years. its really sad to have put this much power into such shoddy casing and it speaks volume about this company. not to mention there's no left handed support - you can still set it up, but its not optimum. really disappointed

  • Mark B
    from Washington DC November 16, 2014Music Background:
    Semi-Pro Musician

    Installation and software horrible

    When it makes sounds, they're great sounds. But the software and interface were written for teens and millennials who have a lot of time on their hands and live for video games. I don't know what's worse, the IK plug in process or the Fishman process. Let me start with Fishman.

    After several hours of error messages and an internet search, I found an obscure FAQ incorrectly titled that happened to mention that if you are using a 64 bit machine you need to go into the Mac application icon "get Info" wind to turn off a switch. I should be glad I didn't have to open ResEdit to rewrite the code. Now none of the IK plugins work at all. Fishman breaks up the installation manuals and then directs you to IK or NI to figure out their installation. Of course, when you go to IK the process requires serial numbers on the back of a box that does not exist. I'll get back to them.

    As far as the physical setup goes, it gives you plenty of diagrams showing how you might set up for recording. I mean these are really rudimentary but I appreciate the clarity. So why not show how one connects to a live amplifier if you're going to show simple diagrams? I think it's because the target user lives in the basement, I want to use this live and not have ProTools running just to hear the synth. This device was theoretically designed for newcomers to the Midi world.

    And then the hardware. The brackets to attach to the strap plug were a great idea, but they don't rest properly on either a Strat or Les Paul. So the device wiggles and if you're not careful you can knock it off while you're playing as the device connects to the brackets with a weak magnet. The bracket that holds the pickup under the strings it secured by cheap doublestick tape and I don't expect that to hang on very long.

    If there's a special hotel hell for companies that make their security so incredibly complex that even a Quaker would want to see the beanieheads boiled in oil, I hope there's a suite for the guys at IK. Miraculously I was able to register something after being asked a ton of personal questions that were completely inappropriate. Then I got a flurry of e-mails with "free" stuff including upgrades to the version of SampleTank that I installed with Triple Play. Then realized after a few hours that the upgrade did not work with TP. So I have a ton of "instruments" that don't work, no way to remove them because TP has no options or preferences to find or remove source info.

    Bottom line is that they are missing about 20% of what you need to plug and play. For those of you out there who intuitively get how these devices are supposed to work and how the software interacts (I know there's a lot, and my hat's off to every one of you - honest) , you are going to love this. For those of you hoping for something as straightforward as a midi keyboard, gird your loins.

  • Lawdaproducer
    from May 23, 2014Music Background:
    Producer, Songwriter, Recording Artist

    TriplePlay - Needs an update

    Let me start by saying the tracking on the TriplePlay is better than other Guitar Synths I have played. However, the primary reason I purchased the TriplePlay was to use as a midi controller for recording track into my DAW. The TriplePlay did not meet the grade for me! First, unless you are using Studio One, you will have a lot of problems. I used it with Abelton Live and DP8 and it was a freakin nightmare. The TriplePlay is not polyphonic, so you have to set up 6 individual midi tracks to play the patch. Fortunate for me, I recently switched platforms (PC - Mac) and was shopping for a new DAW. So, Studio One worked out for me; I love it! Studio One! It works great with FTP. However, beware that the sounds included with FTP (i.e. Kontact, Sample Tank and Reaktor) are not all 64bit compatible. So, in order to take full advantage of the TriplePlay software in your DAW (i.e., access all the included sound patches) you have to run your DAW in 32bit mode. Logic users running Maverick O.S., not a good marriage!
    Also, creating your own sounds is a nightmare! I have Komplete and so, I have an extensive Kontact Library. When I attempted to design my own patch within the TriplePlay software, the software would crash. When I attempted to design and play patches independent of the TriplePlay software, the tracking was not good. Yes! I am saying that the fast tracking you see demo by many great players cannot be achieved without the TriplePlay software interface.
    Conclusion, if you desire to use FTP for (1) live playing (2) have no plans on utilizing 3rd party vst instruments outside of the ones that are included in the package, then FTP is for you. However, if you do extensive recording / sound design and have a massive virtual instrument library, you will face major problems. Finally, don't believe the hype! Set-up is a pain in the neck. You will have to slightly readjust your playing technique.

    IMO, the only thing holding this product back is the software interface. Also, if Fishman wants this product to a standard, they need to think about support. For us owners that have the product and are not duplicating the results of the demo, we remain optimistic and open to the chance that maybe wev'e missed a step in the set-up process. We really want this product to work as advertised!

