Aspen Pittman Designs Spacestation V.3 - 280W Stereo Monitor

Compact 280W Tri-amped Active Stereo Speaker with Patented CPS Technology
4.5/5 73 Write review Item ID: Spacestation3
Aspen Pittman Designs Spacestation V.3 - 280W Stereo Monitor image 1
Aspen Pittman Designs Spacestation V.3 - 280W Stereo Monitor image 1
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Aspen Pittman Designs Spacestation V.3 - 280W Stereo Monitor
In Stock!

Stereo Sound from a Single Cabinet!

An update of the acclaimed SFX100 powered speaker, the Center Point Stereo Spacestation V.3 allows you to construct an otherworldly 300-degree sound field utilizing a single cabinet. Typically, speakers produce an unpredictable stereo image that fluctuates, depending on the listener's position. Conversely, the Spacestation V.3 creates a stereo sound field that emanates from a stable central point, so your audience will hear the same mix, regardless of where they're sitting. Ideal for amplifying stereo sources such as keyboards or full mixes, the Spacestation V.3 kicks out enough power for live performances in small to mid-sized venues. Sweetwater has always been impressed by these powered speakers and we're glad that the Center Point Stereo Spacestation V.3 has arrived!

Center Point Stereo Spacestation V.3 Powered Stereo Speaker at a Glance:
  • Center Point Stereo (CPS) "magic" provides stereo sound from a single cabinet
  • Width control lets you tailor your sound for the room
  • Updated for improved power and a finely-tuned sound
Center Point Stereo (CPS) "magic" provides stereo sound from a single cabinet

By electronically encoding the stereo left and right signals to be mid (L+R) and side (L-R) signals, then decoding them acoustically by means of a front and side dipole-powered speaker array, the Spacestation V.3 is able to create an expansive, three-dimensional sound field. In fact, the Spacestation V.3's sound field is so vast, its "sweet spot" is everywhere - even around corners and in adjacent rooms! CPS technology was actually awarded a utility patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office, meaning that it is truly a unique, innovative, one-of-a-kind feature. This groundbreaking technology is only available from Center Point Stereo!

Width control lets you tailor your sound for the room

Center Point Stereo understands that every room is different. It's not reasonable to expect that an effect that works well in one venue will work equally as well in another. That's why the Spacestation V.3 features a width control for optimizing the stereo effect to compensate for differences in room acoustics. If you're performing outdoors or in a dead space, you need more width to create a believable three-dimensional sound field. If you're performing in a live or highly-reflective space, you need less width to prevent a washed-out sound. The Spacestation V.3 also features a subwoofer output in case you need more low-end for very large or bass-deficient venues.

Updated for improved power and a finely-tuned sound

As groundbreaking as the previous SFX100 was, there was still room for improvement. The new Spacestation V.3 is more efficient, yet more powerful than its predecessor. As a result of a new active electronic crossover and two 40-watt amps for the mid driver and super tweeter, the Spacestation V.3 is effectively tri-amped! Additionally, the Spacestation V.3's eight-inch Eminence speaker provides better low-end response than its forerunner, due to the presence of a poly cone and foam surround. The Spacestation V.3's mid driver has also been upgraded. Finally, the Spacestation V.3 sports new Speaker Contour controls for fine-tuning your sound.

Center Point Stereo Spacestation V.3 Powered Stereo Speaker Features:
  • Stereo sound from one cabinet provides big sound in a convenient package
  • Stereo Width control lets you tailor your sound for the venue
  • 3-way tri-amp front speaker for power and efficiency
  • Speaker Contour controls for fine-tuning your sound
  • Subwoofer output for maximum performance in large or bass-deficient venues
  • Compact and lightweight for easy transport and setup
  • Includes cover
Center Point Stereo Spacestation V.3 - Compact Cabinet with Massive Stereo Sound!

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Tech Specs

Speaker Size 1 x 8" woofer, 1 x 6.5" side speaker, 1 x 1" midrange driver, 1 x Super Tweeter
Total Power 280W (100W woofer, 100W side, 40W midrange, 40W tweeter)
Inputs 2 x 1/4" (left, right)
Outputs 1 x 1/4" (subwoofer out)
Frequency Range 100Hz-20kHz
Enclosure Material Solid plywood construction
Height 18"
Width 11"
Depth 11"
Weight 33 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number CPSV.3

Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
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Love it

When I need ultimate portability and great keyboard/organ sounds I use this every time. I use it with a Neo Ventilator for B3 clonewheel organ Leslie simulation, as well as synths, pianos, etc. I do use it with a small powered sub. Seriously loud. I also do a lot of fills with trumpets, saxes, strings, etc. It is wonderful with stereo patches!!!

