Pittsburgh Modular Toolbox Eurorack Slew, Noise, Sample & Hold, Inverter Module

6HP Eurorack Module with Slew, Noise, Sample & Hold, and Inverter Functions
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Pittsburgh Modular Toolbox Eurorack Slew, Noise, Sample & Hold, Inverter Module image 1
Pittsburgh Modular Toolbox Eurorack Slew, Noise, Sample & Hold, Inverter Module image 1
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Pittsburgh Modular Toolbox Eurorack Slew, Noise, Sample & Hold, Inverter Module
Special Order

Your Modular Needs a Toolbox!

The Pittsburgh Modular Toolbox is a 6hp Eurorack-compatible multi-function utility module with slew, noise, sample & hold, and inverter functionality. The Toolbox lets you perform all four functions simultaneously, giving you a tremendous degree of flexibility in sculpting interesting patches. At Sweetwater, we find the sonic possibilities of this little module quite intriguing. Give your Sales Engineer a call and find out how the Pittsburgh Modular Toolbox fits into your ultimate modular synth scenario!

This four-in-one module is a true "toolbox"

With the Pittsburgh Modular Toolbox in your Eurorack modular synth system, you'll have access to the tools used to craft the synth sounds on many of your favorite classic tracks. Slew (portamento) is a must-have for any synth, letting your notes glide from one to the next. It's a classic synth essential you don't want to be without. You can use Sample and Hold - a module found on many classic synths - to modulate, say, a filter, to produce random-sounding fluctuations in one or more aspects of a patch. And a Noise generator is extremely useful in a number of sound-design tasks, from adding a realistic touch to acoustic instrument emulations to crafting nature sounds and otherworldly soundscapes. The Inverter changes positive voltages into negative ones - very useful for generating contrary motion, for instance, or for gating sounds with a highpass filter.

Pittsburgh Modular Toolbox Multi-function Utility Module Features at a Glance:
  • 6hp Eurorack module (requires Eurorack case/power supply)
  • A versatile module capable of performing four simultaneous functions:
    • Adjustable Slew Control
    • Noise Source
    • Sample & Hold
    • Voltage Inversion
  • Module Sections:
    • Slew (Portamento): Slew Amount knob controls the amount of Glide
    • N-SH (Noise/Sample & Hold):
      • Noise Output (N)
      • Sample & Hold Voltage Input (I) (internally patched to Noise Output)
      • Sample & Hold Hold Clock Input (H)
      • Sample & Hold Voltage Output (O)
    • Invert (basic voltage inverter flips incoming voltage from positive to negative or vice-versa)
      • Voltage Input (I)
      • Voltage Output (O)
Your modular synth needs the Pittsburgh Modular Toolbox!

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Tech Specs

Type Multi-function Eurorack Module
Depth 0.98" (25mm)
HP Size 6HP
Power Usage ±12V DC, 30mA
Power Supply Requires Eurorack case and power supply
Manufacturer Part Number PMS2022

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