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SKB SKB-56 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 26 customer reviews
Questions about the SKB SKB-56?

Questions about the SKB SKB-56?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Smithville, Ms May 24, 2017Music Background:
    Over 60 years playing and singing country, rock and gospel

    Well Made

    Just right for my Les Paul Tribute and the thickness of the liner provides extra protection. I also like the way the fasteners are...easier operation than the standard metal ones.

  • from February 28, 2017


    never had a hard case before, seems like it's made very well...

  • from Newberg, OR December 28, 2016Music Background:
    Listener, Instrument Collector

    Tight fit for Gibson 60's Studio Tribute

    I placed a Gibson Studio Tribute 60's 2016 edition in this case and the fit was tight and it seems the case pushes hard on the Gibson especially on the neck and bridge. Guitar sits really high and may make you feel the fit is not right.Good thing is, it is all cushioning making contact with the Gibson. Guitar is tight inside the case and will not move which I believe is the idea behind the case design. This particular Gibson guitar comes with it's own gig bag. This SKB case seems like it will do the job but I will keep the Gibson Gig bag handy just in case I need thee.

  • from Texas July 6, 2016

    Gibson Les Paul guitar case

    I stumbled upon Sweetwater while browsing on the internet looking for a case for my prize LP. I A/B'd this case against a number of others I had found on the internet including a case made by Gibson for Gibson LP guitars. In all categories I considered important, most significantly protecting the guitar, this case came out on top.

    I had previously purchased guitars and gear from the Big Name guys and I have to admit, having traded with a number of their stores in the north Texas area over the years, they have always been good but rarely exceptional. I'm very impressed with Sweetwater's website, the available information, their level of service, attention to detail and follow up. I will be back to buy from Sweetwater again.

  • from December 9, 2015

    SKB SKB-56

    Love the case. It was better than I had expected. Thanks to all at Sweetwater!!MM

  • from North Adams MA July 12, 2015Music Background:
    lead guitarist 30 years


    Perfect fit! Great customer service

  • from Gaithersburg, MD March 29, 2015Music Background:
    Hobbyist & Guitar collector

    Well made, secure case!

    Bought this case to fit a 2007 Gibson Melody Maker - double pickup guitar. Case is relatively lighweight, but the guitar seems secure from damage in the heavily padded, plush interior.. That the case is also lockable is another plus!. Sweetwater provided fast, basically 2 day delivery to the DC area! Couldn't be more pleased with this purchase!

  • from Fort Worth, T September 20, 2014

    SKB-56 Gibson Les Paul Case

    Perfect fit. Light Weight. Well made. Perfectly balanced when carried. Snug latching action.

  • from Coventry RI April 11, 2014Music Background:
    Devoted Hobbyist striving to get better

    Where do I begin?

    In the past month or so I purchased the case, black pickguard, rod neck cover, back covers, and every thing else that was needed to start and complete my Les Paul kit that I purchased from Canada,that was second to none. My technecian from Sweetwater was helful to me in every way possible and this made assembly of this kit a pleasure. I have been doing business withthem for a few yearsand I give them a fiv star rating. I recommend them to anyone who is looking for satisfaction concerning gear or parts.

  • from West Virginia July 8, 2013Music Background:

    Excellent Case

    You can't beat these SKB cases. The case is well made and has great latches on it. The guitar fits snugly inside. This is my second SKB case. I can't think of any reason to get any other brand. Sweetwater handled the purchase and shipping in the same excellent manner as always.

  • from Walker, WV June 12, 2013Music Background:

    Perfect Fit

    These cases are the best. I already had one that fitted my Fender Strat. My Les Paul fits snugly in this case. I like the snaps and being able to lock the case. I've had other cases that were alright, but none that were this nice. I'll never buy another except for an SKB case.

  • from Millersville, Md. March 15, 2013Music Background:
    Re-discovered guitar after 40 years. Play in church praise band..

    Sleek and Sturdy

    Very nice case. Sturdy and well constructed. Came fast with no problems, as usual, from Sweetwater.

  • from Central Indiana,US. February 10, 2012Music Background:

    I need this case!

    Okay, You were right. I hesitated at first, but was really convinced after seeing the case myself, especially when I put my guitar in it for the first time. The fit is firm and snug even with the lid open! Remember the cases from the seventies ? Even when they were closed you could feel your guitar shifting around inside. Not this baby! I strongly advise this as the best option for a new or used purchase.

  • from January 6, 2012

    Great Case

    You get what you pay for! The case has locks on it, keeping other people from playing my Les Paul, which is a huge deal for me. It is very well padded. Another thing about this case is that, if your guitar is damaged while in the case, the company will reimburse you for the damage. The pocket underneath the neck support is fantastic for holding your tuner, strap, picks, cords, and basically anything else. Overall, this case is definitely worth the money and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting the best protection for their Les Paul.