Can you hear me now? YES!

Ok, let me start by saying that the Spacestation I'm talking about here is my Keyboard player's speaker. Not mine. I'm am the drummer. We had rehearsal yesterday and he brought this speaker in for the first time. We are a straight up rock band. We play loud. When he said he was going to replace his 2 QSC K12s on stage with this little thing, I laughed when I saw it. Well, I'm not laughing now. OMG, this thing is unbelievable. It fills the room (somehow) with full, rich stereo sound. I'm not sure how it does this but it is just as loud and clear on the opposite side of the room. Bottom line, it impressed me so much I wanted to share my thoughts with you here. Get this little speaker ASAP!

Stellar Sound...At Last!

I've been looking for that "perfect" live keyboard amp for over 40 years, one that would do justice to all my synth, organ and piano sounds while competing with the sometimes loud levels of other players on stage. Been through Motion Sound, QSC, Traynor, small pseudo-PA systems, BOSE...all had some good points, none were great. My never ending gear merry-go-round just came to a halt with my new Spacestation V.3 from Sweetwater. Used it live last week for the first time and not only did I get to finally hear all the nuances of what I do live, but I looked up to see my guitarist smiling at me from 30 feet away on stage - he actually called out" wow - "that amp sounds huge!". And it did. Even without a sub (which I ended up getting just in case...but it seems rather superfluous so far), this puppy is the very definition of sweet; so much so that I'm using it in the studio for rehearsal instead of firing up the whole studio sound system just to hear my keys, it's that impressive. One last note of interest for vintage musicians such as myself: you can lift it with one hand. Thank you Center Point Stereo. Job extremely well done.
Music background: 13 time Detroit Music Award winning keyboardist for SWEET CRYSTAL

CPS v.3 is THE BOMB!!!

Based on the strength of early reviews and Keyboard magazine, I decided to take a leap of faith and buy a Spacestation V.3....I mean, the early reviews were so good that I figured I could always sell it on eBay if I didn't like it. Also, because I sometimes play left hand bass, I decided to get a Behringer B-1200D. This weekend was the first time that I had them on stage...all I can say is "WOW" !! Together with my NORD C2D, I actually felt like I was playing a tone wheel sounded very rich...bass tones were very rich...and it really sounded like a Leslie (in fact, better). I set the Leslie sim in the NORD to be a close miked 122, and it sounded like a million bucks. The power of this little unit is nothing short of incredible. With both amp and organ set at 50%, I sounded great not only on stage, but in the back of the room as well. Given that it was a medium sized hall, I was overwhelmingly impressed to say the least. This speaker, when paired with the Behringer B-1200D subwoofer (also very highly recommended) gets the job done. My only words of advice...lean it against a wall, and place it a little distance from you onstage. Highly recommended !!!

The Demo Videos Don't Do It Justice...

Because as impressive as the videos are, your ears won't really hear what this system is capable of LIVE, and in person. The unidirectional wave of sound from the front speaker clearly does not disperse well on its own (side speakers turned off), and the quality is muffled when standing anywhere except directly in front of the wave. This isn't as obvious in the video as it is when I began testing mine as soon as I got it. As you turn up the side speakers, the stereo field begins to fill in and round out the shape so the sonic quality is crystal clear everywhere you stand. Most impressive for me was the lush, wide ripples of tones generated by my Korg Triton Extreme 88, specifically the "Suitcase & Stage EP 1" patch. Also absolutely loving all the classic organ patches (okay, so my Korg's no Hammond SK1, but it's got some killer B3/C3 patches nonetheless) as well, letting the Leslie slay me as it swirls up. Thank God for Aspen Pittman and the SpaceStation V.3 - It's the keyboard amp I've been waiting for ever since I've played church keys for services and teen/college/young adult groups. Pros: 1. Compact size / weight - at a little less than two feet tall and about 40 pounds, this is an amazing design for its size 2. Power / amplification - at 50%, this system is LOUD. It gets LOUDER without distorting, too. 3. Sonic quality - without the Stereo engaged, this system sounds just as plain-Jane as any other amp; turn up the controls, and it puts everything around it to shame Cons: 1. Price - on par with most high-end / high-quality amps; videos I've seen on YouTube disappointingly have Aspen Pittman advertising them at NAMM for $599 on Sweetwater, unless I misheard him. Still, you get what you pay for, and then some. I don't know if everyone is willing to plunk down 8 bones for one item (until they get to use one - then I'm sure they'd be quite willing!) 2. Appearance - not flashy, kind of looks like a...a...well, a Space heater...But who cares if it's a little utilitarian - it just WORKS. GET THIS WHILE THEY'RE IN STOCK...
Music background: 30yr Pro church musician; Office house band member
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