Korg Sledgehammer Clip-On Tuner

Chromatic Clip-on Tuner with Color Display
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Korg Sledgehammer Clip-On Tuner image 1
Korg Sledgehammer Clip-On Tuner image 1
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Korg Sledgehammer Clip-On Tuner
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Rock-solid Headstock Tuner

Guitarists at Sweetwater have been relying on Korg tuners for generations, and this Korg Sledgehammer clip-on tuner is just one more in a long lineup of detailed and accurate tuners you can trust. This full-color chromatic tuner is ideal for bass and guitar, and it attaches directly to the headstock of your instrument for maximum precision, and it includes flat/capo settings for an extra-broad range of tuning options. There's even a first-string over-wind warning that makes tuning easy for beginners. In addition to a high-visibility, high-contrast display, the Korg Sledgehammer offers a simple shuttle switch that make one-handed operation easy.

Korg Sledgehammer Clip-on Headstock Tuner Features:
  • An easy-to-use and reliable chromatic clip-on tuner for guitar and bass
  • High-contrast, full-color LCD makes it easy to keep an eye on your pitch
  • Clip mechanism provides a firm grip, flexibility, and excellent vibration transfer
  • Dedicated guitar and bass modes include options for capo and flat tuning
  • First string over-winding warning saves beginners for common tuning mistakes
  • Also includes calibration, auto power-off, and memory backup functions
Trust your tuning to the Korg Sledgehammer!

Tech Specs

Type Chromatic
Format Clip-on
Display Type LCD
Reference Pitch A4
Tuning Range A0-C8
Batteries 1 x 3V
Height 2.05"
Depth 2.44"
Width 2.48"
Weight 0.05 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number SHG1

Customer Reviews

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Great Tuner

I really like this tuner. It's easy to use, accurate and easy to read. I bought a 2nd one, already.
Music background: Guitar. Mostly Gospel & Praise. 50's-70's Rock & Roll.

Cool tuner, simple to use. One design flaw.

This is a cool tuner, a little expensive though. It takes a little while to pick up frequencies (especially in rowdy settings) and is hard to see in the sun. But it's very accurate, has a bass and guitar settings plus a few more features I haven't used yet. Clips holds well, but something I'm not happy with is the fact that the knobs on the side will rattle if you're playing and have a lot of vibration ringing through your guitar. It's not a big deal for chords but for finger picking it's bothersome and I have to take my tune off. I use it to my advantage though sometimes, and just use it as a "shaker" ha. Nice other than that, and would recommend to friends if they asked. I'm sure if I tried to tune my banjo or mandolin with it than it would work just as well.
Music background: Performing, hobby recording

better choices

I bought it a few days before it went down 5 bux. now that alone doesnt bother me, prices change. what bothers me is its a very confusing tuner with functions I (and others) will never use. from hard to turn on (impossible with one hand) to the battery tough to change, and a jumpy screen its not worth the 25, no, 20 bux to play with the clever stand. I am finding now that in the tuner world, ALL mfg's flood the market with 10 models to grab multiple sales when all I need is a Snark SN5X and I'm all set. Which btw i had to buy elsewhere unfortunately, as i really like sweetwater. the SN5X SW dropped the ball on, its a beautifully simple and accurate tuner.


Got this from Sweetwater as a Christmas present (which I picked out so my bad). Before I put out my first negative review ever, I will say that I love Korg products and will still purchase them over other brands. I own 3 of their chromatic CA-1's and their basic AW-2. We are a family band that plays semi-pro so the CA-1s serve multiple purposes (cello for example) but you obviously cannot leave them on the head of your guitar. I wanted something more accurate than the AW-2 but easy to read and I could leave on the guitar head for live perofrmances while accurate enough for recording in the studio. However, this tuner has several flaws. First, it is very slow to pick up pitches. The AW-2 is much faster as is the CA-1. Second, the tuner tries to pick out the octaves to relay which string you are on. The problem is when you are not in standard tuning (like Nashville tuning which we use a lot) the tuner totally freaks out and cannot even identify the pitch so is worthless if not in E. If you are a newbie and do not even know which string you are playing, this might work. For anyone else, this is an expensive product that does not work... almost at all. Again, As we play semi-pro and have songs on Itunes etc., I say that Korg makes fantastic products and a $20 Christmas present loss certainly will not keep me from buying them first. However- this tuner was not well thought out or QC'd. In full disclosure, I used the battery that came with the unit (new) so assume that it is good. I am going to purchase a new battery as that can throw out the tuner's ability to function well. If it makes it better, I will edit my negative post and just fuss about a new battery being bad. Otherwise just assume it is not a well made product amd buy a AW-2 or similar.
Music background: Semi-pro family band

Save your money buy something else

A too hard to install battery is just the start of the issues with this thing. There are other clip on tuners that cost considerably less and do a better job.
See also: Tuners, Korg, Korg Guitar Tuners