  • from Germantown,WI November 11, 2011Music Background:
    All the time Luthier, sometimes player

    The guitar case is "Great"

    I was very pleased with the SKB-56 LP guitar case,they fit the guitar like a glove and I really appreciate the trigger latches

  • from Newport News, VA USA November 27, 2007Music Background:
    Leadguitar, Church praiseband, Band


    It's An Awesome case. For cases anyway. Once when I had my Les Paul in it I put it into the bed of my dad's truck. It happened when we got to where we were going I went to get it out of the back of my dad'a truck to find that it fell out of the bed of the truck! We finaly found it. Some guy found it in the middle of the road and took it to a policestation. When I finally got it there was nothing wronge or messed up with the guitar, and no scratches on the case! VERY SWEET CASE!!!!

  • from 61 M, Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan April 14, 2007Music Background:
    Engineer & Hobbyist guitarist for the last 27 years.

    Smart & tough guitar case.

    I bought it about two years ago for my new electric guitar. I found it extremely reliable and tough for the road use. No doubt it is a light weight case but that does not compromise with its sturdy & robust construction. The synthetic material being employed at its exterior is very solid indeed because as a matter of fact it does not peel off or torn away like most of the cheap cases with laminated or artifical leather coverings. This particular case hardly requires any maintenance, you just wipe it off with damp cloth and it is just like new again, no fading is observed so far. The reinforced metal trims are very durable, futhermore its latches and hinges are of high quality material as mine are still free from rust or stains. The interior is again very nicely build with ample amount of cushion for your valued instrument. The most worth mentioning feature of this case is Humb type shape of its upper lid which provides an extra reinforcement and thereby prevents it from collapse under load. As far as its durablity is concerned it can be very well illustrated from my own experience that it was being brought to Pakistan from United States in the flight luggage section and it successfully tolerated all the jerks & hittings with grace. I am proud to have this one and it deserves to get all the five points for carrying my guitar safe and sound to destination miles away without fear. So stop thinking over & over again, simply go and get this one at once please. Thanks & all the best.

  • from Tampa April 29, 2016


    I can say that it is a great product. It went with me to China and back and kept my Les Paul Standard perfect. The down side, the latch broke and that is why I did not give it a 5 star....

  • from Las Vegas NV November 6, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist, home studio, limited travel

    Solid case good value

    Got this for a PRS245SE and it fits well. Solid case with good protection. Only drawback is it is well fitted and doesn't have much space for strings or wrenches or all the stuff. Just that carry that separately and you are good to go.

    Always amazing service from Sweetwater too!

  • from chiefland, FL March 18, 2014Music Background:
    Struggling musician

    Sweet Case

    Sweet case! Fits my Gibson Les Paul perfect. Plenty of room for my strap and crap!

  • from January 18, 2014Music Background:

    Great case!

    Bought this case for my Line6 59P Variax to replace the standard bag case for international travel. Guitar got lost due to flight delays on its first trip, traveling through numerous other countries before finally reaching me. Case held up, even to TSA inspections, and my guitar arrived exactly how I had packed it. Excellent!!!!

  • from Ohio February 18, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist and Dreamer

    Pretty Good

    It is very sturdy and form fitting to my Les Paul. It does the job. Downers: the key fitting into the lock is a little stubborn and the top lock has to have the cover slightly nudged for it to close, sometimes. It might just be my case, but it certainly doesn't bother me. The case is a good buy and completely outweighs the minor flaws of my case. My sales engineer did a wonderful job handling my purchase. I live in Ohio, and I got the case the next day. I'm very happy with my purchase and Sweetwater.

  • from Huntsville, AL May 18, 2012

    Perfect for SG2000

    Fits my vintage Yamaha SG2000 like a glove. Would have liked a little more room in the accessories compartment, but that's a nit-pick. Love the ATA-style latches.

  • from pine grove, PA February 6, 2015Music Background:
    40+ years.

    Les Paul Case

    As always, the item was delivered quickly and free of charge from Sweetwater.
    This case is an upgrade from an older Rockcase I've been carrying my 1971 Les Paul Deluxe in. The SKB seems much sturdier and the interior is nicely cushioned. I approve of the the way the neck is supported and the headstock is not touching. That's a major cause of headstock breaks in LP's and this case avoids that. I have owned this LP from new.
    The construction is where I docked some points because it seems like the lid is slightly out of square and it must be "helped" into alignment for the top (headstock end) latch to engage properly. After latching, it seems secure enough. All the latches work as advertised, except as mentioned.
    The interior pocket is roomy enough to hold my strap, slide, picks, spare strings, and some two-sided velcro. Hey, ya never know!
    Hopefully, this case will hold up for limited gigging.

  • from Auburn, Ga. May 14, 2015Music Background:
    Frunf man for over 10 years.


    Really hard to compare with the Gibson case because I've never had the Gibson case. the latches on the SKB-56 are just to big for my taste. They are kind of in the way while the case is open. Guitar sets tight in case which is good but no room for guitar strip. Have to take it off guitar and roll it up, just fits under the nick at the keys. I do believe I'd like the metal latches better. I have on fears the case will protect the guitar.

  • from August 18, 2010

    Could be Better

    I bought this case less than 30 days ago and already one of the plastic locks has snapped off. Luckily I had the option to exchange it or return it. The case is sturdy but the locks seem cheaply made, I would look at something else.

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