Steinberg eLicenser Key

USB Hardware License Key for Steinberg
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Steinberg eLicenser Key image 1
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Steinberg eLicenser Key
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The Key to Steinberg's World of Professional Audio Tools

The Steinberg Key is the key to Steinberg's world of professional audio tools. The purchase of this license key is required to run any of the new Steinberg VST instruments released after 1st January 2005, as these products will not contain a USB hardware protection device. Users already using a "USB dongle"-protected Steinberg product are not required to purchase an extra key.

The license modules are offered in a DVD package containing the Steinberg Key and a CD-ROM with movies and information about current Steinberg products. Additional PDF documents provide in-depth information for further research on Steinberg's leading applications. Steinberg Key also enables users to run additional full featured demo versions of the applications that are included with every Steinberg product package. The demo versions offer a hands-on experience with Steinberg's leading applications and instruments.

Steinberg Key Features:
  • No more need for multiple dongles.
  • No extra payment for an additional dongle in each package of a VST instrument.
  • Easy access to full featured demo versions of Steinberg's leading applications.
  • In-depth product information on CD-ROM.

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number 502009050

Customer Reviews

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Works Perfectly With Nuendo Live

Excellent product to load a Nuendo Live license (although I wish Nuendo offered licenses that did not require a USB, let alone a proprietary USB stick). Ordered a rush shipment and got this in hand really quickly...
Music background: Audio Engineer

A Necessary Evil

Dongles should be a thing of the past, but unfortunately they aren't for certain companies which happen to make fantastic software products that I want to use. Thus the need for this eLicenser Key for Steinberg products. Steinberg does have a soft eLicenser program which can be used to hold the licenses for its software. That is very convenient until A) you want to use a different computer such as a laptop while traveling even though your main computer is your desktop back at home; or B) you have a computer failure which results in the need for a new motherboard or hard drive and then you have to jump through hoops to get the software activated again with the new hardware (not an insurmountable problem, but it still takes time). This eLicenser Key allows you to have Steinberg software installed on as many computers as you want and then you simply move this dongle from computer to computer to use the software. And if there is a hardware failure requiring re-installation of the Steinberg software, this eLicenser Key guarantees that you can start working again immediately. Downside is that it is small and could be easily lost -- upside is there is a huge loop built into the dongle so that you can attach a key ring or lanyard so that it's not so easily lost. The reason I gave it 5 stars is that it works very nicely, it's small and easily carried from computer to computer and it does exactly what it's supposed to do. But I hate the whole idea of having to use it to insure that my installation of the software is legal.


Music background: PRODUCER


My e-licenser broke so now I have to buy a new one. Forgot it was in my PC and pushed it into the wall. It still works but the area that contains the usb chip is gone. I wish that there was some way to put the e-license on my pc without the usb. Guest it keeps people from using a stolen product or it is a way to get more money once it breaks. But as long as you’re careful there should be no problems.
Music background: Hobbyist

Needs a better casing

The software, of course, is good, but the manufacturers have not made a firm dongle for its activation. My has fallen apart twice and is taped together. I live in fear of losing it as I travel and do musical projects elsewhere. Right now I am just trying to navigate purchasing a back up and how to activate. So much time and hassle.
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