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SKB SKB-18 - Dreadnought Reviews

4.5 stars based on 12 customer reviews
Questions about the SKB SKB-18 - Dreadnought?

Questions about the SKB SKB-18 - Dreadnought?

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  • from January 7, 2015

    Great for vintage Fender dreadnoughts and triple-Os

    I bought two of these cases for my vintage Fender Kingman and Wildwood, respectively, and both do an excellent job at keeping the guitars safe. I highly recommend the SKB-18 for anyone with a vintage Fender dreadnought, or any dreadnought for that matter.

  • from Seattle, WA September 8, 2014Music Background:
    gigging/traveling musician

    SKB just earned my business forever.

    I've bought this case back in 2006 and it's the only acoustic case I use. I transport my guitar in it to practice, to shows, even across the country multiple times. You could say I'm a credible source.

    Back in 2006, I was attracted by SKB's very confident lifetime warranty. What ultimately sold me was an SKB review I read in which a guy had his bass in an SKB on a trailer. While driving, the guitar fell onto the road and was run over. The case was destroyed, but the guitar was completely fine. Sure, that story seemed like a stretch, but it sold me. Since then, I bought two more SKB cases for other guitars.

    Fast forward to 2014 as I write this. I just took my acoustic on a weekend trip to the beach in my 8-year-old SKB case. I've known for 8 years this thing is a tank. Well, how about water damage? Long story short, I took my guitar to the beach, forgot about it, and the tide rose. My case, guitar inside, was floating in the salt water, the wake crashing over it. No doubt in my mind - I had just lost hundreds of dollars. I brought it to shore, opened it, and to my shock, the only water that was inside the case were the drips from opening it.

    If 8 years and 3 SKB cases wasn't enough to convince me, I am certain now. I am so grateful I made this purchase, and will continue to do so. Do yourself a favor and never buy a case that isn't SKB.

  • from Dunedin, FL October 1, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer & Guitar Player

    Excellent Case High Quality

    This is the 2nd SKB guitar case I have purchased and they will be the only guitar cases I ever buy. The SKB company build a excellent case, very high quality, and worth every penny for the peace of mind you get knowing that you guitar is protected. They are great for traveling and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a durable well built guitar case.

  • from Landenberg PA March 12, 2012Music Background:
    Music Therapist Par Excellance

    SKB-18 Guitar Case

    This case looks and feels like it could drop out of an airplane and my 12-string would still be in tune!

  • from Michigan July 16, 2011Music Background:

    Great Case

    I purchased this case for my D-55 Guild guitar. A great guitar deserves a great case and this is a dandy. Very durable case with beautiful plush lining and plenty of room for all the accessories I carry with my guitar. The latches are so easy to open and close the case. The handle has a great grip and the case is lighter than the case that came with the guitar originally and much better quality. I would highly recommend this case for any gigging musician who wants the ultimate protection for their guitar.

  • from Dallas, TX January 29, 2011Music Background:
    30+ year hobbyist (former pro) bassist, guitarist, recording engineer

    First rate acoustic case

    I recently purchased this to go with an Epiphone Masterbilt DR-500ME which is a bit long for some cases. This case is a good fit for the Epi. Overall quality and finish are excellent, and it's very light for the amount of protection provided. There is the typical storage area in the middle of the case under the neck which easily accommodates a couple of set of strings, capo, picks, etc. Highly recommended (thanks Andy).

  • from Houston,TX January 8, 2015Music Background:


    This case is great. Nice plush lining, Awesome latches, handle is a huge plus. Honestly i think its the only case i will ever need. The only downside is the interior foam is a little thin and it does not hug the guitar like i wish it would.

  • from November 24, 2015

    Secure case

    I'd be blown away if I flew. Really nice tsa lock on it. Fits the 6 string really well. Too small for the 12, lengthwise. Plush interior, roomy compartment holds extra strings, the snark and 6 extra dreadnoughts. Was also able to hang the Daddario humidifier for the sound hole thru the strings. I believe it was WELL worth it!

  • from Nashville, TN January 29, 2014Music Background:
    Professional Musician

    Doesn't fit my HD-28

    Obviously this case is "great", but it has about an inch of space on both the top and sides of my HD-28. I tested the case with the guitar in it and flipped the case around.. the guitar didn't seem to move at all. Still, I wish it fit one of the most common dreadnoughts in the world.

  • from chicago June 12, 2012Music Background:

    Great, durable, good-looking case

    This is a fantastic case. Solid construction throughout. The case locks and hinges are anchored well and the case feels very secure. Nice interior too. The only downside is that the case tends to fall down when it is stood upright. Nothing major, just don't expect it to stay upright by itself.

  • from Cinci, OH May 24, 2011

    Cool case, but doesn't fit a D28.

    Got this case. It looked great. Solid build, good quality. I was disappointed to see that it was actually too big (by about 2 inches) around the body of my guitar. My guitar is a mid 90's Martin HD-28- The most quintessential dreadnought out there... Wishing SKB had different sizes or had built them to fit the most dreadnought-ish dreadnought out there.

    3 stars= solid case, but not a good fit for me.

  • from September 16, 2016

    okay, but still falls apart

    I bought this a couple years ago and just now getting to review. I use a different case now because this case did not hold up like expected.

    Within the first couple months the lid strap came off. Now I have had other cases that this has happened to, so I wasn't too surprised, but this is also a pretty expensive case, so I hoped they fixed this issue.

    The locks worked well and I never had an issue with them.

    About a year in to owning this case, the handle broke in half... luckily there was a rubber casing that held it together, but was still obviously broken. This lasted about 6 or so months before the whole handle completely fell off... as you could imagine, this made it pretty awkward carrying the guitar to a gig. I am sure I looked like an over protective mother, bear hugging the guitar as if everyone in the room was after my precious.

    All in all, my guitar never fell apart or broke in half, so it did do the job of protection... but there are better cases in the same price range.


Questions about the SKB SKB-18 - Dreadnought?

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