  • Bill
    from Ohio June 16, 2016Music Background:
    Professional performer, producer, songwriter

    So much potential, so much disappointment

    I bought this when it was nearly brand new tech. After a few years, I've still never been able to get it to work properly. The best feature is still that it's wireless but the joy ends there. I'm not one to write negative reviews, but for me, this is purely a novelty item. So much potential, so much disappointment.

    I purchased it to track synth guitar into my DAW (Pro Tools) and while I can usually get it to play in real time through most of my virtual instruments and track the midi...it will never play back the midi notes it recorded. They're there, but they never play back. I've even tried contacting Fishman support via their website, but once you put all your info in, their website's "SUBMIT" button doesn't work. Figures. I'm done with it.

  • Marty Frasu
    from Woodland Hills, CA May 7, 2016

    Horrible tracking

    I have played guitar for 50 years. I used to work for Roland and I am very familiar with hex pickups and pitch to midi conversion. It does not fit on a lot of guitars, Paul Reed Smith guitars bridge is too high, I went out and bought a stratocaster just to install the pickup. I installed the pickup exactly right, I measured it with the supplied feeler gauge. The 3M sticky tape that mounts the pickup will fall off if you brush against it. The triple play app seems like a beta version. It would begin to scan my VST plugins and hang every time. I already own Komplete so I just installed the triple triple play app. It took me an entire day to set it up.
    I tried it with with the stand alone app and as a plugin within Logic Pro. It is unusable. simply playing a single note can cause it to trigger wrong midi notes with the guitar in tune. Maybe mine is defective.
    Sweetwater is a great company, I have already contacted them to see what I can do. I had such high hopes. The battery on the transmitter doesn't last long. You should charge it before any session. There is no ability to mounting holes on the pickup or the transmitter or pickup making permanent mounting impossible. I will see if a replacement unit fixes the tracking issue, but the software is in no way ready for prime time. Maybe it works better on windows systems,

  • Paul Galow
    from Rhode Island November 30, 2015Music Background:

    Yeah - Triple Play and you are OUT!

    This SUCKS I will never buy Fishman product again

  • Rich Harrington
    from Pa November 13, 2013Music Background:
    Pro musician

    Released too soon

    The hardware for triple play is conceptually good. They try to make the pickup adjustments workable for different types of guitars. The software, however is sub par, poorly written, and tedious. Triple play software does not work with Pro Tools as it is advertised. The notation software that comes with TP is inaccurate and cannot decipher even the simplest chords. For the price they charge, I should not be made a guinea pig. I am very disappointed.


  • Mitch Gallagher

    Like many guitar players, I'm totally obsessed with my instrument. But I can't help it if my eyes and ears wander when I'm in the presence of a sexy synthesizer -- if only my guitar could make those sounds! The quest to connect a guitar to a synth has been going on for decades, and there are a number of solutions that work quite well. But now, Fishman has brought something new to the table: the TriplePlay, a wireless system that connects to your computer -- so you don't have to buy a synth or sound module -- and can drive any virtual instrument, soft synth, DAW, or notation program you choose.

    The TriplePlay consists of a hexaphonic pickup (which generates a separate signal for each string), a guitar-mounted control box/transmitter, and a wireless receiver that connects to your computer's USB port -- it looks exactly like a USB thumb drive. The TriplePlay comes with a wide variety of mounting hardware, making it compatible with just about any guitar, including steel-string acoustics and electrics with flat and carved tops and with most styles of bridge hardware. The system installs very easily. I'd estimate it took 10 minutes from cracking the seal on the box to plugging the receiver into the computer. A suite of software is included, comprising a version of Native Instruments Komplete, IK Multimedia SampleTank XT, PreSonus Studio One, Notion Progression, and more, so you have everything from software instruments to a DAW to a notation program. You're good to go, right out of the box.

    Not only does the TriplePlay install easily, it's a breeze to set up as well. The included TriplePlay application allows you to calibrate the pickup and to load and play virtual instruments. The system tracks extremely well. I didn't have to modify my technique at all. Fingerstyle, pick style, TriplePlay is happy with either. The tracking is fast and clean, with no delay.

    If you're looking to get into synth guitar, then check out the Fishman TriplePlay. It's affordable, easy to install and use, and it simply works. I love it!

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